Constant Crashes on iOS


And your assuming that it’ll be done before the patch? What’s your point? They didn’t give us a estimated date for a fix so all we can do is assume. And knowning blizzard and team 5 and how close the expansion is its safe to say we won’t get a fix until the release.


Or even disabling the animations temporarily.


Can you turn off the animations temporarily until we can get a proper fix


Unfortunately this does not work for my devices.
(iPhone 6 A1586 & iPad Air A1474, iOS 12.2)


Thanks, that worked. Still crashes at the end of a game but at least you can play!




It’s been more than two weeks now ! How serious is that ?
Imagine it’s a car, it works two days, then suddenly starts to switch off every 5 minutes… And this, right after you take it back from the garage !!!
Keep calling the garage for the next 2 weeks, if you’re lucky enough you get that pre-typed answer « we’re working on it. Thank you for your patience »… Calling this update ?
People really are « working » on it ? Or just working at all ?
Thank you community manager, you managed nothing, the community is disappointed. Thank you customer support, no support at all, you’re losing customers.


I am done, I spent so much money on this game and all I have now is a broken game. It is now beyond frustrating. More than 2 weeks has passed and all we are getting is the rare obligatory reply “we are working on it”.


Just another data point: I have been having the same problems as everyone with my older iPad mini 3. But earlier this week I got a brand new 6th gen iPad and HS works fine on it.

  • The Device type / model. (iPad Air / ME898LL/A
  • If you have tried to reinstall the game. Multiple times
  • If this happens on Mobile, Wifi, or both. WIFI. No mobile
  • [What iOS version] 12.1.4


iPad Air. Have reinstalled game. Latest iOS. Crashes before game starts. Need a fix ASAP


This is actually my fear, that at the end of the day they just gonna tell us “buy newest iOS devices”.

  1. Ipad Air
  2. Yes.
  3. Wifi
  4. 12.2

  1. iPhone 6 Plus
  2. I have re installed the app
  3. WiFi and Mobile internet
  4. Latest available update


I guess there’s just not enough of us for them to care :woman_shrugging:t3: It’s been over two weeks now that we haven’t been able to play. I know you all know this already. I’m just bummed that I can’t play the only game I enjoy.


I also have frequent crashes on my iPhone.

  • iPhone 6
  • Connected via Wifi
  • IOS Version 12.2

Especially while browsing my collection the game suddenly crashes which makes it nearly impossible to play/manage my collection. Playing the game for nearly 5 years already and that never happened before on any device.



Fix your game. iPad mini 3. Closes EVERY time after game finishes. However, last 3 games, game has gone so slow and lagged at my input, that I wasn’t able to complete my turn. Lost 3 games in a row ranked due to you not fixing your game. Now, I could really care less about losing the game, but when it’s your issue that you’re not fixing… can I just add I’m glad I dumped your stock several weeks ago? When a company is only focusing on a next expansion (increasing revenue), and not caring about long-term customers who have played this since launch, that indicates misplaced priorities and serious structural issues at the business. I don’t have time to waste on this nonsense. Going to find another relaxing way to unwind, Netflix sounds like fun… now there is a stock and company that looks like a winner…


Thanks for not actually apologizing or owning up to the issue and the delay.

And thanks for not actually updating us with any new information or progress



Still no eta on the fix? I’ve been pretty upset that I can’t grind gold up to the new release without crashing constantly but that anger is giving way to apathy towards the entire game.


How how how, maintenant ils y travaillent ACTIVEMENT.
Merci. Attention à ne pas vous faire de mal.