iOS Crash after patch


iPad Pro native screen size:
Blizzard is not supporting it way past Apple’s deadline, and now the dedicated thread for that failure has been merged to here, under a tangential issue to bury the lead and “justify” fix deprioritation?!?

Or am I wrong?


Device: iPhone 5c
iOS: 8.4
Make it to login: No, crashes after splash screen
Network: Have tried both home and mobile


What is the priority level given to the defect for specifically “Hearthstone support on Apple iPad Pro at native screen resolution” and what is the ETA for the resolving patch?


Model: MGHX2RU/A (iPad Air 2)
iOS version: 9.0.2
Network: Have tried both home and mobile

Device: iPhone 5s
iOS: 8.4
Network: Have tried both home and mobile

Did not make it to login, dies as soon as blizzard splash appears, instantly.


I am seeing the same issue as everyone else. Hearthstone app crashes as soon as blizzard logo appears. Tried multiple connections and reinstalled the app. No luck.

iOS 9.0

I haven’t been able to use this device for this app since the patch. I have heard no responses from GMs on multiple threads. What is going on?


Is anyone from Blizzard reading this? Are you guys pretending there is no issue? When do you plan on fixing this damn iPad Pro screen resolution bug? Adjusting your app that makes you millions to fit a device (that’s 8 months old btw), is it too much of a task for Blizzard? Is it too complicated for you guys? Or you just don’t care because you’re busy counting money?


I have heartstone on my iPad and it crashes All the time ,the first page in comes with lag and decrease framerate and after some minutes in game it stopes and close & jump to the homescreen
I appreciate It if you Guide me

Crash on startup
  • The Device model - MR7F2LL/A (iPad 6th Gen)
  • The iOS or OSX build - 12.14 (16D57)
  • Do you make it to login - No
  • Home network or Mobile - Home


Another patch, and the resolution on iPad Pro 11 inch is still not fixed!


This is a joke.

It’s not funny.

But it’s a joke.


Blizzard are you f… serious?? Can someone give us all an updated timeline for iPad Pro resolution issue? Anyone from Blizzard even reading this?


Please Fix it :c

• MacBook Pro
• OSX 10.10.5
• Cant login, just stay in the Heartstone box image and stay like that forever no music played.
• Home Network Conected to modem


Anither patch and Ipad Pro resolution bug still not fixed. Your customer support is totally tragic.

  • The Device model - IPhone 8 Plus
  • The iOS or OSX build - 12.3.1
  • Do you make it to login - Do not make it to login
  • Home network or Mobile - Both


iPad Pro 12.3.1
Crashes at the beginning.


cannot get past doors.
Uninstall and reinstall - after reinstall selecting new user or sign in shows doors - eventually it will load a ‘closed’ message

iOS 11.4
iphone 6s
both wifi and cellular network
with and without vpn
tried reinstalling 4x


Looks like all of the posts for the resolution issue are being hidden here. It is 2 months now since apples deadline for compatibility for new hardware native resolutions, and yet blizz are still milking hearthstone without any support for the new hardware. I have send in a complaint to apple, others should too, this is beyond unprofessional. Any posts on the issue are being closed or deleted by blizz on the support forums, no replies have been had on here for … a month? Yet they still push out new pay content without bug fixes for existing issues 6months old or more. This kind of shoddy (see non existent) support should not be allowed, please follow suite and get those reports into apple.

IPAD pro 11 inch Optimization!

How do you report it to apple? I can’t see anything that would say “report a problem with the app” in iOS App Store.


I bought the New iPad Pro 3rd Gen just for HEARTHSTONE!
and its still not optimized after the Saviors of Uldum 2nd update !!
August 15th, 2019 - Black bars on the sides of iPad Pro 11


Another patch and iPad pro resolution is again not fixed. Not only that. Now the game does not run at all on both iPad and iPhone. Just stuck on Hearthstone logo. Well at least i will save money on both preorder offers.