[Main Thread] Game freezes - Jan 2024

My game also crashes after 1 or two games played. Seems like the game can’t handle gold animations without stutterring.

In my case is a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 (SM-T500).
And it only happens when I play decks with several Excavate cards.

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Вы издеваетесь над нами или как? Зачем вам наши устройства, если вы сами недавно писали, что сегодняшний патч должен исправить ошибку из-за которой было зависание игры на мобильной версии! Теперь вы выпускаете патч и не чего не починив начинаете рассказывать, что это у нас устройства не такие? А что же вы тогда починили этим патчем?


We released a hotfix today that should help resolve these issues for Android users. Please retest. Note: If you are running into this issue on a PC, we recommend troubleshooting by following the steps Here and starting a new thread if the issues continue.

Thank you!

Fix Blizzard hearstone in android is imposible


It definitely feels like hot garbage. My game crashes after 1 game. Before this update I could play a few before my game crashed. I can’t even edit my deck in the collection manager without my game crashing 90% of the time.

I’m not certain if I’m experiencing exactly the same issue but I’m seeing frequent disconnections when playing on my samsung galaxy tab s9. The problem seems to occur in both traditional Hearthstone and Battlegrounds, and not necessarily when holding dowh a card.

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