21.0 Known Issues

Hey everyone,
We’re aware of the following issues with the 21.0 Patch, which went live today:

  • Some Duels players were not transferred to the next Duels season.
  • Pave the Way, the second portion of the Paladin Questline, does not upgrade Duels-only Paladin Hero Powers.

Both issues are being monitored and will be addressed in a later patch. In the meantime, any Duels players who were not transferred to the next Duels season can reach out to Customer Service in order to be manually transferred over.

7/29 UPDATE: We are also aware that players are currently unable to claim rewards for the Climbing the Ranks achievement. Once United in Stormwind launches on August 3, you’ll be able to claim the new United in Stormwind rewards for that achievement.

7/29 UPDATE #2: We are aware of an issue where Android users are unable to login. We are actively working to resolve the issue and will update here once a solution has been found.

7/31 UPDATE (edited): A resolution for the Android login issue will be rolling out soon. Separately, If you’re still getting the playful sprites error on sign in, try relaunching Hearthstone. If you sign in and see the I’m New/Sign In screen again, click sign in once more.

8/3 UPDATE: United in Stormwind Battlegrounds Perks did not initially appear in the in-game shop. The issue has been resolved and should be rolling out shortly. We are also aware that Flightmaster Dungar is not being correctly counted in United in Stormwind Achievements. That issue is being investigated at this time.

8/5 UPDATE: The Flightmaster Dungar Achievements issue should now be resolved. We are continuing to monitor other issues with achievement tracking.

8/6 UPDATE (edited): Early next week we’ll be issuing compensation in the form of 100 Gold for players who received a Classic card pack instead of a Year of the Phoenix card pack from the When Clones Attack! Tavern Brawl. For impacted players, no action is needed - the Gold will show up in your account automatically.

8/11 UPDATE (edited): Compensation for the issue above has been distributed. Separately, we’re aware of an issue where a pop up appears with placeholder text after finishing all Book of Heroes installments. We’ll be fixing this pop up in a patch next week and will be issuing a Golden Standard card pack at a later date to all players who completed Book of Heroes, which will be the reward for completing this content moving forward.


I have submit 3 tickets in the past regarding missing unlockables for 5,000 total wins. You guys keep telling me to submit my bug to the patch update forums which I have done 3x and I STILL have not received my unlocked cards. I have been waiting for 4 months now.


Might want to check mobile issues cause some of cant log in to hearthstone just throwing that out there


Mi Android is galaxy j7pro
I have the problem UPDATE#2

Thanks for work in the solution

Preciate the acknowledgment of the issues from the update. We are patiently waiting for the fix.


When the update happen?

Will there be any compensation at all? I haven’t logged in the last few days because of this bug so I can’t do my quests its frustrating


Doubtful since you can still log on, on a pc!

I do not own a PC and play on my mobile devices only so I can not log in at all

Sucks for you, but still doesn’t change the fact that you won’t get any compensation

something new? It has been 2 days since it allows me to enter the game from the phone. before this last patch I had never had a problem

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Android mobile won’t log help.
This big blue whale is itchin


Can we get a damn update on the mobile issue? I have missed four Master’s qualifiers alone for this. Then the friendlist bug is causing DQ’s. Do NOT run Master’s qualifiers if your game isn’t functional.


It cant be this hard to get fixed right. It only affects android users. 3 days of no hearthstone. Thx blizz…


Cuanto tiempo debo esperar para poder jugar por que nos ignora a los móvil Android

I’m using the app version on a chrome book and can’t play. Its not just an android issue.

Please update this. Android users deserve better. Missing on new content and early progress and quests. I want compensation.

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I cant login a tried reinstalling the game clear cache clear data restart phone everything. I Hope there will be a a compensation for us android users we often get the short end of the rope.

So when is this login issue gonna be fixed for Android and other devices fixed . Ever since this new expansion I can’t log in

Can login just fine with my Android phone. It is Cat S62 Pro.