[Main Thread] Can't load past title screen on Kindle

I am on a Kindle Fire HD 8 (6th generation) running Fire OS and I did the update yesterday. Since I had done it I can no longer completely load HearthStone. It gets stuck on the tavern doors with the title across them. I have cleared cash/data, force stopped, uninstalled and reinstalled, restart and hard restart my device, changed internet connections and none of it seems to help. If there is anything else you can suggest, let me know. Thanks.


I am having the same problem with hearthstone on my kindle fire. I would like to purchase the new bundle with my amazon coins but the game won’t even load.

Me too. Mine has been broken since yesterday.

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Hey all,

Can you all post your exact models/os versions so we can look for commonalities? If you all started having issues with the update, that may mean something is going on with the update itself.

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Fire OS

Fire HD 8 (7th gen)

I’m having the same issue since this week’s patch on my Kindle Fire hd8 (7th gen). I’d like to purchase the wild bundle but cannot until this is fixed.

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OS 5.6 7.0 forgot to include

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Fire HD 10 OS


same problem on my device.
Hearthsone logo on start screen keeps bluring and then won’t open.
Amazon FireHD 10 (7th Gen.)

Clearing cache and new installation of app didn’t help.

With kind regards

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Mine too since patch. Fire 10 hd

Same issue here (as of this morning though).
Kindle HD 8 (7th generation)

I’m having the same issue since the last update
Fire HD 8

It isn’t loading on my best friend’s device either:

Fire HD 10 (7th Gen)

Same issue since the update. Loads the tavern door screen and Hearthstone logo… symbol “pulses”, but never gets any further.
Kindle Fire HD 10 (7th generation)
Fire OS
Hearthstone 18.2.57893

Yes… it appears as though the update is broken. Uninstalled/reinstalled… same issue… broken completely. Any eta on a fix?

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I looked into this a bit more, and based on the FireOS versions here, I’m pretty certain the issue is related to an issue our team is looking into with AndroidOS 7 since the behavior reported here are fairly similar. We’re still awaiting information to share with you all here and to confirm if its the same issue that we’ve been seeing with AndroidOS 7. Is anyone able to update their FireOS to see if the same problem occurs?

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Fire HD 10 (7th Gen) on latest Fire OS

Stuck on the loading screen.

Why is Hearthstone running on less and less of my devices? It hasn’t run on the T-Mobile network for months either and you guys have made 0 efforts to fix this.


I’ve made sure my Fire OS is up to date and it hasn’t made a difference.

Any eta on a fix? I only play on my Kindle atm so it’s game over for me at present :unamused:

I have the same problem Fire HD 10 on latest Fire OS and I’m stuck at the loading screen for the past 3 days.