Failed to get update. Please check your internet connection


After last update, my game starts and error pops up. How can i fix this ???

I’m using Iphone 6s and I’m typing this from the phone so I have internet connection :slight_smile:

After iOS update I now get "Failed to get update. Please check network connection"
Stuck at Tavern Doors Opening Screen
Error to get update please check your internet and try again

Hey yusko,

First lets be sure to try moving closer to the home network router. I know there’s been a few times where I’d be in another room, and random games / apps started throwing weird errors due to signal instability.

Another good thing to try is resetting the device and network by powering them off or unplugging them. They should remain off for 30+ seconds before powering them back on. This helps clear out lingering data.

Let us know if things are still south after all that. Thanks!


I’m having the same problems. It is NOT the internet connection.


I’m having the same issue. I’m using iPhone 6s as well. Tried this on wifi and on LTE, and turned my device off and back on. Still having the same issue…


Same issue. After updating in App Store. Hearthstone is crashing.


Been having the same issue since the app updated in the App Store. My phone has plenty of space on it and it doesn’t work under any internet connection. iPhone 7 Plus


Me too, having the same problem, using iphone xs with the last ios and more than 150gb of space.


The display is flipping i think thats whats crashing the game if u double tap home button the display is flipped at a werid angle its gotta be display issue i m on iphone 6


Same here. I am on an iPhone X. Redownloaded the app and did not fix it. Restarted phone and did not fix it. Please advise.


Glad I’m not alone on this one. Was hoping to hop on and clear out my quests before tomorrow’s content drop (and inevitable quest). Any timeframe on a fix?


I had the same problem. I force restarted my iPhone 7 by holding down the down volume and power buttons. That didn’t work so I uninstalled and installed fresh and it started working again. Hope this helps.


I have same problem on Huawei phone and PC… reconnecting… bla bla bla


I have an iPhone X max as well and am getting the same error. Seems like it’s an iPhone issue? Has anyone found a solution yet?


Same error. Unable to get network when I have powerful wifi on. All my other applications and functions work perfectly. Tried restarting and re downloading but doesn’t work.


Measures have failed. Can you help me get back in game?


This is not a network issue, this is an app issue


So where’s the support Blizzard promises? Wake up and do your job! Not a network issue!!


Hey all,

A friend over in our compatibility department let us know they are tracking this issue and working on it. I don’t have full details on the investigation so no ETA available.

If we get any additional details I’ll update this thread.


Using iPhone 7 Plus on iOS 10.1.1

After updating the app in the App Store, which is mandatory to play, the app will no longer get past the launch screen. I get the following error:

“Failed to get update. Please check your network connection” with a Quit button as my only option to press.

I have tried on 2 different internet connections, plus LTE so it’s obviously not a network problem. My phone has 43 GB available so it’s not a storage issue. Plenty others on this forum and reddit are experiencing the same issue.

How can we fix it?


Same here, runing the game on Iphone Xs iOS 12.3…and about 150gb of free space.