Constant Crashes on iOS


The problem is obviously the update and the solution (rolling back said update) is even more so.

IMO if they actually cared about the problem, they would’ve acted by now.

1. Iphone 6
2. Yes
3. Both
4. 12.2


isn’t it odd how reporting issues on other threads that are minor we have to post single topics and don’t reply to anyone else’s so they can handle it individually? Yet, when something of this size affects entire brands we’re asked to post Only in this one and if a new relative thread is made it gets inserted here.
when this caps are we just done with our side of asking for help?

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Hey everyone, thanks for sharing your device information for us to investigate this issue! We’re currently working on a fix for this. We’ll follow up when we have more information about when that will happen.

Game Crashing 3 weeks!

Apparently those who were capable of fixing an issue like this no longer work for Blizzard. Makes sense considering I’ve been playing this game for over 4 years and there has never been an issue like this and it’s been an ongoing issue for 2 weeks. Every update you share is the same info: “we are investigating”.

I’m done with this game.


Oh, you haven’t been able to play our game for 12 days now? Here’s what we can do for you…

We’ll let you know, once a week or so, that we’re listening.


Guys, im as upset as you are that i can’t play my game, but we just got news that they have a fix, and are working on it, and will update us on ETA. Try not to bite off thier heads. Its progress at the very least


People are more upset in the manner at which this has been handled. If this was a PC problem they would’ve rolled back the update the same day, let alone take this long to even confirm they’re in the process of fixing it.


Any update on the constant crashes? If I don’t hear something by end of week, I’m walking away for good.


There’s a post from a community manager saying they are “working on a fix”


So I’ve been traveling for a year or so and will still be traveling for months to come. Playing on my phone is the only way I can play and for the past two weeks I can’t do crap. I mean I can’t even do the tavern brawl cause i can’t make a freaking deck cause the game crashes every time I open my collection. I’ve tried over and over to play games, I’ve dropped from rank one to five again at of my desperation just to have some fun playing. I can’t arena so I can’t make gold or open packs, I mean come on blizzard this is bloody ridiculous. And this bull crap “we’re looking into the problem” are you kidding me? It’s been two weeks, we’re past looking into the problem. Role back the god damn patch until you find a solution. It’s crazy that this is happening with a company like this


After the update of March 14, 2019. was constantly thrown out of the game: during a duel, adventure, brawl, the formation of the deck, flipping Books with maps. The game is minimized without displaying visible errors, you have to enter the game on a new :rage: which has an extremely negative impact on the rating. Pay attention to the reviews in the Apple Store, the problem is of a mass nature.
Technical information:
1.iPhone 6, iOS 12.2
2.Reinstalling the game does not solve the problem
3.The problem is observed when connecting via WiFi and Mobile Internet


@NinjaDragon: I respectfully disagree with the PC comment.

Blizzard has publicly stated their intent to go more into mobile (“What? Don’t you own phones?”; Diablo reveal at Blizzcon ,18).

As such, their disregard of this problem is just another sign that the company is in complete disarray. It is a product born of arrogance of its once category leading status and knowledge that we fanbois would back them through thick and thin.

Those days are now mostly over and we now see, laid bare for all of us to see, the carcass of a once great company. A company that once would fix its errors quickly and placed its customers first above all knowing we were its financial lifeblood.

The fact this issue has lingered beyond even 24 hours is proof positive that this company no longer has either the resources or the drive to be the best. PC or its pivot now into mobile and the submission to China in doing so.


Technical information:
1.iPhone 6, iOS 12.2
2.Reinstalling the game does not solve the problem
3.The problem is observed when connecting via WiFi and Mobile Internet


Hello guys, for now just redownload the game and play without downloading assets. It works. The problem is in the assets. Now that we have found a fix, we just hope blizzard will give a compensation reward anyway :money_mouth_face:


I know one of you blizzard customers are reading this this. Remember,We need free packs as compensation, a sweet reward


Looks like you fired all the wrong people eh Blizzard?


So what I’m hearing is that we won’t be getting a fix until the expansion release? We’re going to miss out on 3/4 weeks worth of coins/tavern brawls/ranked rewards. This is unacceptable with how close the expansion is.

Could you guys at least turn off the animations (like you did in boomsday) because that seems like what’s causing the majority of the problems that were facing.


A simple hot fix to turn off animations would of fixed the issue temporarily until they could find the source of the issue. It would literally of taken them 10 minutes to implicate because the codes already there, (they did this for the release of boomsday).

It’s stupid that we have to wait until the new expansion for a prober fix. We’ve missed out on at least 1500-2000 gold, 2/3 tavern brawl packs, and ranked awards. With it being this close to an expansion it’s unacceptable, and the least they could do is turn off the animations as they’ve done in the past so we can at least play and grind out for this new expansion.


Can you turn off the animations temporarily, and maybe make it an option in the settings for better performance in the future?