Failed to get update. Please check your internet connection


Same problem. “Failed to get update. Please check network connection.” Network connection is fine, and there is lots of space available on phone. iOS 12.2.


Solved by completely reinstalling


No it’s not. I did a complete reinstall and it’s still happening.

I’ve done a complete reinstall twice and have restarted my phone in between each try. None of it is helping.

If it helps someone at Blizzard, right when I launch the app it shows a bar at the bottom that says “Checking version” right before I get this error.


I did this and it helped thanks ;D


Same here. Tried to uninstall and reinstall, but that didn’t work. Still have enough free space and my WiFi is completely fine.


Same here. HS does not work on my mobile. iOS, all updated, several connections tried. what can I do now?



Same, since update 2 days ago, I can’t play anymore on my iPhone 8. Everything up to date with internet connection and still have the error message.

Someone from Blizzard to help here?



Same problem here on iPhone.


I have the same problem with ipad air 2. I restarted the ipad and network connection and nothing changed. Also it is not because of network connection or ipad. Its happened after new update of game. Please somebody solve our problem…


What worked for me…
so on my iPhone XR… had the same issue and tried to reinstall twice but didn’t work…
I then went into Settings, General, iPhone Storage, and then wait for apps to load there, once they loaded, go into hearthstone and delete the app from there (do not offload the app…delete it)…then I quit all open apps…restarted the phone and then re-downloaded and installed via the App Store…in that order…and it then worked.
Hope this helps…if not…sorry I could not be more of a help


Unfortunately that did not fix it for me. Thank you for attempting to help though, I appreciate it


I have also tried the power off and restart of both the phone (iPhone X) and the WiFi router. I tried switching to a different WiFi …I uninstalled the the app and reinstalled it…still doesn’t work :frowning:


My iPad keeps crashing when I open the game after the update… And it’s not a network problem or memory… I need major help … I’m on an older iPad but the game has never done this before until now for my device


Same problem. I am using iPhone SE with system iOS 9.3.5. The App just keep crashing everytime when I open it.


I have a brand new IPhone XS MAX 512 GB
iOS 12.3
Reinstalled Hearthstone
Restarted iPhone
Reset iPhone
Tried wifi
Called my isp to refresh my data
Called my Wireless Provider to refresh data
Currently using data plan
Tried multiple accounts.
Still experiencing crashes and log in issues.

…getting wife to make me a sandwich. I’m fed up and pissed off.


Still no updates on this error. Have been so many days already. Very unlike blizzard…


I’m guessing no help sigh


Can we count on you guys sorting this soon? When a download fails to complete why can’t you just reset us? I hate Elder Scrolls but al least I’m not locked out there for days. Dudes! What’s wrong with you guys? Not feeling the love…


Having the same issues, latest iOS build on an xs max, WiFi works fine for everything else.


Hello!! DOES NOT START ON iPad Air2 iOS 9.0.2 after the update! Before the update, everything was fine, not counting the frequent disconnections from the server and the loss, and after the update, the game crashes at launch. I ask you to fix it urgently!