[Jul 2] Stuck on Tavern Doors or Playful Sprites on iOS/Android


Since I downloaded the newest update, I havent been able to start the game. I just keep getting stuck on the saloon doors screen. I’m using an OPPO R9S and running Android. This is the second time in just over a month that an update has made the game unplayable for me. Last time, I contacted support and they said that there is basically nothing they can do for mobile users and gave me a generic troubleshooting list (which didn’t help at all BTW!). I just had to wait for a couple of weeks until they released another update to fix things. And now this! You do realize that a large portion of your customer base are playing on mobiles right? Do you people even do testing before launching an update? Not happy. Anyone else having similar problems?

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Same exact problem. Stuck on tavern doors after the new update, my device is Samsung Galaxy J5 2015 SM-J5007 Android version 5.1.1 (yep device is old but I never encounter any issues until the last 2 big updates/patch: The heist and SoU). I tried restarting phone, clear cache, clear data, reinstalling the app but still not working.


Same here iPhone 6s.


same for me, iPhone 8, iOS 12.3.1.


Same as here… Many issues after heist update


Same problem, on top right of my iphone 7 screen there is a error code: HS:NT304:303:0 !
Can support help us!


Same herę for Redmi Note 5.


iPad, latest iOS


HS starts initializating every time I try run it. After it’s complete an error pops out.


iphone XS, will try to load for ages and then just show error message or ask to reconnect.


Same here. Adroid ver.is 5.1.1 as well. Never encountered this issue before in the last two years. Quite frustrating, tbh.


Can’t play game. Can’t go past the tavern door screen. iPhone 6s Plus with latest apple update available for this phone. It was fine logging in yesterday


Yup, same here, tavern doors are shut.
Android 6.0.1, motorola


Same problem.
Android 9.0 , Samsung S8+.


Same Issue.
Iphone 8+ latest iOS


Hello guys. I have same problem on my tablet LENOVO.
I have problem in Dalaran Heist campaign, few day back i complete first chapter on heroic, but now i can’t play both difficulty. I can choose difficulty, chapter and hero, but when i choose my hero, screen freeze and game isn’t start. I can only go back and do same things, but everything repeats.


Same here. Huawei P9, android 7.0. Worked fine yesterday.


Same here cant login xiaomi 5 plus


Hearthstone Development Team. This update is obviously bugged. Please either do a hot fix or release a ‘fix’ update ASAP. Don’t wait for 2 or 3 weeks like last time. The users’ mobile phones are not the problem here.

Most of us have spent a fair amount of money keeping up with the latest expansions etc. I think it’s reasonable for us to expect a good gaming experience and some ‘on the ball’ tech support in return.


Same here, I think they don’t test it anymore.