Duels & Weekly Quests Hotfix

Thanks for the update.

Regarding the quests, the announcement does not clarify if we will get the ones we missed this week or if this fix will only work for future quests?

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Can you take a look at this suggestion to balance Wax Rager?

Also please, make sure the From the Swamp passive does not generate a zombie when you kill a zombie. The Mirror matches between two From the Swamp are not fun at all.

I still have the error message who said this deck is not valid on this mode on duel heroique i cant play duels

any chance for a pen flinger nerf?

Ok, now make impossible to get in one run 2x same or similiar passive treasur, for example 2x deathrattle passive or deathrattle + reborn becouse it’s too OP.

soooooooooo did you guys put it in or am i just going to have be screwed out of 6k exp for my battle pass because it’s been about 12ish hours since you guys announced this and i still dont have my quests


So this was posted in their US site after the hotfix announcement and it totally contradicts it regarding weekly quests: it hasn’t been fixed and they haven’t got a clue what’s going on. As far as I know no one got their weekly quests as a result of the “fix” so the below is probably the most accurate update.


so i guess like the exp from the holiday events im suppose to just trust “itll make up for it when they eventually come”

Duels still does not reward XP. Please fix that, this was supposed to be a great new mode launch and instead we are encountering a bug at every step.

EDIT: I mean reward track xp.

So are we saying that the hot fix didn’t fix anything if neither duels reward xp and weekly quests are still missing?

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my quest arnt updating. i have quest but when i try to do then the progess stays at 0/3 games played.

Not sure if this my first instance but I didn’t get my daily quest today and it just said “New quest in 23 hours”, I cleared it out yesterday and it’s still empty. Perhaps your hotfix for weekly quests created a new bug?

It really isn’t a bug, the system is set to make sure everyone gets 1 2500 quest and 2 1750 quests. The issue is, there is only 1 2500 quest right now. Hopefully more will be added or that quest will be updated to include other modes. But that won’t be able to be done in a hotfix, it will require a download.

No, its to force people into constructed. Guessing some spreadsheet said that ranked players monetize slightly higher than non-ranked players, so ^&#@ player agency.


Are you going to fix the rewards being so weak after rank 15?

I still don’t have daily nor weekly quests… My ticket remains unanswered :slight_smile:amazing


Still don’t have new Daily quests 2 days running :slight_smile:


Heroic Duels doesn’t give any exp. Just played five games in a row and still stuck at the same value.

This is a poor experience and continues to undermine player fun and confidence your abilities as a developer.

When are they going to hotfix the bug that makes Duels unplayable? Would really like to play the game tbh.

Sorry. That’s permanently broken and unfixable.