Mercenaries Gets a Mythic Update

Mercenaries Gets a Mythic Update

Mercenaries gets new Factions, Dual-Type Mercs, and a Mythic Boss Rush system as the Mode reaches completion.

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Let’s meet with new system and others things!!! :stars:

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RIP the one person who actually plays this game mode. Hope you all didn’t spend too much on that crap.


“After these updates, we will be focusing on making the Hearthstone and Battlegrounds modes the best they can be. At the same time, Mercenaries will continue to get support for bug fixes and periodic balance changes as needed, but no further regular content updates”
Dead mode, fun… except that I had made the various pre-orders (Lich King- Diablo).
Nothing back? I’m not asking for money but at least for something, thanks at the end of the post you wrote, it only sounds like b******t, I hope the community makes itself heard


im so glad i didnt spend any time and money on this mode


Speed up the game animations somewhere between 100% and 200% and more players will participate in this mode.

You are welcome.


And with that, mercenaries died like it lived - completely ignored by the playerbase.


Death of a company in the making. I think there is not turning back, people are jumping ship, no new IPS…

RIP Bug$$ard!


Mercenaries was a distraction so it is good that it is over. Why would they push a big content patch then end it? Seems odd.


Mythic Update (GOOD BYE SUCKERS)


I completely forgot this game mode existed lol. Surely no one is playing this outside of some higher up that refuses to restart development?

If you think their decision to sunset this mode is based on anything other than its not bringing in revenue, I have a bridge to sell you.

There are probably HS devs who would really want to develop this into a playable mode. But since it hasn’t shown profitability, its getting axed. Its the same reason they’re putting more into BGs now that they’ve monetized components of it.


Oh nice, another off brand game mode to add hours worked on, aside r&d towards the actual card game that made hearthstone what it is.

Absolutely idiotic direction to go.

No wonder MTG rails hearthstone in terms of quality control.

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I enjoy Mercenaries & will continue to play it. I like doing the daily quests during the day, & playing Standard in the evening.


Wow, that’s actually some great news for Mercs, which is currently one of the few things in the game worth playing!

First of all, about the plans for new content. Actually, I’ve already written about it before, how the ‘quantity over quality’ approach just doesn’t cut it. ‘Once these Mercs join the fray, we’ll have over 120 total Mercenaries for players to collect, add to their Parties, level-up, and max out. That’s one bustling Village!’ — exactly. Besides, as I’ve also said already, I’d very much prefer at this point that they’d work on fixing the many bugs and issues present, rather than drown it all in waves on new mercs and zones, as they have done before. Thus, I actually think it’s a right direction for them to have taken. Of course, there’s a long-term question of what happens if, or when, the Mythic mode gets ‘old’ — but we’ll see about it. If it’s just endless new puzzles to solve, then why would it? That’s exactly what Mercs fans are looking for — but, once again, time will tell how it’ll work in practice.

As for the factions, dual-type mercs and all this — I like it! That’s exactly what’s been somewhat missing and worked in a strange manner: the Alliance and Horde, some pirates missing their base races and so on.

Interesting thing about the ‘Mythic Boss Rush’: I’ve been thinking how I would implement the PvE end-game system, and a gauntlet of bosses with some buffs, extras etc was more or less the first idea that immediately came to mind. So, it seems they’ve taken the most logical direction in this regard. Oh, same thing with excess coins, or ‘renown’, by the way.

A couple of other remarks and ‘disclaimers’. First, I’m writing this review based on what has been announced — the actual implementation has not always delivered everything that’s been promised, especially bug fixes, so it remains to be seen how it works. Second, I’ve avoided discussions about potential leaks from data-mining and such, since it’s apparently against the forum rules.

Oh, one last thing: I know there’s a marginal group of dedicated Mercs haters or clueless bypassers with an irresistible urge to inform everyone of their ignorance on this forum, but to every one of those I’ve got this to say: ‘You’d make a cute puppet.’ :stuck_out_tongue: :grinning: Oh, and to the hyperactive types who invested a lot, then got FRUSTRATED and joined that bunch: thanks for you money :grinning: , your opinion… is very important to us. :grinning:

(A few minor edits made.)


Well, Mercenaries has ended up pretty much where I predicted it would, back in 2021.

A quote from DarkArchon21 on Hearthpwn:

“Even releasing Mercs for Hearthstone just shows the bad decision making some of these guys over at Blizzard make. It was a complete failure when they did this in Warlords of Draenor. In fact, it was a catastrophic failure. Maybe the biggest flop in the history of the game. Anything that had to do with merc missions and player housing fell straight on it’s face. No surprise it did the exact same thing in Hearthstone. Honestly, what are they thinking?”

I spent some time in January arguing with some diehard advocates for Mercenaries about whether Mercenaries was as big of a “failure of a dumpster mode” that I claimed it was.

I feel vindicated about the stance I took to caution other players to not waste their time, money, or other resources on Mercenaries.

Mercenaries was the least played mode for a reason, and the devs have clearly realized that their efforts are best spent elsewhere to help generate more revenue for Hearthstone.

“…as we align our goals and focus on continuing to make Hearthstone the best digital card game in the world.”

This ^ aligns with my opinion that the devs are way overdue to address many of the issues, which are negatively impacting the fun that can be had while playing other constructed modes (and now Battlegrounds). I look forward to seeing changes, improvements, and what gets done over the next two years.

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Another game/mode that Blizz made promises for and never lived up to and never will. I hope they ACTUALLY move the Devs for this mode elsewhere in HS and don’t just chop the team to save the payroll.

Mercs launching is when I started playing HS and it brought me into the game. Cutting it a year and a half after launch is a Bad Look and shows, to me, that they don’t have faith in the own products or the willingness to see through their own promises. D4 will probably be the last game I buy and I doubt I’ll get the next rewards track.


Don’t buy D4. They’ve already stated it will have a battlepass and in-game shop. :confused:


Veteran players of mercenaries give you some advice. Instead of releasing new mercenaries all the time, it is better to optimize the program. Every time you play a game, you have to freeze to get out. The revision has not been solved for several times


I won’t be buying it right at launch, but as far as I know the in game shop and pass are only for cosmetics not power. If it’s $$$ for Power, I’ll likely be passing. Either way I won’t be getting anything from Blizz past that point until/unless the Microsoft purchase changes things. It’s a shame, I’ve been playing since Humans v Orcs but the company has no soul anymore.