July 2024 Bot-Ban Update

Since last month’s update, we’ve actioned over 261k additional accounts for botting. In Patch 29.6, we also introduced system changes to combat bots and other exploitive gameplay patterns on a more regular, proactive basis.


Quick question, does Blizzard populate the low ranks with bots due to low player activity at those rankings?

I ask because virtually all of my matches in Standard up until Gold 10 were against clear bots using the same cards/decks, with terribly optimized playstyles.


I think you are playing against player bots that farm gold, but I do also think that Blizzard uses bots in the very lowest of rankings, so it might depend on what your rank and/or MMR actually is

How do bots farm gold? I don’t think that players are dumb enough to use bots on their main accounts since it would be banned.

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That’s correct. They aren’t main accounts. They are disposable accounts for streamers to god-draft arena and stream something impressive. Then the account is discarded

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Really? Thats dumb. I didn’t even know that Hearthstone even had a large streamer-base enough to warrant the dozen or so bot accounts that I have come across.

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My understanding is that there is a large audience in China for this style of content

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Oh, that makes a lot of sense then. Blizzard should really do something, because these bots make up nearly all matches from bronze to gold.

they actually have to be. ive been contemplating asking the same stupid question. but it doesnt feel stupid match after match versing the same class and same decks AGGRO AGGRO perfect mulligan also. like what is this game lol

This game is horrible, bots in EVERY game for Arena. Blizzard DO IP BANS / DO HARDWARE BANS / BLOCK CHINA FROM PLAYING ON US SERVERS!!!

Here is just one of the bots (first game):

Another Bot: