29.2 Patch Notes

29.2 Patch Notes

Patch 29.2 bring Battlegrounds Duos, Battlegrounds Season 7, balance changes, and more!

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Duels removed, 0 words or comments about this pretty hot topic from bizzard after community reaction.
At least we could play new cards this time! Oh… We didn’t…
Thanks! Now we trust you even more!


Wow, lamest balance patch for standard in the history

Wow, Umpires Grasp is now effectively only a 1 mana 3/2 weapon instead of a 0 mana 3/2 weapon, how will DH survive?

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When they fix the hero power animation Halveria Darkraven?

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lol what a joke.

Bug Fixes and Game Improvements

Duels news is just unceremoniously stuffed in with all the miscellaneous game changes.

yea, for real. You still get two chances to get cheap Magtheridons. I no longer question the intelligence level of the people working on this game. Its pretty low, I’d say.


I wouldn’t call that a balance patch… this is just a patch with one card change… this is nothing… but they could nerf Paladin to the ground with the previous patch… These are the decisions why I am not spending any money on this game… exactly these… thank you… Supported the game by money only 2 times and already regretted it 1000 times…

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Balance change is extremely lazy and underwhelming. I guess there is no reason to return to the game still.
Decided to explain my words - this one mana cost is going to destroy aggro DH entirely. They should reduce mana cost reduction of the weapon, not increase it’s own cost.

I don’t think it will destroy aggro DH, what are you talking about?
You think 1 mana increase of the weapon will make DH go from 63% wr to 49%? I doubt it.

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It won’t. They are trying to make people forget how terrible they are at balancing

Its going to destroy aggro dh, you will see. Its absolutely against it’s mana curve and too slow. Its like 4 mana do nothing 2 turns

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Did you even read the Developer Comment or simply look at the pretty picture? This is not the normal post patch balance adjustment. They see that DH is a big problem and have put in this short term adjustment to rein it in just a little and see what other impacts there are. And in a couple weeks they’ll proceed with the full balance patch. DH is the worst matchup for my current favorite deck, so I’m happy for any nerf to it, but I’m also realistic and understand that they need more (and better) data to be able to design and implement a quality balance patch.

Also, still no fix for the obnoxious BattleGrounds button always being lit up, and having to click on it to clear it only for it to come back after the next Standard match.

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I am aware of this.
But when the standard meta is in this low low place, they could have done a bit more. I mean the meta is even more polarized than the USs political views.
You either get stomped by turn 5-6 or you get to turn 20 vs warrior, mage, warlock, druid and still get stomped.
Like in the US, the balance, center, equilibrium, midrange and common sense is dead. No middle ground.

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can you explain why removing the turn 3 6/5 and making it hard to pull it on turn 4 wont weaken the deck?

because as far as i know the deck depends on those strong early turns to win

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so true. a lot of time this deck loses when it gets one or even two shopper for 5 mana

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I think mana nerf was unnecessary for weapon. giving extra durability to weapon would be better there is also a tempo variation of the deck which is weaker than aggro one this nerf is unfair to that variation.

Nah, still, plus one durability makes it hard to work with so much freeze in ladder. As I said, they should reduce it’s effect. But blizzard uses dolphin method from Family Guy to do balance

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I’m not sure I agree with this premise, but I suppose the expression “low low place” is vague enough to mean pretty much anything. It’s not not as diverse as we would like, but that may change with this adjustment to DH.

Again, if you read the Developer Comment, it’s clear that this is outside of their normal balance adjustment window. But because DH was such an outlier, they took an unusual step and incorporated a single nerf to rein it in. More adjustments will follow. And if the one mana nerf to the weapon proves insufficient, they will do more.

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Some highlights…

[Hearthstone] Actually removed the tip that read, in part, “This tip was removed. Translators: please leave this blank.”

Truly? :grinning:

[Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where Splendiferous Whizbang only used the basic hero skins.

Interesting! Didn’t know it was a bug. :grinning:

[Hearthstone] Whizbang the Wonderful has been reverted to its normal effect (it was temporarily changed due to March’s Twist season)

Yep, that settles it: Twist is over, but old Whizbang still has old decks - #2 by SparkyElf-2852

[Collection] Fixed a bug where there was only one non-golden Vampiric Blood granted in Core.

Oh, yes!

Not that a triple-blood DK looks attractive right now, but that was a bit of a shame (see ‘Known Issues’).

[Collection] Fixed a bug where players got an error message when attempting to craft certain Golden versions of Wild Demon Hunter cards.

Some people have been complaining about it for… I dunno, months?

One more small thing.

So, that holds, at least accroding to patch notes (which have not always reflected reality well).

Which isn’t even the biggest on, see, for example: Cockroach OTK Shaman is back...again

I translate: destroyed the deck/class completely.

Questionable point. I think it was more of a ‘fanservice’ to a vocal part of the community.

Which is more or less the only excuse for such a hasty and sloppy approach, bad not only for DH, but also for the meta in general, according to my projections.