Explain the rope better

A long time ago the explanation was, as long as you are still playing cards, your turn won’t end.
Now the explanation is, you see the rope stalled because of the animations on your end, you can’t go until you see all the animations.
Ok so while you are watching the rope stalled because you have to watch all the animations which sometimes can take several minutes before your turn starts, what does the other player see or do during these minutes while they wait for you to watch all the animations? Are they wondering why you are not playing or what is going on?
They just sit there and twiddle their thumbs wondering why your turn isn’t starting?
Can someone explain?

Afaik this has never been the case. There has always been a time limit on each turn.

I believe it looks normal to them. I think you have already drawn your card and you appear to be just sitting there (If you are moving your mouse around they will still see you hovering over stuff of course).

Not 100% certain, but I’m fairly confident this is what’s happening. Hope this helps.


You don’t draw your card until the turn button switches over for you and turns yellow this won’t happen until the animations end. This can take up to 3 minutes sometimes because of the animations.
So what does the other player do during the two minutes while waiting for you to watch all the animations?
That is my question.

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if the other person plays a bunch of cards after the rope ends its fuse it means they’re animation hacking which is editing one of the files on PC and turning off animations. I am not sure don’t believe me but i think that is reportable as hacking.

Guys, I have it on good authority there is NO CHEATING going on in hearthstone whatsoever. It must be a player or skill issue if you encounter such things that may be classified as cheating.

They’re not playing cards after the fuse ends but you can still play a card while the animation for your previous card played is going on so if you are already aware what will happen you can play as many cards as you can manage within your time limit. It’s called APM-actions per minute and there have been a few decks that require you to take twenty or more actions during your turn to pull your otk off. It requires to be fast and still not mess the order up.

Sure is annoying for the opponent though that just has to sit there waiting for the animations showing how you’re killed eventually.

That doesn’t answer the question.
The fuse is at the end of rope which means they used up all their time.
So they are done.
Now YOU who can see the fuse stalled are just waiting for all their animations to quit playing.
The turn thing will flip when all the animations are done.
So what does the other player see when they are waiting the 2 or 3 minutes while YOU are watching their animations to finish?
Why won’t anyone answer the question?

The explanation was. “Your turn won’t end while you are still casting spells or in the middle of a play.”
Say you play some yogg box thing that casts spells for 2 minutes, your turn won’t abruptly end while the spells are being cast.
It was also explained your turn does not end while you are actively doing something. It lets you finish the play.
Like with the spells.
Yes, you are 100% wrong. That was the explanation at that time.
I have played since inception.
So it was explained that is someone was using a bot they could keep playing their cards fast enough so their turn would not end.
Seems like everyone forgot about this explanation?


They also see the animations playing out, though they will see their turn end before you see that your turn has begun. You should try one of the decks you’re talking about to see it for yourself

Do you remember the explanation that the game won’t stop spell casting while they are going on?
So if your deck is all spell cards, it won’t stop you, will it?

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That is not something I ever heard or experienced. I believe that whoever told you that was confused

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It was the explanation on the forums.
You probably haven’t played as long as I have, so you don’t remember that explanation.
I have played since day ONE.

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I started during year of the dragon, so you are correct that I haven’t played as long as you have

People were asking the same questions back then.
The answer was always if you play your cards fast enough, specifically spells, the game will let the play go through. Because it won’t stop you mid-play.
So let’s say you put the wizard out that gives you a fireball every time you cast a spell.
You already have those cards out that reduce the cost of spells.
You only have 1 second before your turn ends.
As long as you keep cheesing the fireballs your turn won’t end because you are in the middle of a cast spell and playing so the game won’t stop you.
This will allow you to go past your time.
Now, some have thought that maybe some players are using an assist like a bot or something to make sure they cast or play fast enough to take advantage of this built in feature.


Remember back when the turn would end when the rope ran out, and any lingering animations would eat into your turn? So you could actually lose entire turns if your opponent stacked enough animations, and it became a strategy?

Trust me: even if people are hacking to play more cards than they should on their turn, having to sit and watch the rope burn is still better than drawing a card and your turn immediately ending.

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Actually, many times, the animations will continue after the rope stops. It won’t turn yellow, but there is no fuse.
Sometimes when this happens, you miss your turn. Though when I say that on the forums the “Regulars” always call me a liar.


I have my doubts that it ever worked this way, but even if it did, it does not work this way now

No one disputed that it worked that way back then.
We didn’t have the “Regulars” back then that flagged everyone and called everyone liars.
No one disputed the fact the game did not stop you mid-play and let spells be cast.
The forums were different before the “Regulars” used their multiple accounts to flag everyone they don’t like.
They have really changed the forums to make them worse. You have to stick with the narrative the “regulars” want you to stick with.

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And? Even if that statement is true, it doesnt make anything else you claim to also be true. It doesnt even make the premise of that claim true either.

Who here has labelled anyone a liar? Ive seen :

And that is all Ive seen even close to coming to it, and it is a very very distant and incredible amount of mental gymnastics to get to there.

Continuing onto your next claim:

Um in the very first reply was:

and I have played since the original launch of Hearthstone and was around for the Naxx expansion. What you claim was never the case.

I wont address the rest of your post as its merely conspiracy theory without anything behind it.

Your question was answered. The opponent sees their animations play out the same as you do, if only slightly ahead of you because of the speed they could stack actions compared to how long the animations drag out. But the rope ends for them just when it should, you just see it lag and not end because of the stacked queue of animations they created from their many actions per minute on their turn.

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I would like official confirmation from Blizzard if possible.

Questions :

  • Is it allowed to delete animations by modifying files on your computer?
    If so, I would be interested in doing so when playing Battlegrounds.

  • If allowed, which file(s) should be modified and how?


When playing standard mode, I already waited a very long time (this rarely happened) : the “player” continued to play cards, a lot of cards ! and the rope had been finished for a very long time.
And when his endless round was finally over, I had lost. :open_mouth:

This was before the banning of many bot accounts and those of cheaters (there were official announcements : I say this for the person I won’t name who said that there was “no cheating” on the game).

The only file editing ive seen that ever changed anything in the past was when you could edit a txt file to have a higher value for fps. but now its included in the ui now. High FPS. it wasnt always there but that isnt hacking or cheating in any way. It was just a graphical improvement for smoother animations, but didnt make them faster or shorter.