20.0 Patch Notes

Book of Heroes - Uther challenge still not fixed…I have completed all 8 fights for this Hero, but still no achievement obtained… why is so hard to fix this ?

This is so annoying…

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Anyone else hate the design of the diamond card types? This nauseates me.

They look like they were thrown together at the last minute. I like the idea but not the implementation.

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wild is gonna be crazy…
this seems promising enough to git the preorder and pay my dues for the year.

if bluegil and boar are gone, its far less powerful

They aren’t. Devs have said that the new versions with rush will be renamed in he core set. The old versions will still exist.

Where is the execute un-nerf?

Agreed, they are trash. The biggest letdown of the expansion

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I know another bug, I’ve completed the first 2 book of heroes before the tavern pass, but the associated achievements are still incomplete.

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Как насчёт неполадки при которой использование заклинания после разыгрывания метателя перьев вызывало срабатывание “плиты-ловушки”, но метатель перьев при этом возвращался в руку?

I was really hoping for some more bgs changes, it becomes a little boring after I’ve done all the achievements

for me i think the diamond ones look better than the gold ones. if they had existed before i’d have used them vs de the gold ones. just my opinion though. though that’s assuming they don’t have god awful animations the way the golden cards do. that would change things for me as well. lol

Am I correct that if win my first Tavern Brawl of the week on March 24th, I will get a classic pack, but if I wait until March 25th or later (post-patch), I will get a Year of the Phoenix pack instead?

Probably. 20 characters

Is the Shaman Hero power being changed right with the patch, or on March 30?

25.3. and EU server still v.19 :poop: :face_vomiting:

You can complain when it will be 26.03 , till then shut up.

What time does the 20.0 Patch go live? Does anyone know?


You can play Tickatus warlock in order to remove some of his combo pieces.

Speaking of Shudderwock, I wish Shudderwock was a neutral card. I would love to play Shudderwock in my Tickatus warlock deck. It could be also nice if Shudderwock had a “corrupt” effect, so that you can get a 0 mana Shudderwock from Y’shaarj the Defiler, then play the 0 mana Shudderwock which repeats the Y’shaarj battlecry so that we can get infinite 0 mana Shudderwocks.

Maybe this evening.

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Nearly always around 10am PT

As for the Shaman Hero power, it should only be taking effect with the new expansion, otherwise Arena runs are kinda screwed.

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Mi pregunta es la siguiente, que va a pasar con las reconpensas el 30 de marzo? si yo tengo las misiones semanales del lunes 29… las pierdo? vuelven a dar reconpensas nuevas? necesito informacion sobre eso!.