iOS Crash after patch


I can’t open the game on my iPad Air (iOS 9.3.5.) since I’ve made the update. Whenever I click the app to open it displays the sign “Blizzard Ent.” and closes. Deleting the app, installing it again doesn’t help. Anyone else with similar issues?

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I have the same issue, but worse. Game won’t load on air 2 (9.3.5) so I installed the game in an android phone. I was able to login using the account I have on my ipad, but card collection was gone, from rank 15 back to rank 50, complete reset :poop:


I have same issue with iPadPro 9.3.3. The app was working fine before the update. Aargh!


I’m having the same issue after the last update. After the “Blizzard” screen it just crashes back to the OS.

App was working perfectly fine before the update!

I’ve tried a factory reset which didn’t help either…


Same problem on an iPad. Game opens, displays “Blizzard Entertainment”, then immediately closes



You logged into the wrong region (or account).


Same problem IPad Air 2. Worked fine on Tuesday, crashes at load on Wednesday. It’s clearly the update.


After installed last patch, HS crash everytime.
Launch game – Crash.
Re-installed but nothing.
Any suggestions?


Same thing here on an IPad ios 9.0.2. Worked fine until the latest patch download. Now just crashes on the Blizzard logo. Reinstalled/rebooted several times but still crashes.


Same problem. Before the update everything worked smoothly but after it game immediately shuts down after opening. Already reinstalled game for 2 times and this doesn’t help.


Same problem for me on ipad ios 9.3.5, hope they can fix this soon.


Same problem for me on my iPhone. Started this morning. Every time I open Hearthstone, it crashes and I’m back at the home screen. Really odd.


yep same here since patch…


On the iOS update before the one on April 4th, the new iPad Pro 12.9” 3rd Generation screen resolution was finally updated and looked great! For so long Hearthstone on the new iPad Pro had black borders around the picture.

Now. After the April 4th Rise of Shadows update, it is back to having black borders around the picture. This has to be a miss on the software development side.

Can you please bring this up to the development team to fix?


I came here to post the same thing… what a disappointment. It took months for Blizz to finally support the full resolution of the ipad pro 2018 … and then with the patch today they revert it… WHYYYYYYYYYY


Same issue. The UI update for iPad pros from the previous patch did not make it into this build for whatever reason. Very disappointing, hopefully they’ll see it and fix the problem quickly.


Same issue on iPad Pro 11". This is really annoying, please don’t wait several months to fix this again.


Came here to post the exact same thing - fix pls!!! ASAP!!! These borders are disgusting to look at


Yep same issue. Plus constant need to download sound files. Very annoying.


This is unbelievable. It took them months to fix the issue only to break it again after few weeks. How did this even pass Apples QA. Since April all new apps versions must support new ipads.