25.0.4 Patch Notes

I though this expansion would bring me back to HS and slow down my Snap play time… HAHAHAHA. I never play snap that much, thanks to this expansion.

Renathal Nerf at 35… One if not the best card ever made in Hearthstone that change the game literally making control viable again, love by almost the entire community … and you Nerf it.

Please fire the entire Dev team…

  • DK launch fail,
  • BG P2W
  • Nerf the most loved card of all time.
  • Ignore the community request

You guys literally add a new class and the game is still unappealing. HUGE HUGE HUGE fail at listening to what the community want.



it seems Devs think that 40 cards in a deck is not a disadvantage lol but it is a disadvantage the 30 card decks are more consistent than 40 card decks and you can clearly feel it while playing.

if you are going to make it 35 hp you should make it 35 cards not 40 cards or allow players to put cards into deck between 35 and 40 atleast.


BOOO on the Renathal nerf. Gaining 5hp for 10 extra cards in your deck? That might be okay if having more cards in your deck was a good thing (like back when they had to nerf Elysiana to 9 mana because she was being returned with brewmaster). But now it just means less consistency, and for what benefit? To negate a single fel barrage?


Renathal nerf is disheartening. Such a nice tool for control and midrange decks trying to survive in the aggressive mess that Hearthstone has become. Even with 40 health, most aggro decks have been burning down midrange and control by turn 8, which made nerfing Sire kind of silly since only druid could cheat it out reliably before the game ends.

I guess we get to enjoy games ending on or before turn 6 now, it was nice to have some midrange options for a few months at least.


AGAIN BAN THE CARDS OF WILD?! Have they eaten so much there?! Ban Shudderwock, ban the gaff then, ban goon blood at last. No, they only ban lock cards, and the current discard is not a problem at all in today’s realities, when any shi* in the form of a druid and a shaman cannot be killed at all in the late game, like a big priest. But let’s, yes, ban the only deck that can handle those nasty archetypes. Moreover, she couldn’t even stand a broken dryer, because this shi* has too many opportunities.


This is the balance? Nerfing Renathal? Do you testing the player’s patience? Why you doing this game unfun? I thing this is not important to nerf this card.


As an all formats playing whale with full collection and crafting goldens with extra dust, who mains and love playing control/combo but plays aggro on first few days to always hit legend cuz why not sub 4/5 mins per game is great for pushing, I understand both aggro/combo and control guys’ perspectives and find 35 HP really is a sweet spot here. On the other hand, why not reducing the card total to 35? Now it’s a lot harder to hit the key cards, wish you had done that too. Renathal was phenomenal, I will still play it if goes to 35 cards. 30 HP in HS 2022 was struggling, those who play wild against shadow priest will understand that you can die by turn 3 so 40 was a relief for control guys but now that card total is 40 yet HP being only 35 makes it harder to draw key cards. Please do consider that extra changes are needed to play this flavourful, phenomenal card ever.

I think we have a bigger problem, I know there’s a lot of you who like me have the full collection (or at least the most played in wild) who has all the cards just to watch them sit there with “banned” tag, I think Blizzard needs to include a brand new format plus to the existing ones. I wanna play my Stealer of Souls, Tome Tampering etc. Please give us a rotating wild, which should never include anything from standard and limited to 6 sets plus some or all adventures per year. It pains me that I can’t play my say “Chillmaw” or “C’thun” or “Justicar Trueheart” etc. anymore, you got my point. With this retweaking, it will allow us to play our good old cards. I know Celestalon does care, it is clear you guys are now listening to the community a lot more cuz nerfs are hitting faster, refunding stuff, returning Rattlegore quest back due to your mistakes etc., please consider this too. I know I’m not alone who wants to play all the cards and enjoy the game with brand new metas, brand new deck potentials which had never been a thing.



very well expressed. I definitely agree with you


These changes are somewhat decent but renethal nerf is just straight-up braindead. You have already skyrocketed the power level of the cards so aggro decks are constantly being played one way or another in different classes, but then you destroy the one semi counter-measure against them which is renethal. What in the F is the dev team trying to do?

Make unfun aggro meta’s with games that only last a few turns?? Man I just wish we could go back to those ungoro times. This game is getting worse every expansion


I’m more or less indifferent about Renathal, but Imp Warlock is the most infuriating deck I’ve seen in a long time. Every time I lost against, it, I know I’ve been robbed with absurd stats and draw 5 for 2. Sure, some other decks steal the games and should be nerfed, but Imp 100% also.


I will miss Renethal giving 40 life. It was nice to have a chance against aggro decks with my casualish decks (yes Blizzard I have spent a huge amount of money on the game so my opinion isn’t casual from your point of view)


what’s the hold up on fixing the visual bug on magister dawngrasp?

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Thanks blizzard reinforcing my choice to not buy any packs or sets for this expansion(f@#$you guff and brann especially, and denathrius nerf came way too late). Not even gonna buy the rewards track next expansion at this rate. I have kinda lost most of my motivation to log in even now. 10 hp was barely anything as it was for the inconsistency and the dead draw that is prince.


Nope, they nerf cards based on popularity, because their data scientists didn’t even make it far enough in school to learn: “correlation does not imply causation”. There is no visible proof of Renathal being OP anywhere to be seen. Renathal is popular, but does not make you win games like many legendaries, which literally end games. Renathal just creates a bit of a threshold for control decks to stay in the meta. The strongest decks don’t even play the card, while blood DK, having good synergy with the card, needed it just to be viable. This makes aggro decks win even harder and shifts the meta towards them, restricting other playstyles and works directly against the stated purpose. This is clueless nerf accompanied by nonsensical explanation.


Bgs aren’t really pay to win, because even the most useless hero’es can be useful in regards to getting the easier quest, when they have a high armour tier. There’s a player called Shadybunny, who’s top 16 with his main AND alt (‘Twitchchat’ this one doesn’t have battle pass). Sure it’s nice to have the extra options, but it isn’t necessary to be in the top :slight_smile:


I cant belive you nerfed ren, it was the only thing that made standered enjoyable. I cant play arena because of bad blaence, i cant play standered any more. Is this you way to get people to try duels by making all other modes unplayable?


radiant elemental untouched, minor 1 mana nerfs to non critical cards in combo decks chock full of free spells, renethal getting nerfed in a world where imp warlock is still allowed to have a draw 5 for 2. no attention to guff, which is still the most powerful single card in the game.

the ban on tome tampering in wild is the only non-disappointing balance change here. back to hiatus i go.


Finally, this game is officially brain-dead.
Nerfing the card that allowed control decks just to compete
with aggro and combo is ridiculous.
You gave me 10 packs? That’s a lot, ye.
I’ll definitely keep playing after destroying my favourite archetype
just because I got 10 free packs.
I could spend 20-40 bucks a month for this game just to get
new cards for my control decks, but now I quit because any
card will revive control.
Tolerate more combo decks like pillager rogue and fatigue druid and
you will definitely earn more money by robbing small kids and old housewifes!


thanks for the nerf to Death Knight blizzard we needed it as Renethal made us have a 100% win against other classes.


Did you add bots into classic? i played against it 2-3 games today, just add a couple of old expansions or adventures and it won’t be necessary, classic mode is about to turn 2 years old, no wonder people get bored, playing in one meta for several years is very boring, add nax, gvg or something else