Micro Mummy Hotfix & Freezing Trap Bug

Hey everyone,

Later today we’ll be deploying a hotfix to implement the following fix:

  • Creating a golden Micro Mummy in Battlegrounds will no longer cause crashes.

Edit: There is a small 160mb download associated with this update! You may see the download as 1.6gb, but that’s just a file verification. To further clarify, we’ve patched in the fix for Micro Mummy with this update, but the minion will not be re-enabled until tomorrow.

Edit #2: Micro Mummy has been re-enabled!

Edit #3: Unfortunately, the patch for golden Micro Mummy did not fix the not-so-micro issues it’s been causing on all devices, so we’ve disabled the minion again. It’s clearly cursed, so it might take some time to un-curse. We’ll keep you updated as we find out more.

We’ve also seen reports that minions sent back to hand from Freezing Trap are unplayable. We’re working towards a fix for this in the future, but there is a workaround in the meantime—while clicking on the card does nothing, you can drag on the card in order to play it.


…What a weird bug…


hotfix ? i just got a 2gb patch…

likely in preparation of next weeks content

Thanks for the update.

Sounds like it was quite the…

havent seen a single micro

On twitter they said that the minion will be re-enabled tomorrow.

I am still seeing this issue. I just made a golden mummy in game and crashed.

Yeah, please disable it again. Still an issue. I couldn’t even Reno it. I thought it was fine but it just delays the disconnection until AFTER the tavern phase and you go into combat. It doesn’t matter HOW you make it golden.

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Re-enabling Micro Mummy was a terrible decision as I got booted off my game as soon as I tripled it. I immediately run to the bug report forums, lo and behold, there was a post 40 minutes ago reporting the same thing. I was told this was apparently hotfixed?

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Back to the bug forum with your broken toys!

Well that explains why I didn’t see him yesterday. He definitely seems like the rarest 1 drop. I’ve played idk how many games today (thanks blizzard for hiding stats behind a grind/pay to see) and I’ve only seen him ONCE.

Edit: the time I saw him was actually in tier 5.

yay! frozen game. leave, and get reconnected to still frozen bg. leave yet again, one-hand type half of this post, reconnect to still frozen game. gj.

This bug is still occurring. I’ve tripled the micro mummy twice today and both runs were terminated upon tripling.


Crashed me as well permanently for that game just now. On an iPad.


Bug is still crashing. Twice. Disconnected me both times. I updated yesterday. Issue still occurring.


Golden Micro Mummy crashed both of my games I got it in today (latest 4:27pm central). iOS 13.6.1

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Yes. I just played a game and try to get triple mummies. It also crashes my game and I can’t connect or resume the game. Hearthstone v. 18.2.57893, ipad OS 13.6 (running on ipad pro 11" 2018). I don’t think the server side fix works.

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Golden MicroMummy is not fixed, Game just crashed and I m unable to reconnect.
ign RandomMeme