Constant Crashes on iOS


Phone crashes to start screen every couple of minutes. Mostly happens when trying to open collection/dust extra cards. Happens on both 4g and wifi. Never happened in game, but often happens after a game is complete. Have tried reinstalling app and restarting device. No error message shown.

Only started happening with the most recent patch.

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Same here.
Before March 14th update, I played Hearthstone on apple devices without problems.
After the update, the game crashes when I edit my decks (on iPhone) or when every match ends (on iPad).
I use iPhone 6 and iPad Air, with latest iOS (12.1.4).


I also use iPhone 6.


Crashing all night on iPad Air. Lost two matches to disconnects and now it crashes after almost every match.


Same. IPad Air. Since the 3/14 update. Have taken all the steps suggested in troubleshooting to no avail. Crashes occur at the end of every game, often at the start of games and often enough during games to force me to lose 1 turn a game. This needs fixed ASAP.


Me too. Since the most recent update, I have constant crashes on my iPad Air (which has the latest iOS). Uninstalling and reinstalling the game did not help.


SAme thing with Ipad air. The game is crashing very often. My friend tells me that a new msg pops up. Something like « your opponent has been disconnected. Do you want to wait or end the game »


Same thing with my iPad ,it crashes during the game or during the matchmaking, needs an hotfix


Same here! Lost 2 matches to lag on WiFi. Currently frozen in a game, all since most recent patch on iOS.


Same here, game keeps crashing on Ipad Air almost every 2-3 turns making it unplayable. It also crashed everytime i tried to check the new hero in heroes tab. The IOS is updated, I also restarted the tablet but no improvement. Please fix, I want to play my favourite game :frowning:


Same here IPhone 6s latest IOS


can’t start any game on iPad!! crashes since last update!


I recently sent a report about this and they said that they’ll have a “blue post” forum up on here sometime soon to keep us updated… I also saw somewhere on the blizzard website that maintenance will be done Monday across all blizzard games so I’m hoping that this’ll get fixed during the maintenance


Just letting technical support know that i’m Having the same issues!


Monday?! My addiction can’t wait that long. :joy:


Haha, Same here it’s going to be a long weekend :joy::joy::joy:


iPhone 6. Same problems.
Crashes every time when game ends or when browsing collection.
Also, more lags.


iPad…same thing crashes on start up. If I’m lucky enough to actually get in, the lag is unworkable.


Hi there friends,

I am sorry to hear about all the users on iOS devices crashing. We are starting to gather information on this now. I would ask any one who is crashing on an iOS device post back here with the following:

  • The Device type / model. ( Phones, iphone 7 )
  • If you have tried to reinstall the game.
  • If this happens on Mobile, Wifi, or both.
  • What iOS version you are on.

This is not for users who are crashing on multiple devices after a match, this is for users who are crashing on startup or soon after on iOS devices.


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The game’s been crashing every time I try and load it up on my iPhone, and when I play on my laptop, the game crashes after every match. What’s going on?