20.0 Patch Notes

20.0 Patch Notes

The 20.0 patch includes Forged in the Barrens, the Core set, Classic format, and so much more!

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The new hero skins looks terrible. Is there any lore behind them or these cartoonish skins are just random and have nothing to do with Warcraft? The last hero skins were great - we had Wolfrider Thrall and Apprentice Jaina (Warcraft III skins).


This is getting buried under the reveals:

Nitroboost to 2 mana.

Stonetusk Boar and Bluegill aren’t changing. They’re being replaced with almost identical cards for the core set and being left as-is for wild.

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Yo can blizzard fix duplatransmoglifier in rise of shadows if it hasn’t been done already?

Edit: if anyone was wondering, I managed to get duplatransmoglifier again finally, and I can confirmed the bug is fixed, I don’t know how long ago it was fixed, since I wasn’t offered the treasure for a while, but it’s working now

Is that all battleground update ?

Damn, I was expecting more creatures and few hero’s buffs like Edwin or Muklas.


I was really, really hoping to see something hit librams and/or pen flinger. Prepare for paladin meta.


My OCD wants to have a word with you, devs. :slight_smile: The track on the ashes of outland (page 1) solo adventure doesn’t turn golden, it’s still green and stuck on 4/5 done. I tried doing them chronologically and randomly, no result.


I assume to thank them, as the patch notes state “Fixed a bug in Trial by Felfire where the adventure would not show as completed despite earning its respective completion Achievement.”


Will the Sudderwock chaos return now that Saronite Chain Gang is getting unnerved?

Since the demon hunter class was added i was waiting for the number of deck slots to be increased to 20 so you could have 2 decks for each class again. So can anyone explain to me why its now changed to 27 instead of 30? It just doesn’t feel right to me ^^


Three of the heroes are new Mercenaries, who will appear in Book of Mercenaries solo adventures and some mercenaries mode in the future. I think they may be added to Duels sometime, but I’m not sure on that one. The new Rexxar skin is something I cannot explain. I’ll probably buy the pass this time for the warrior and priest skins.

Battlegrounds is getting Quillboars as a new tribe, sometime. They picked a good hero to add with Saurfang.

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I agree I was hoping Penflinger would get nerfed like a cost increase or it will only work 1 time no matter what

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Meanwhile, pure paladin is going to die and Yrel is going to remain unplayed forever

It was already possible to play it in wild, but it wasn’t a top deck anyways

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27 because the UI has always had 9 decks per page, they would have to make a whole new UI to fit 10 per screen unless they did something weird like 5 decks per page.


Ah, right. That explains, thank you :slight_smile:

To be fair, some of the hero skins look like the cards from the TCG. They more than likely recycled the images. The new diamond cards look like utter trash.

No pen flinger nerf? It’s so annoying playing a game where you are forced to sit and get pen flingered to death.


Yeah. I was fully expecting a nerf for flinger and broom as well. :frowning:

I love the unerfing which is going to make Wild nuts. It’s gonna be whatever fun deck you choose to play I suppose. Not just a bunch of rez priests will be competitive.

The only thing I’m not looking forward to facing is Crystal Core. I don’t mind it going back to 4 of the same minion, but 4/4’s in that kind of swarming deck is powerful enough! Just my two cents.

I’ll be shocked if the unnerfting even affects Wild. The best decks won’t need the unnerfed cards and the unnerfed cards by themselves won’t enable any new fantastic decks.
So I’m afraid Wild will mostly remain the same.
Perhaps Hunter will be able to make some Tier 2 deck at best with unnerfed Flare and aggro cards.