[Jul 2] Stuck on Tavern Doors or Playful Sprites on iOS/Android

I tried logging out of all my devices through account setting and logged in from scratch and used a new authenticator code, but no go.

Same problem. Closed doors. Android 6

Same, won’t load past the tavern doors and usually if the servers are full it tells me but I doubt that is it and if it is, it’s not saying that it is…

Games start again. But whenever you put the app to the background, it disconnects. So no more changing songs during your opponents turn…

Same here… iPhone 6s… I’m a bit mad!

Thank you for your reports and patience, everyone! We are aware of the issue where the game gets stuck on the Tavern Doors for mobile devices or receiving the “Oops! Playful sprites” errors after some time, starting with the patch.

Our team is investigating the issue and working on a resolution. In the mean time, we have seen some success with the following:

  • Restart the App and Device.
  • Check there is sufficient storage available for the update.
  • Trying another connection.
    Especially, for those running into the message, “GLOBAL_ASSET_DOWNLOAD_CELLULAR_POPUP_BODY”

For additional steps and suggestions, our article here can assist further. Please update us if anything helps in the mean time while we work on a resolution for this issue. We’ll continue to update when more information is available about the issue.

Thanks for everyone sending in the UpdateManager logs and additional logs! Removed the steps here as we no longer need any more logs.

Ever since the update July 1st, 2019, I have not been able to get the game to load past the doors with Hearthstone written across them.
For awhile after the previous update, some cards would cause matches being played to crash and disconnect me or the player I was playing.

My phone is the new Samsung galaxy j7 star and am on metropcs nework.

I know it’s not just my phone or network because my husband who is on straight talk cannot get the game to load either.

Please fix your game.


"I can’t play the game.

I uninstalled and reinstalled and that fixed the problem of gettting into the game.


Was a comment I made earlier to see if I could get help from the forum.

Because this is the technical support forum.

But the moderator removed it.

I was tempted to reinstall but after reading all the issues everyone is having, we don’t dare try that.

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try this

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This is something we’re looking into at the moment. Would y’all be able to post with the model of your phone and the version of the OS that’s installed?

My phone: Samsung Galaxy J7 Star android version 8.0.0

My husband’s: Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro Android version 6.0.1

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iPhone 8

iOS 12.3.1

Im stuck at the loading screen with the Hearthstone logo pulsing. If it keep waiting for around 3-4 mins, I get an error saying that it’s a network error and it’s having trouble loading up all cards from my collection :slight_smile:

Xiaomi redmi 5plus 8.1.0

Stuck at loading screen too iOS 12.3.2 8 Plus

SAMSUNG Galaxy S9+
Android 9 (Pie)

iPhone XR , latest iOS and blizzard patch. Stuck at loading screen.

Do you guys not have phones?
Yeah you guys all have phones!

Maybe use them to test if the game works after you patch it? Seriously guys twice in less than a month doesn’t inspire confidence in you making a working mobile only game. Unless Immortal as a pure mobile game will get proper support unlike this multi platform abomination of a game that Hearthstone is.

To add insult to injury right after you make the game unplayable you send me a notification on my PHONE that I can now buy the pre-order… Don’t hold your breath on that one.

BTW same here HUAWEI MATE 10 LITE Android 8.0.0


iPad Pro, iPhone X on iOS 12.3.1

We saw one report that logging into the desktop client first and clearing out any in-game notifications may help. If anyone here has the desktop version installed, mind giving that a try?