Hearthstone really is rigged. Here's how to beat it

After playing 14,000 games of hearthstone (since beta) and reaching legend multiple times with every class I have come to the conclusion that this game is 100% rigged. Those who say it isn’t I’m sorry you’re just wrong. This is not a troll post please just hear me out.

After my first legen I stopped playing “meta” decks and really focused on playing unique off the wall decks that very few people play. What I noticed even playing non meta decks is If you play a deck consistently above about 65% you will start facing hard counters. Not meta deck counters, specific unique deck hard counters for non meta decks.

Here’s why that happens. Blizzard is a business. The #1 goal for blizzard is to make money for investors and for the business. Getting players addicted to the game is vital to reach that goal. The way to get someone addicted is to give them small incremental successes while simultaneously hurting them. Hurting is the key factor. Stress and pain lead to the release of endorphins (the same way morphine and codeine do). We get addicted to the pain so we play another game, buy more cards, complain that we hate it then jump back on the next day to play some more.

Blizzard wants us to succeed but very slowly. Go too fast (high winrate consistently) they WILL put the hammer on you with their counter algorithm. It does exist. Here’s how to counter it.

Get good with at least 3 classes. Really good. If you can reach rank 3-4 consistently you’re ready for easy legend runs. Find three great decks that each represent a different class. Play a game with a deck and if you win, go to a different deck. If you lose, play the deck again until you win. After you win with the deck switch to another. The goal is a positive win percentage with all 3 decks. If you suck with one deck scrap it and get one you’re better with. This method works magic. It allows you to play against a variety of other decks without facing hard counters forced on you for being too good with single deck.

Using this method I have reached legend multiple times sometimes within a day or two. What I noticed is that I didn’t constantly hit high percentages and then start facing hard counters that set me back and piss me off. Rotating the decks allows you to just play as you naturally should against random foes. Try it and let me know how it works for you. Hopefully it will help some get faster legend as it did for me many times.


So its rigged but if you switch decks you somehow bypass the rigged system by losing some games???

You know what I do when I think a game is rigged? I uninstall that game and buy another game. Only a complete moronic fool idiot to epic proportions continues to play a game they think is rigged or a troll that doesnt believe the filth he spreads. Which one are you Letsurf? Im going to say with 0 other posts we can guess with 100% accuracy that it rhymes with rickroll.


apparently played 14000 games.

Hasent ever logged on the fourms to even view a thread. (Yes you don’t need to log onto read but just so ineffective vs logging in most will).

Makes me call bull on that claim. Esp when claiming rigging. If the game was rigged there would be clear data to support it there has never been anyone to provide that data.


Or someone who knows and treats it in the way it should be - i.e. doesn’t spend a penny on it, doesn’t expect to win or even try and just does the dailies to collect gold for card packs and solo content.

Although saying that I have won the last 4 out of 5 games on my dailies, but we are talking about opponents that are still playing oasis snapjaw I am so low down in the rankings.

The single loss was a murloc paladin that just kept spamming that murloc goodness to finish the game with ‘summon 7 murlocs from your deck’.

Even then he had struggled against my whatever 1 and 2 mana cards were first in my collection deck.

You come for the daily quests, you stay for single cards that fill the board AND autobuff the summoned minions for players so lame I am not even sure they have any legs.

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Rigging the game would be the stupidest thing they could do. Their business model is essentially pay to win, the more good cards you have, the better your chances at climbing rank consistently. You must be a pokerstars player.


Was just wondering that. They joined 8 hours ago and haven’t visted the forums once until today and they’ve been playing since beta?



Lmao. Sure.

Ooh, what a compelling argument. No holes here, no sire. this is definitely all the evidence you need, and this is definitely the best way to convince people you aren’t a massive troll.

Not gonna lie, you’ve probably already convinced about 90% of your readers that you’re trolling. “I’ve played the game since beta”/“I’ve reached Legend with every class” (without evidence of either of these) is a common lie used to bolster people’s reputations, and isn’t even relevant to any topic about rigging the game. Moreover, “if you don’t believe me then sorry you’re just wrong” is about the laziest attempt at anything I’ve ever seen. Even a troll would’ve put more effort into it.

Cool. Any evidence for this?

I’m going to stop you right there. You haven’t yet established your opinion as reputable or your claim (that the game is rigged) as trustworthy. Sure you’ve gone to some extent to claim that you’re a Beta/multi-time Legend/etc player, but as I mentioned above a lot of people fallaciously claim that, and it doesn’t help support your argument here either. If you’ve got five posts on the forums and want to come across as anything but a troll, then you have to make very sound and convincing arguments.

This brings me to my second point. Your argument (that Blizzard rigs games after players reach a certain winrate) has practically nothing (except your so-called “experience”) backing it up at this point. “The game is rigged” is a minority position within the HS community (most people just use Occam’s Razor, even if they don’t know what Occam’s Razor is). The burden of proof is on you, and you haven’t yet satisfied it. You can’t start going on to make up explanations for why your phenomenon is happening without first proving that it is happening in the first place, or else you’ll lose even more than the 90% than I mentioned earlier.

So what does this malicious “rigging” do that the current MMR system wouldn’t? There’s already a system in place that guides players into a meta where they have a ~50% winrate (equal wins and equal losses, “small incremental successes while simultaneously hurting them”). Why do they need to expend resources and risk PR to do something that should already be happening?

Lmao, I love how you had to follow up with your “counter algorithm” comment with “it does exist” in an attempt to reassure skeptics without providing any evidence xD.

If the supposed rigging is easy enough to notice to the point where it’s obvious with the naked eye when switching between one deck and alternating between three, then it should be reasonably easy to prove in a statistical manner (e.g. playing 100 games with each method, recording winrates/opponents using something like HSReplay, etc). Moreover, if rigging were this obvious then I’m sure one of the multiple data aggregate sites that collect thousands of games on a weekly basis would have caught something by now.


This is a work of beauty. So, to avoid “The algorythm

  • You must be good enough to regularly get to rank 3-4 (despite the algorythm I guess) with 3 classes (or more)
  • You must then get good winrates with 3 different meta decks
  • If you get a low winrate you suck and should switch decks (it is not the algorythm in this case for some reason)
  • You will then get to legend

So… how exactly does this work differently from just laddering normally (beyond obsessive-compulsive deck switching)?
You play. If you get a low winrate then you should improve. Eventually, if you play well and often enough, you get legend.


So… How did Kibler take Quest Mage to Legend with a 68% winrate long before it was a meta deck?



I must be doing it wrong then…

My highest legend pushes have always been when I stick to exactly 1 deck and never switch.

Because there is no algorithm to force your win rate down.


At what point does a one cost card have to keep coming up (lets say Lightwarden) when drawing your first four cards for you to look at it and say…hmm if that card is coming out more than 60% of the time then maybe its not random? Out of 30 cards you have 2 lightwardens but they will show up more then 60% of the time in your hand…(not a ridged figure) but enough to make you wonder.

Or does random not really mean random?

I am not saying it is… i am just saying if we look at percentage. Same with the quest…if this game was really 100% random then the quest would come up random and not be the first card out of the pack? So saying that …if they can manipulate a card they can manipulate all cards right?

Just my thoughts …im not saying they are and please dont say i am…just looking at percentages…you start to see patterns. Whether or not that is just how “random” works in this game im not sure but yea.

Also’ when programming you learn that a computer cannot really do true random… so just like a hunter can guess what card will come out of of call of the wild depending on when its played… so too do things happen that seems “convenient”

If you can guess with more than 60% accuracy when something will occur then you cannot say the game is random… somewhere there is code that controls all of this.




Actually I came across the method by accident. While rotating 3 decks practicing for a tournament I noticed the climb was extremely fast and I wasn’t facing counters. It’s funny how so many people just want to attack and assume I’m some newb. An entire forum of naysayers and pessimists. I imagine not a single one of you has actually tried it.

If you equate number of forum posts with success they you really are clueless. I’m sure you will say he’s rank 10 so he sucks too right? Or maybe I’m currently focuses on business which I found is much more lucrative and just as additive as hearthstone.


Shhh you might be on to something actually but having said that you just made it so bliz will “have a good look” now at their script lol

I got it!

‘Algae Rhythm’ - Algae swaying in time with the water ripples?

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I was going to not respond but I might as well:

I disagree with your premise that the game tries to hard counter above 65% WR. My best climb was done at ~72% WR in Wild with Murloc Shaman in RoS. That WR was achieved from r8 up to L158.

In Standard when I do make a Legend climb, haven’t for a bit as MtG:A is my preferred CCG right now, I tend to clib with 1-2 decks and will eclipse 65% WR normally on these climbs from rX (say 8 on average) to low Legend.

Just as Smeet states… both of us tend to climb with 1 or 2 decks only as, tbh, I tend to only like a couple of decks to even play in most metas such as Quest Warlock w/ Warbringers, Shudderwock ‘OTK,’ and Malygod Druid in the current meta (although I haven’t played Malygod post-new cards).

Your personal experience and mine are at odds on any sort of ‘hard countering’ occurring above 65% WR. I’ve played meta, off-meta, and homebrews to Legend and have noticed, outside of that Murloc Shaman run, no real difference in my WRs with those decks when I have them working well. The biggest difference, obviously, is getting the option/tech cards right in the off-meta and homebrews decks to get them to a competitive strong level.


gotta say i gotta agree with this post, i don’t have any data or facts to back it up, but the climb to legend seems smoother when i rotated like 3-5 decks and just keep playing.

Although i would not necessary say the game is rigged but I tend to get bored just piloting 1 type of deck or limited play style. Perhaps it’s more of tilt factor


That I could 100% see and is a common issue for me with HS. I can get in 3-5 games easily but playing more tends to lead me to playing some pretty questionable decks or just getting a bit bored and not focusing at all.

65% was just my guesstimate but it may be more like 75%. I don’t know the exact winrate at which counters start appearing but I know it happens when I’m winning at a very very high rate. You can hit legend easily by being very good at a deck. You can do it faster by rotating them using the method above. For those who ask why the pros can take a deck all the way to high legend it’s because they are playing at an even higher rate. If they hit legend with a 65% I would bet their actual winrate is 85% if they were facing truly random opponents.

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If you were more than 60% likely to start with Lightwarden in your hand then it should be really easy to take a Priest deck, play 100 hands where you hard-mulligan for Lightwarden, and then record which games you did and didn’t end with Lightwarden. The fact that no one has yet done this (not even the multiple data aggregate sites that collect thousands of games every week) is a reasonably strong indicator that people who “feel” some cards are showing up more than they should are likely just remembering bad experiences more than good ones (this is a well-established psychological phenomenon).

Nope, a forum of skeptics and people who have dealt with their fair share of whiners, spammers, and trolls. Most of us are open to the possibility that the game is rigged, but aren’t inclined to believe it without a proper argument (which you didn’t provide).

Please point out where any of us said “forum posts = success”. The point we’re all making is that people who make controversial posts with very new accounts are inherently less trustworthy. Having a higher post count makes you more trustworthy because you’re more well-known and your dedication to the game is more quantifiable. At the very least people know that you didn’t just take 5 minutes to whip up a throwaway account to troll/spam forumgoers.

Nope, Rank is irrelevant here (as I pointed out in my original post). Doesn’t matter if you’re rank 10 or a multi-time Legend player who’s been here since beta, if your argument sucks then it sucks.


If you do hard Mulligan for a specific card, it is common that you have this card ready to your first turns. Quest is a special spell that always will be in your opening hand, this is different

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