20.0 Patch Notes

Nothing will happen to the weekly missions. They’ll still be there and will reward experience points for the new reward track.

No pasará nada con las misiones semanales. Seguirán estando allí y recompensarán los puntos de experiencia por la nueva pista de recompensas.

Blizzard, why on earth would you remove Duels Achievement XP?? Duels achievement XP is gone now. It doesn’t make any sense that you deny NEW (and existing) players this XP for a Game Mode you want to keep alive beyond DMF!

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Seems like unnerfing the nerfed cards is clearly bad idea. I started to die 5/5 boars again. Wild became even worse.

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Can’t find anything on it, so I guess this is the only place to put in a query. After the Update and what not, opening packs, and not achievement acquisitions, I notice that I’ve got duplicate cards to dust, and I go to do it, and it says I’ve 2 legendaries to dust but have not clue how, or which. Don’t want to do anything until 100% sure. I some how got 2 dupes of the DH legendaries.

I think I found a bug where Golden Baku doesn’t grant a golden hero power.

didn’t think it did, unless you also had a golden portrait, but then I DE both Genn and Baku once they went HoF.

No they most certainly did. I’ve been playing with Golden Baku in Wild ever since it got HoF because I basically got it free by crafting it. Blizz used to let you keep the cards and just give you their full value in dust.

For some random reason, I got a bunch of wins added on to my account. I had just over 500 wins on mage, but suddenly now it says 1000, then my paladin has 500 wins when i barely even had 200. Both my warlock and rogue are almost at 2000, and hunter, and warrior are also both nearing 1000 wins.

They haven’t addressed this in the post, were wins added on from old games that didn’t register, aka games played in like 2014 and 2015?

There’s a topic somewhere about that being a bug. The game may show extra extra copies, and they’re working on a fix for that.

So I am right in not DE’ing. Sad I could use the dust, oh well.

There’s a bug related to cards that appear in the Core set and Wild. If a card appears in both, then it may show up at double the usual count. I don’t think you can disenchant Core cards, so a disenchant would probably kill the card that was already in your Wild collection, I think.

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I was so hoping for them to give a class selection drop down menu or something and just give us 9 deck slots per class. If they can stuff that seasonal chest button into that menu (that looks totally out of place and ugly there) they can fit some way of class selection option.


Yea they’re fugly. But hey, there’s only 2. Can stick to regular gold ones. Or just regular regular ones :stuck_out_tongue:

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I believe they are now including Arena wins that you had before they counted for the 500 you need for a golden hero portrait.

Tengo un problema, cuando entré al juego me notificó que me dió un sobre de cartas de cazador de demonios por pasar antes el prólogo de Illidan, pero el sobre no me sale en la zona de “Abrir sobres” ¿A alguien más le pasa?


New patch live!

No rewards track
No new quests
Nothing working correctly

Why is patch day always such a mess up…


As a UX person I can only agree 100%… that view is the worst one, fumbled bunch of decks that tell you nothing, 9 per class or not. Million ways to improve it, e.g. just look how neat hsreplay web site does everything…

So I should spend real money for geting Diamond Card? Pay to win game now?

So i noticed that some achievements give golden cards, but when i searched for them in my collection, they were not there. Is it a bug or im just looking for them in the wrong place?

They won’t show until the Core set officially launches.

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