29.2 Known Issues

Patch 29.2 is here, bringing with it Battlegrounds Season 7, Battlegrounds Duos, and much more! This is a big patch, so there are a few known issues we’re tracking. Refer to this post for updates throughout this patch.

The known issues we’re tracking this patch include:

  • [Shop] Mac desktop clients are unable to access the Shop in patch 29.2. This will be resolved in our next major patch. In the meantime, you can still make any purchases through the web shop or mobile devices.
  • [Cosmetics] There is a bug where the default Coin is generated in-game instead of your Favorited Coin. This is scheduled to be fixed in the next major patch.
  • [Added 4/16] [Collection] The team is investigating reports of players unable to open their last pack in a stack. This is believed to be a purely visual bug related to packs granted when retiring Duels.
  • [Added 4/16] [Battlegrounds] Using Reno’s Hero Power on Persistent Poet results in a visual bug where it looks like adjacent Dragons are also turned Golden.
  • [Added 4/16] [Battlegrounds] The team is investigating player reports of getting Floop’s achievements without earning them.
  • [Resolved] [Hearthstone] The team is tracking reports of the mulligan “confirm” sometimes not working.
  • [Added 4/16] [BNet] The team is investigating why players who are in Battlegrounds appear as “Spectating Dragonblight” in the friends list.
  • [Added 4/16] [Shop] The team is investigating reports that the screen will sometimes remain blurred after purchasing a product from the shop. In the meantime, clicking through the blur or restarting the client seems to resolve this issue.
  • [Resolved] [Hearthstone] The team is aware of the issue where weapons can sometimes Freeze opponents when they’re not supposed to. This is scheduled for a hotfix soon.
  • [Added 4/17] [General] We’ve received reports of antivirus software flagging “audioplugin_fluxer.dll” as malware. This is a false positive that has been submitted to the antivirus vendors for clearance. The file can be safely restored without risk and we are working to clear the flags as quickly as possible.
  • [Added 4/17] [Achievements] The Top Teamwork Achievement isn’t progressing properly.
  • [Resolved] [Progression] The team is investigating reports of Battlegrounds Duos games not earning Rewards Track XP.
  • [Resolved] [Battlegrounds] Minions targeted by Suspicious Stimulant can’t be passed in Duos.
  • [Added 4/18] [Battlegrounds] Glim Guardian doesn’t gain health from Whelp Smuggler as expected.
  • [Added 4/18] [Battlegrounds] If your teammate passes you a third copy of a minion while you are holding one of your copies of that minion with your mouse, the client locks you out until you play the newly goldened copy.
  • [Added 4/18] [Battlegrounds] If your teammate passes you a minion while you are in the “Choose One” interface, the client locks you out.
  • [Added 4/18] [Battlegrounds] The team is investigating reports that, if Millhouse Manastorm’s Refresh cost can sometimes get applied to his teammate player in a Duos game.
  • [Added 4/18] [Battlegrounds] The team is investigating reports that Plunder Pal will sometimes not give your teammate the 1 Gold.
  • [Added 4/19] [Hearthstone] Spirit of the Badlands’s effect has a visual bug causing hand spacing issues.
  • [Resolved] [Localization] There was a German localization issue across a large number of cards. This is scheduled to be fixed in an upcoming hotfix.
  • [Added 4/20] [Battlegrounds] The team is investigating reports that being passed a card while viewing your partner’s warband can cause a crash.
  • [Added 4/20] [Battlegrounds] The team is investigating Battlegrounds Ratings not appearing on iPad.
  • [Added 4/21] [Battlegrounds] Tripling a Magnetic minion that has other Magnetic minions attached to it doesn’t always carry over the other Magnetic enchantments.
  • [Resolved] [Collection] The team is investigating Diamond cards not offering re-rolls where appropriate. Affected players have gotten offered a re-roll for those cards.
  • [Resolved] [Web] The official card library currently doesn’t work for all web browsers.
  • [Resolved] [General] Some players are reporting not having the latest patch (29.2.2) appear on their devices. The team is investigating a solution to this issue. In the meantime, a reinstall appears to resolve this issue.
  • [Resolved] [General] The team is investigating reports that players are sometimes unable to invite each other to Duos games or friendly challenge one another.
  • [Added 4/25] [Battlegrounds] Octosari’s Deathrattle is still summoning a 2/2 base minion.
  • [Added 4/29] [Solo Content] Some solo content was made impossible to complete with the recent balance changes.

Battlegrounds Pool changes:

  • Greybough has been removed from the Hero Pool due to a bug.
  • Fluidity has been removed from the Spell Pool for crimes.
  • Mechs are BACK ONLINE

4/19 Unscheduled Client Hotfix
We’ve launched a small client hotfix (to desktop) with two fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the Mulligan button sometimes didn’t work.
  • Fixed a visual bug where the updated Weekly Quest numbers didn’t match the server-side numbers established in Patch 29.2.1.

The patch has been submitted to mobile storefronts and will be available on those devices once approved by them.

4/19 Unscheduled Server Hotfix
We’re also in the process of rolling out a separate server hotfix to fix the issue where Battlegrounds Duos games were not granting Rewards Track XP.

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Just got an antivirus alert ( from bitdefender) about file C:\Program Files (x86)\Hearthstone\Hearthstone_Data\Plugins\x86\audioplugin_fluxer.dll being infected by Gen:Trojan.Heur.GZ.Hu4@be@BjFm … Doing a quick search there is some history about that file before and false-positive alerts… Is it possible that this could be the case here as well or should i be worried?

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if a death knight equips quartzite crusher at any point in the game all of their weapons afterwards will also freeze


I still have the red exclamation mark on my Battlegrounds collection.

It shows that I have a new Board skin but if I click through my collection there is no new skin and the “red 1” remains.

I have this issue for many months now.

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I had same issue occur as Amaxagon with Might of Menethil weapon

Yep, I’m noticing something similar.

Anybody else encountering this bug, that I have been seeing since todays patch? When playing Battlegrounds (solo) in the later turns (about turn 8 or 9 and going forward) If you play anything when the rope is burning your turn just ends? Happened to me first 4 games in a row.


I have the Lazul Priest skin, but I don’t have the Lazul card back. (previously, only the skin was sold in the store). It’s currently on sale in the store and I can’t purchase the card back.

Hello and hope you are well. There’s an issue related to the “Blizzard 2014” Card back. I’ve successfully redeemed the code and received in game goods for all other Blizzard games except for HS. All other Blizzcon tickets worked as intended.

Thanks to everyone reporting the Death Knight weapon freezing thing. The team’s looking into it.


I got the same, but it was the first 1-mana-weapon the DK played that frooze me

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You guys just REFUSE to fix Halveria’s hero power animation. Seriously I don’t understand how it can’t be fixed right away like you guys did with Reska’s. I’m just asking for that to be fixed, please.


DK discovered the 1-mana weapon, played only that, was freezing me with every swing, couldn’t heal and lost.

There is a weird interaction between Felstring Harp and Deathbringer Saurfang when he costs Health. Instead of healing for 2 I take five damage

That’s not a bug: paying health isn’t taking damage.


PLEASE fix Halveria, Rastakhan and Maiev’s hero power animation. I PAID for this skin. Are you ignoring this bug even though you know it?



My shop was closed and i was unable to log into battlenet however i got and then tried to log out to fix shop and now i cant get back in.

Could not log into battlenet with this code BLZBNTBNA00000A8D

The visual bug in the collection menu is still not fixed.

If I click on the tab which contains the coins and then start browsing the cards of the classes then there is a brown bar beneath the first card. It is the bar which is used to indicate the favorite on the coin and card back page but that bar is shown on the card pages.

It looks like this:


It appears that the bar below the favorited coins is shown on the other pages because if several coins are selected as favorites then the amount of bars also rises on the other pages:


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Splendiferous Whizbang’s Rogue deck should start with 5 Duels treasures, but no longer has any as of today’s patch.

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