Constant Crashes on iOS


You misunderstand, im not trying to excuse anything here, its been extremely frustrating and this news is long over-due, but it doesnt help to snap at them when they are at least begining to update on a slightly more regular basis.
Believe me, im just as ticked as any of you, ive spent more money than i care to admit exclusively on iOS, and i even was dumb enough to buy the pre-order package before my game updated off the Blizzard site when it was announced.


Where are you getting this? The last post said they are working on a fix.


@Woton, the reason they would’ve jumped on it quickly if it was a PC problem is that all the popular Streamers and YouTubers play PC. They would be turning this into a PR disaster for Blizzard.


1.iphone 5s


Ipad air (1) model A1474 IOS 12.2
Tried reinstalling 4 times…same problem

Began crashing a few days after the last update. Continued to crash with each new Tavern Brawl.

Crashes when in Finding Opponent, after Cancel Button disappears.
The queue screen appears 1 out of 5 times.

Restart after crash - You were disconnected message flashes and usually goes to “Unable to connect”

After 3 to 4 more restarts, the Reconnect goes through to play the game.

The application always crashes at the last reward screen.

Come on guys, I’m a fish, Check my account, I always buy the expansions. NOT THIS TIME!!! This can’t be good news to your stockholders.


Basically means that we won’t be seeing a update until the next expansion


So basically that’s just what you assume?

  1. Iphone 6
  2. Yes
  3. Wifi / Mobile
  4. 12.1.4


I really can’t believe this is still happening and they have done nothing. It’s unbelievable for a company of this magnitude to do absolutely nothing about a problem effecting this many people.

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• iPhone 6
• try reinstall
• WiFi and mobile
• 12.1.4
Crashes every game


15 days …


The lack of clear communication from HS/Blizzard is stressful. I wouldn’t mind even bad news as soon as they are truthful, like “we will fix it through the expansion patch” (so April 9th) or “sorry, the game won’t work properly anymore on this slightly older devices”. At least we know what is up.


Is this ever going to be fixed? I would have been pissed if I preordered. I miss when blizzard was a good company with quality games, now it’s poor quality games(for high cost) with the worst customer service I have ever seen.


Oki, playing Elder Scrolls: Legends

Bye Blizzard!

IOS crashing in My Collection
Hearthstone keepster crashing on ipad
Getting crashed every time I play Flamestrike

It seams that a great number of players are being affected by this glitch/bugg in the new update. People are loosing a lot with this problem!
How is it possible that no solution or response has happened ‘till now?! Fix your mistakes blizzard…


Guys, if not downloading the assets is still not fixing it for you( which did for me), i suggest that in the middle of the game ( depends on your game length) you should refresh the game immediatly after ending your turn. This way you make sure you avoid crashing suddenly and not miss any turns. Thats all


Customers should not have to resort to homebrew workarounds.

This should have been fixed no longer than 24 hours after it became apparent this was a major problem.

As I mentioned earlier, this lack of a rapid response is but a symptom of the rotten state this company is now in.

And ATVI wants to make an active push into mobile. What a laughable concept when they can’t even fix an already existing supported OS…


Thank you for your patience and understanding, everyone. This is a frustrating issue for our iOS users who predominately play on the iPad and iPhone.

We’re actively working on a fix for the iOS crashes and will continue to update this thread once we have more information.


LOL! Thanks for the informative update.

iOS crashes even worse after patch
Ipad crashes, getting worse and worse
Crashing Constantly on IPhone

Rolling back the update that caused all these problems could’ve prevented all this frustration. But apparently that’s too complicated.