25.0.4 Patch Notes

25.0.4 Patch Notes

25.0.4 is a data-only patch that includes balance changes to Standard, Wild, Battlegrounds, and Arena!

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Not enough druid nerfs, yikes.


These are good changes.


First of all THANKS FOR THE 10 FREE PACKS :smiley:
Many people who speak Spanish think that agroo is a good meta :slight_smile:
Also the nerfs are ok.
DK need more power, but we need to see now.

Happy holidays :smiley:

Strange propuse:

Can you crearte a Legendary free for the next year of HS:

  • Legendary free minion:
    At the start of the match if you have this minion in your deck and win. You can obtain +10 gold.
    You can use maximium 3 times per day

Name of the card: Bounty hunter or something like that. May be a reference of a movie or books


Agroo meta is good
with a little balance in control
so in that case the mid range? decks can appear
this is a good meta or something?
I hope this message can be understand
I don’t know how to express in english the balance of meta

I believe they took the perfect actions for Druid. Honestly, Druid isn’t even that powerful (Looking at the data and winrates of Druid decks that utilize Anub’rekhan), people mainly just don’t like it because of how Druid plays.

What about the new dh weapon in duals, it doesn’t work after the first game


Yeah, Renathal is the problem. There are so many other problematic cards and archetypes that it is infuriating the way blizzard wants this game to be. Imp warlock is still a braindead aggro strategy that crushes anything slower, arcane mage is a thing that shouldn’t exist, naval mine is a card, guff is a card, rogue will still be summoning an indestructible board on turn 6. Seriously, f this game and it’s lazy devs that only know how to power-creep. It doesn’t deserve the amazing playerbase that it has.


Awesome changes!

Really appreciate the straight-up BAN to Tome Tampering. The oppressive presence of Disco Warlock shut down most of the contemporary playstyles people play wild for. During it’s reign, Warlock was the only class with a positive winrate, and consistently won by turn 4-5. Utterly unfun to play against, so happy with the ban.

Also, I have been playing with a homebrew Even Unholy DK and recently hit Diamond with it (amidst the Discolock shenanigans), but inadvertently the “buff” to Stitched Giant to reduce it to 9 mana means I can’t play it anymore in that deck lol.


You sound like you live in Bronze 5.


You don’t seem very amazing to me.


Great changes guys!!! I main rogue but it felt stupid to pull all that in like turn 3. Thanks for the 10 packs as well!!!

Good stuff overall BABYYYY


It feels like the devs don´t even play the game - they nerf cards but somehow wrong :confused:
And where are the Warrior Buffs? Have you seed the damn winrate?

rip Renethal :frowning:


disappointing nerfs. Renathal didnt deserve it, many higher WR decks dont even have it. should have stayed at 40 health.


Still no buffs to warrior? Is this some kind of a sick joke?! It’s BY FAR the worst class in both standard and wild and has been borderline unplayable since the moment you decided to nuke the whole emerging control archetype out of the orbit with 8 fng nerfs after which the class received the worst cards in the following expansions, meanwhile you let other classes like Hunter, Rogue and Druid running rampant for ages, hitting them with the slightest possible of nerfs… if it weren’t for the failed Deathknight release Rogue would have received one nerfed card at most… it’s been ¾ of a year please make a single archetype of the class playable again…


The Argument why you nerfed Renathal, is the most stupid i’ve ever heard. It was never a problematic card. With a steadily increase of Aggro archetypes in HS over the years, Renathal was a sensible addition to the Game. You also hurt DK tremendously with this Nerf. A Class which performs overwhelmingly bad in Standard and Wild.


Blizzard, listen very carefully.
I love you.
Now finally Wild will become playable !!! <3

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Listen I understand that death knight is the new fancy class but not giving Warriors any buff at all is so much bull it is the worst class in the game they’ve been the worst class in your game for two expansions now and i’m struggling on latter because it’s the only thing I want to play this is the class I fell in love with and you just won’t let me


As a DK main in legend reading the patch notes: (Insert the Simpson goggles meme) My Winrate! The Patch, it does nothing!

No seriously, the nerf killed miracle and DR rogues for now. Bless priest also took a hit. But, I am still geting oneshot from Hand by Ramp druids (The anub rekhan nerf does literally nothing, you can still play Brann Anub, Astalor 5 mana, Astalor 8 Mana 2*) for 11 Mana 64 dmg 3 card lethal combo. It did absolutely nothing to adress it and it keeps happening to me as early as turn 7, and the ony counter is an insane theotar, patchwork or mutanus.

DH is slowed down a little bit, but they still kill you turn 9-10 town instead of turn 7-8. This might kill the deck vs other aggro archetypes, but it does little to help DK. The buffs DK received are laughable, they buffed the worst cards that were not seeing play anyway outside arena. And in arena, DK will become even stronger (where they actually needing tuning down).

Am I missing something? Maybe I am failing to realize smth, maybe I am totally wrong, but I feel like DK will just keep get dunked on by actually good classes with win conditions and card synergies.

Edit: Literally 4 losses in a row now against ramp druids. Not even a chance of victory in any game :smiley: Fun and interactive gameplay.


Why nerf priest tho? That one mana increase is devastating to Valishj.