iOS Crash after patch


New patch today 5/14. I had my hopes up that this would be resolved … you know as it was working for a while there. Instead I was given a spoonful of disappointment. Full screen support was not brought back with the Dalaran adventure patch. (I was hoping Apple would deny the update on the App store without it).


This is bonkers! Just downloaded the Dalaran update 6 weeks later and this is still not fixed. Can we please have an ETA or more clarity on why this cannot be addressed? FWIW the version of the app that shipped with full screen support had no stability issues for me on an iPad Pro 11".


Regardless of how difficult the fix required, it has been a full 6 months (and a week!) since the newest iPad pros released, and there have been 6 (or more?) Hearthstone patches, so quite honestly for this period of time elapsed, certainly it means that this isn’t being treated as the high priority bug it truly is… I mean, we’re talking literally native support for Apple’s current flagship products!

Like user Shaymous here I think was basically hinting towards, if Apple didn’t approve the App Store drop for lack of current gen device support—like when Rise of Shadows released— well I think everyone realizes this would have been fixed in a week!


Prioritize this guys, it’s really embarrassing to be the only app on my device running in compatibility mode still.


Just updated the app with hope, blizzard smashes ipad pro users in the face again. If there was a bug constraining payments, It would be fixed right away. But this, no proirity. Maybe if we buy more hero skins and card packs then they will fix this.


Blizzard please fix this, it was great, now it sucks.


This is embarrassing for Blizzard. It’s a game that we spent hundreds of dollars on, game that generates millions of revenue and you can’t fix iPad screen resolution problem? Don’t give us this “we’re working on it but there is no ETA” bullsh…t. Just fix this damn bug already. So disappointing from such a huge developer…


I’m also kind of disappointed that Apple allows these updates. There was an official deadline on March 27th on the App Store for developers to support the screen sizes of the latest generation of Apple products (and those are on the market for more than 6 months, so it’s not like it came out of nowhere for the developers) and yet they keep accepting “faulty” app updates. For most of my favorites apps I contacted the developer after I got my new iPad Pro 11 inch and most of them fixed the issue in 14-30 days even though most of the time the app only had a single developer.
I fully acknowledge that sometimes things are very complicated and this complexity can not be evaluated from outside the dev team (and most of the time fixing stuff in a one-man-project is easier than in a big dev team) but I really hope that Blizzard puts this as a high priority task even though the percentage of players on Apple devices of the latest generation might be low right now. At least I’m someone who willingly spends lots of cash for hearthstone and new tech devices and for the last few months it is the single most frustrating bug for me that Hearthstone does not run full screen on my iPad and therefore I have even less screen space than on the old iPad I had before.


This is totally ridiculous. I was going to buy new adventure but not until this is fixed. I cannot fully enjoy the game in current crappy resolution and black borders. How long could it take to fix something that already was fixed.


Huge money is paid for this game. And the attitude of Blizzard is just disappointing.


Please… Please! Fix it!

I was so excited downloading the update and so disappointed when I open it and realized that the black borders continued there…

I love to play Hs in my iPad pro, (had you guys tried to play with pencil?:wink: But it’s ridiculous to play with these black borders… :frowning:


I hope Apple bans Blizzard apps as soon as possible!!! I assume that players who play on Pro devices spend on average several times more money than any other customers…


Please fix it as soon as possible. As a five-year player of hearthstone who spend a lot of money and time on this game, I have never been so disappointed with Blizzard.


After the latest update, every time I try to start a rumble run, the App crashes.

I have tried reboot my iphone but not working.

My phone is iphone6, iOS version 12.2.

I am not sure if is a common problem, but before the update everything looked fine.


Same thing here on an IPad ios 9.0.2. Worked fine until the latest patch download. Now just crashes on the Blizzard logo.


I have a similar problem. Just won rumble by beating 8th boss, then crash. When I restart app, if I try to go into rumble the iphone app crashes.


Hey there friends,

I do not have a fix for you at this time, I am popping in to let you know the Tech team is aware of this and gathering reports. We hope to have news for you soon.

For iPad Pros, please read above.

In the mean time, please post back with:

  • The Device model -
  • The iOS or OSX build -
  • Do you make it to login -
  • Home network or Mobile -

Thanks for working with us. We will do our best to get the information to the right parties to get this resolved.

Note I have merged a few threads into one for this topic.



IOS 9.0.2
Does not make it to login. Crashes at Blizzard logo
Home network

  • iPad 2 Air
  • 9.3.5
  • Don’t make it to login, crashes at the “Blizzard” logo.
  • Home network


So your fix to iPad resolution bug is to merge 2 unrelated topics together so it gets lost in the forums and no one can see it? Is that how you deal with problems? By sweeping them under the carpet?

You are about to loose some customers and revenue if you don’t fix it soon. Tell your superior that.


Model: MGKL2LL/A (iPad Air 2)
iOS version: 9.3.4
Did not make it to login, dies as soon as blizzard splash appears, instantly.
Home network.