[Main Thread] Game freezes - Jan 2024

Playing on Android tablet,after the new patch the game freezes constantly, when enlarging a card in your hand,the screen freezes, game continues( you can still press end turn etc) but screen doesn’t show the changes.


Same here… playin laptop. In all game modes Battleground, tavern brawl. Animation freezing but game seems goin on. sometimes shows “disconnected… & reconnecting…”

buttons for game menu usually works tho… an of course shop works usually fine.

Had no any problems before patch.

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The same thing. Lost arena because small indie company can not to update game normaly.

I had the same issue. Reinstalling the game *fixed it for me.

after every game i play the game freezes and i need to restart the hole game to play again
hope they will fix this soon :frowning:

The frame of golden cards is low for me too. I already started a discussion on the Brazilian forum to see if they know what’s happening with the mobiles.

If anyone else tries to uninstall and reinstall and it works, please let me know.

Didnt work for me. Tried it twice

I also reinstalled from scratch here and I’m having the same problem with the golden cards on my Moto G20. Apparently it was something in the updates. I hope Blizzard gives priority to this, since it’s something that bothers and throws the game completely out of sync.

Hello. I have returned several years later hoping that this had been resolved. It is a constant, no matter what mobile or connection you use.

The game has constant pointless disconnections and freezings or the interface dessapears… If I play 10 cm from the router it doesn’t happen. If I move 2 meters away it becomes hell.

Keep in mind that I play Genshin at 15 meters in high quality without problems and reconnecting in 3 seconds when I change apps.

With this app there is a danger of simply popping up a notification and ruining the game. You have to turn your mobile into a brick to try not to break the game.

Not only has it surprised me that it hasn’t been fixed in more than 2 years, but now it is much worse than before. I left it as unplayable and I suppose it will happen again.

It’s a pity because the game itself is the best game of all time. The game and art are great. It’s a pity that it didn’t get a pass because of the technological bungling.

Why don’t they fix it? Many people like me would spend money if it were a normal app without interruptions. Keep in mind that this does not happen in any other app on the market. It’s not something normal.

On the other hand, this being the case, one would expect there to be strong customer service, to alleviate the technological bungling… but I find it impossible to contact Blizzard, and a user forum with no solution in time.

It is always very sad to see games as wonderful as this mistreated by the company itself.

It’s my honest and constructive report.

I have seen a thread where they recommend that you check your entire home network. And it seems to me that here the problem is being referred to the user when it is evidently a very serious problem with the app.


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I tried twice re-installing the game but doesn’t work for me, something bad with the last upgrade.

Really. Here everything continues the same way, but it got worse the first time the game froze and closed by itself during a match (even though I usually close all background apps before playing). It’s impossible to play in this patch, I thought it was only with the golden cards, but even the hero animations have a very low frame rate. And now, with these freezes, I’ll probably stop playing if they don’t fix it or take too long because it’s not worth it, I started playing again recently and I’m already experiencing certain problems.

Still freezes whenever looking at a card in any game mode. Unplayable this way tbh… doesn’t matter what kind of connection or of it’s at known wifi or new. Reinstalling the game doesn’t fix it either, Blizzard needs to get their crap together…

It happens to me also.
But only when I play decks with Excavate cards.
If I play without Excavate, I don’t have this trouble.

In my last trial I played a deck without Burrow Busters but with the other Excavate cards. The bug persisted.


Our team is investigating this issue. It appears to impact Android users when cards are held down; for some, a major stutter occurs, and for others, it crashes. Our team is on the case and working to resolve it as soon as possible!

Note: If your issue occurs on a PC or Mac, that is likely something else. Try our troubleshooting Here and start a new thread.

Thank you!

When you fix Blizzard?


It would be helpful to our team if we could get the model’s name of your devices that are impacted by this issue. Please post them when you have a second. :slight_smile:

My device is a poco m3

Hi@all. After the last update, when i will start the Battle Log - Heroic, i get the massage: this match cannot started due to a error. Greetz.