Can't start a Dalaran Heist run


I don’t know about bugs but i think if you can restart the runs, and we start a new one the problem can be resolved, it’s what i think


Guys do you know where are the save data of the adventure ? maybe if we delete them we can start adventure to the beginning i don’t care to restart if i can play ^^
If someone know about that it will be good


it’s account based, not machine based, we dont have access to it


Guys, you realy need to raise ticket in support
After , request and some hard conversation, magic happend and now i can play!


Just relaunched the game again and my previous run was cleared and I’m able to start a new one.


SOLVED! open hs’s files and click logs then open adventures and delete everything you’ll see something can not find adventurer or something like that after deleting the writing save and exit then open the game.


Worked for me, thx alot


THIS! Thanks a lot! Worked for me too :slight_smile:


That fixed it for me as well. Thanks!!


it fixedd thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Fixed when deleting log files!


Hey folks,

This was fixed by the devs few hours ago and at this point it looks like everybody should be able to launch the adventure. We appreciate all the reports and patience while we got this handled. Can anybody who was having this problem retest launching Dalaran heist now? If you still have problems, just let us know in a reply to this post.


I’m better now. Thanks everyone.


Absolutely nothing has changed. I still can not lose in the current campaign or chose cards or bonuses. nooooothing has changed



Can you double check for updates on your app for me? To do this, open the Options menu above the news widget, and go to check for updates. Once it’s done checking for updates, please retest. If it still fails, let me know the Version number to the right of the play button. (Should look like this: 14.2.2.#####)


hmmmm… I will try to describe exactly. so, after double update I went into the game, I was immediately returned to the game against the 1st boss. before this did not happen.i gave up, then I again went into a heroic version i saw the map of dalaran, chose a bank and everything returned immediately. There was no choice of hero, deck or ability. immediately the first boss again the same.


Works for me now, fix seems to have worked!


It is fixed for me! Thank you!


Thanks so much! just logged in and could finally unlock chapter 3.


When i logged in the adventure had been restarted and i could start a new game, have u tried restarting the battle net account?