FizzyElf - Can't Play

I live in Americas and the game doesn’t let me play in Hearthstone Americas.

Feels bad man. Is it happening because I concede my matches when I know I will lose the match? If that is it remove the concede feature but let me play 1 a session without to have to re-start Hearthstone.

These problems are too often …

Hey, FizzyElf! I moved you over to a new thread. The other thread was specifically for the “Shop Closed” issue.

What’s happening with the Americas region? Are there any errors when the game is launched?

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Hi Cartepepi, it says BLZBNTBGS80000011 few days ago I had problems with Americas Server, then I ned to log in Blizzard battle. net by europe region, but I couldn’t acess Hearthstone Americas region, 24 hours later it was solved, then again since yesterday or today earlier a match mine ended and it said I did need to re-start HS again, however, I can’t log in Hearthstone Americas anymore and same for battle. net americas.

Because I was battle. net europe I logged out it, to then log in in battle. net Americas to try to solve the problem (My Hearthstone Americas opened but it couldn’t pass the first screen), I guessed could be it but don’t, it is about Americas server whom is my main region I mean I live in Americas…

Thanks, FizzyElf! The BLZBNTBGS80000011 makes some sense with the issue. This is a general connection related error and with only one region experiencing the issue, it makes a ton of sense here since there’s only connection issues to the Americas server.

Let’s try deleting the hearthstone file as well.

  1. Press Windows Key + R to open the Run diaglogue
  2. Type %LocalAppData% into the Run field and click OK
  3. Open the Blizzard folder.
  4. Delete the Hearthstone folder.

If it continues, try a New Admin account. Does the same problem happen when trying an alternative connection or VPN?

Could you provide a WinMTR test? Run this test while attempting to connect to the Americas region for 5 to 10 minutes. Copy and paste the text file created and paste it between two ~~~ like so:

WinMTR Here

If you have issues pasting here, use Pastebin and post the end of the link. (ie. 123456 for

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I just was to check if I could log in again in europe or asia servers in the battle. net I couldn’t log in europe same code problem but I logged in in asia server.

Oh man, it seems a lot of work … very well, I deleted the Hearthstone folder and it didn’t work, well I will uninstall battle. net and HS and re-install them before to try a new admin account.


We actually got a handful of reports of this from other players in Brazil when you put this ticket in. Are you still having this issue? If so, are you able to log in if you use a VPN client?


It makes sense, I am brazilian and I live in Brazil. VPN client I never used it, I never was that geek thanks for the hint Drakuloth I’ll try to understand and use it.

Edited “Hours later”:

I did it! After I used a VPN client the game worked so clean! It was slowly in the opening but then, since check my collection and check my deck and play the ranked mode. Totally, a different experience without little freezings or delays in the actions inside the matches.

Wow … this session was really great.

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Hey, FizzyElf! Just wanted to let you know that we’re requesting information on this thread for the Brazil issue:

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