25.0.4 Patch Notes

Why you hate control players Blizzard? Huh? It’s ok to die from 40 health in one turn, but is not ok to start with 40.


They nerfed Prince Renathal wrong…as I knew they would. All they had to do was give him a “No duplicates” restriction and that would’ve fixed the numbers… Doesn’t matter which game it is, Blizzard just can’t make the right balance decisions…imo.


I think the patches for the other decks are particularly good, especially the nerfs for the discard decks. But the Prince of Renasor’s weakening I said I do not understand, I am a play wild mode, now the legendary segment 10 can encounter 9 fast attack deck, the designer is not found Hearthstone tempo has been fast to take off, itself 40 blood to face the fast attack is not much advantage, now also weakened, how to play in the late deck. Very do not understand why the prince was weakened, simply directly out of a 1 cost 40.40, war cry your next two turns can not use the card.


Got about 10k dust from these nerfs thanks blizzard :slight_smile:


Seems i will just have to vote whit my wallet and uninstall this game for now as there is no way in hell i’m going to accept this Renethal nerf.


And what am I gonna do with my nerfed signature Anub’Rekhan? Solve this problem immediately.


the Renathal nerf is plain stupid. It is the most played card in the game because it’s the only one that enables control, not because it is OP.

Way to buff every single rush deck (which already dominate the game) in one swoop.

You know needs a massive nerf? Wildheart Guff, the most ridiculous ramp card ever made.


it only took 5 months for them to realize how bad renathal is for the game i guess better late than never thanks team 5

So I guess this is the last patch until like jan. 15th or something.

Honestly, I’m just glad the dk bugs got fixed in duels

and Priestess Valishj got nerfed so I can craft a new legendary

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Crying over deck with barely 50% win rate. YIKES

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Renathal nerf is a joke.

Nerfing a card just because it’s popular? It’s popular because people like it. It’s not even in top meta decks right now.

With all the nonsense mana cheat and power creep running around you nerf Renathal? You’re not opening up the meta…you’re limiting it even more now.

Literally makes me not want to play this game anymore.

Meanwhile Imp warlock still be the best deck in the game for 2 expansions in a row untouched at all…but yes, nerf Renathal.



Druid is basically “the favorite child” at this point having 20 mana is ok but having 40hp is not
100% more mana
25% more hp


I wrote that here once but just for fun, again
having 20 mana is ok but having 40 hp is not
100% more mana
25% more health


Renathal was a kind of miss, because there are more winrate decks that dont even needed it…druids and rogue nerfs are ok, but i wanna ask when i got normal and golden prince renathal card, why i didnt receive something for that?just only for one of them but something Blizzard :smiling_imp: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


do these devs even play this ?


So, I only enjoy playing control and Renathal kind of allowed control to be playable again (not good, its still worse than aggro and combo) so I came back to occasionally playing and watching. The Renathal nerf finally made me uninstall after playing for 7 years. Good job Blizzard!


This is all fine except the renathal nerf. The best card you released in years. Finally a way to give slower strategies a chance. A way to play all those high mana cards. Now it’s gone. So disappointing.


I’m only talking for wild.
Nerfing Renathal is a huge mistake.
A card is a problem if % of win rate of decks is huge => not the case
or if every one as to buy it => not the case you gift him !
We can’t play combo/control deck anymore. Games end’s up on turn 5-6. With Renatal we could play at least 1 or 2 more tunrs and it’s allow to finds cards.
Welcome back to ultra aggro deck or secret mage and big priest.
The nerf tome is deserved, he ruins the meta.


“so guys… It’s almost holidays and we have to put a patch out”

“sure, just +1 mana a few cards”



IDK what bothers me more, the fact these DK buffs will do nothing to help the class, that druid can still OTK you from 48 health, or that there are ZERO warrior buffs. The only thing that this patch will change, is everyone will be taking a 5 damage hit to the face as soon as the game starts.