Mercenaries: Visitor tasks not completed on heroic (25.0)

Apparently, they can only be completed on normal difficulty. Besides, the visitor must also be in the party, which isn’t specified, although it makes sense in the context of the recent task rework.


I’ll add this here for further reference, to keep track of it and so that’s its visible — forgot to do it earlier:

In short, despite what’s written in the 25.0 Patch Notes, all the instructions I’ve written (see also below) still apply as of the current patch (25.0) — I hope it helps those who’ve got questions about the matter.


It’s made clear that the merc has to be in the party, although the difficulty discrepancy is new. That’s probably unintended.

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For ordinary tasks — yes. For the new Visitor tasks — no, it hasn’t been stated explicitly, unless I’ve missed something:

Besides, it’s a change to how it used to be previously.

That’s probably due to the fact that task criteria are randomly generated.

However, I find that this can potentially generate some interesting challenges, not only trivial ones such as ‘complete an easy bounty in the Barrens with whichever three mercs’. This, however, is a different subject.


Its very unclear but I think it is the mercenary on the portrait and also whichever one is named in the text e.g. i have a Vanessa task that says I have to beat Nefarian with Galvangar in my party, so presumably Vanessa and Galvangar have to be in the party defeating Nefarian. Not sure if normal or heroic is required, guessing normal if heroic isn’t specifically mentioned.

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Except that it’s already been tested and described above.

All my tasks have asked 2 mercenaries to be added to the party AND including the Visitor would make it 3 Mercenaries added to the party… is this really how this works?

I have tried to complete the Visitor tasks multiple times, but I have successfully completed only 1 so far, a Heroic Visitor Task… I have no idea what it wants me to do. I have tried adding all 3 mercenaries and complete it on the said difficulty… have had the mercenaries needed to stay alive while completing it and the Task still does not give me the reward… sigh.

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If it doesn’t explicitly say ‘Heroic’, you must do it on normal.

Not sure what you mean… I’ve read some rumour that the visitor need to be alive, but I haven’t tested it myself (usually everyone or most of them are fine at the end of a bounty, so I haven’t had any casualties to test it), so I can’t confirm or disprove it. Otherwise, these tasks have worked well.

I was saying that no matter what I did, even with all my party still alive, the bounty completion is not being recorded by the Daily tasks. The only Daily Task I successfully completed was 1 from 2-3 days ago.

idk if its one of those old bugs where task doesn’t complete if you go over a mystery node or something. I do find it odd whether this is super rare bug on some accounts or something because I am doing everything it asks me to do, but its not working.

So, I’ve had a somewhat awkward task from Leeroy (the visitor) to do the Nefarian bounty with Mukla and Yogg-Saron in my party. Ironically, I’ve lost Leeroy during the climb, however, upon beating the bounty, the task was completed — therefore the visitor’s being down might not be a problem.

I’ve taken some mystery nodes (blue portals, I think, and a cursed treasure for the aforementioned run, for example), and it doesn’t seem to be a problem.

I’m sorry, at this point I probably can’t help you. Either you’re doing something wrong (but then I’d need a video or something like it) or there is a bug indeed.

Maybe someone can shed light on how visitors work.

I’ve been unable to complete them at all. I have a visitor Finley saying to defeat Barak Kodobane in the barrens with Xyrella in my party.

I did that. Didn’t complete. I did it with ONLY Xyrella. Also didn’t complete. What the hell do I do to complete this? I had another one that wanted grommash & Xyrella in the party and I had the same issue with that and abandoned it. Is it because I already completed the bounty before doing the visitor?

TFW you follow what the quest says and it never updates. This is stupid.

I don’t know what you guys are doing wrong… A single screenshot woud probably be helpful, but so far I’ve seen none.

There are essentially three things here:

  1. Reading carefully what the task is about. Yeah, I know, reading skills are considered ‘OP’ here nowadays, but still.
  2. The visitor giving the task must also be in the party.
  3. If it specifies a Heroic bounty, you go to the heroic version, otherwise — it must be normal.

That’s it. So far this has worked for many tasks…

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It worked for me once I put the visitor in the party. I’m sure whoever designed this thought it would be obvious that the visitor needs to be in the party, but nowhere on the task does it actually say that. Toki doesn’t need to be in the party to give you her Maintaining the Timeline reward. Lady Prestor doesn’t have to be in the party to complete the story tasks. So it seemed to me to follow that the visitor wouldn’t need to be in the party either. They really ought to spell it out better.


Well, there is some logic to that, since the reworked ordinary tasks now do require the merc to be in the party, but, as said, it should have been formulated clearly.

These are different kind of tasks — time-limited and story respectively, so the analogy is not complete. Moreover, as of this writing, Toki and Prestor cannot even be collected — although I believe I had ordinary Medivh occupy the ‘story’ slot at some point: (Mercs) One Medivh, two tasks at campfire.

So, are you essentially saying you concur with what’s written if the first post? :grinning:

the point is it is not clear
i have this problem now, and i have no idea that the visitor should be in the party, where does it say that? why doesn’t it say that if it nowhere says that?
so i have come to this forum and found this answer, include the visitor in the party and whomever else is specified
will try… smh


[it worked though, but where does it say to do this?]

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