Ipad crashes, getting worse and worse


I’m running IOS 12.2 (16E227), Ipad Air model Number: MD787LL/A (that’s in the settings screen, on the back of the ipad it is A1474). At the time this is the most current update. I performed the update this morning, and I had been checking to make sure it was up to date multiple times over the week for the last month as my game had been crashing constantly.

These crashes happen at the following times:
in game - sometimes during the game, it will be mid turn (almost always mine), other times it happens on load in, but not nearly as often as mid game mid turn, trying to play a card. This has cost me about 7 arena games so far in the last couple weeks.

Many times while trying to make a deck, It will crash - taking with it all of my progress in constructing the deck of course.

Many more times, it happens from general browsing of my collection. I wait to make sure the animations etc are running smoothly before I hit next page or try to look at a card or cancel looking at the card, doesn’t matter.

Since updating this morning, the following will ALWAYS trigger a crash.
My collection -> Crafting -> Search -> “Legendary”
It will hang a couple seconds, show me all of the legs, BUT I will notice the blue animation around the “Crafting” button has stopped. Within 2 seconds, it’s crashed to a black screen and the ipad home screen.

Curiously, if i change the order to My collection -> Search -> “Legendary” -> Crafting, it will not immediately crash. I can browse around a little, but usually it will crash within a minute of that.

Seems like some kind of memory thing, but I don’t see the tons of complaints and reports I’d expect if this was common across all ipad Air 1’s, and I feel like it would have been under “known issues”.
Please advise.


We are aware of the crashes occuring for iPhone and iPad users on iOS. This is currently being investigated and worked on by our Hearthstone team. To keep this linear, please focus the discussion on our primary thread here.