18.4.2 Patch Notes

18.4.2 Patch Notes

The 18.4.2 patch includes balance updates for several Battlegrounds Heroes and minions!

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Jandice Barov no change?


No, but they removed Pogos. She is still gona be really good with other tribes but not as oppressive.


Great changes. Hope Bartendotron comes back in the future with a rework.


Hello. Dear Blizzard, why you aren’t asking players about what need to be more balanced ?

  • “All Patched Up” update is low.
  • Why pirates have nothing to increase health stats in late game ?

Nice work blizzard - these updates will improve BGs.

Hope you look into some things in the future like A) Make demons have a late game comp and B) Further balance all the Heroes (I recommend changing heroes HP in increments of 1 HP so that all heroes have similar winrates).


Serious question. Can Genie still discover tier 6s? Because it might have become the most broken unit this game has ever seen since megasaur.


So, we can expect Rag to get his HP on turn 7-8 now. The nerf seems appropriate to keep him a strong hero.
Wow, Jandice, Rag and Maiev are nerfed. I imagine that all three will still be pretty strong though.
Rag will get his HP on turn 7 or 8 most of the time now and will therefore not be able to level to 5 basically without risk every game now, which is nice.
Pogos being removed from the pool was expected, but still kinda sad. Even though it’s kinda brainless compared to other builds, it was still a playstyle which felt very different and I wish they had just made it a Tavern 3 or 4 minion.
The Maiev nerf was probably done because of the other nerfs. Keep in mind that her strength came from being able to find tripples and economy-units easily in earlier turns while still getting an acceptable statline. That will probably be a little harder now. I wonder who will be better between her and Rafaam now and if turn 1 HP will still be a viable play as Maiev.
Lil’ Rag nerf seems fine, but I wonder how it will affect leveling to 5. Lil’ Rag was one of the reasons you wanted to level to 5 with an elemental build to get tempest. Maybe that will be harder now, but getting the Djinni on 5 should help with economy and not feeling like you roll into enough elementals with Nomi.
So, the Djinni buff is also a Nomi buff. I imagine we will also see a lot of non-elemental builds with Djinni now, considering it was also often a pick when discovering a 6 to get more gold.
Making Spore a tavern 5 minion mostly is important because there are two less of them in the pool, which makes them rarer in the endgame. Otherwise, I don’t think this nerf is too important, except for making Tavern 4 discovers a little weaker.
I doubt the Chenvaala buff will be enough to make it good, but buffing Party Elemental and Arcane Assistant should help with getting your HP of without paying too much health.
I don’t see the pirate buffs making too much of a difference, though it will help in the mid-game. Cannoneer was mostly for cycling anyway and 1 more health probably won’t make too much of a difference in this regard.
Salty looter starting at 4/4 also makes pirates start a little better, but I don’t see that making pirates good. It will be a better minion to buy with nothing else to do though.
Whirlwind Tempest being removed is a good idea, it made some builds too dependent on who gets the first attack. Only lost a few times to that, but it was still kinda frustrating. It kind of makes Lil’ Rag a little worse though, this was a nice minion to cycle buffs with because ending on a 6/6 wasn’t too bad at turns 7-10. Not that this will matter too much with Rag being at tavern 6 now.
Overall, I like most of those changes and hope that they will slow the game down by a turn or two at higher ranks. Talking about a slow game, with Nomi possibly being better after this patch, it would be kinda great to have a little less animation time/lag still.


Where’s my hero reworks for horse uther and scholar jaina :pensive:

This is Pogos Mum, my son is very depressed and neither he nor the Battlegrounds will ever be the same again.


None of these changes were needed

The changes that were needed to be done have not being changed


This is such a good point.
According to a hearthstone wiki,
“[Primalfin Lookout] and [Nat Pagle, Extreme Angler]cannot Discover or generate a minion from a Tavern Tier higher than yours. This does not apply to [Gentle Djinni].”
it can generate Amalagons and Garrs even at Tavern 5.
Especially rolling an Amalgadon/Lil’ Rag or multiple would be insane. There are 12 Elementals to roll into with Djinni after the patch, so a 1 in 4 chance to roll a tavern 6 minion from a tavern 5 minion without paying too much in regards to stats seems very strong. Imagine getting two Djinnis in the midgame and just farming Lil’ Rags and Amalgadons while losing no or little health due to it.
Probably one of the strongest tavern 5 minions, especially regarding value.


So disappointing, no demon change.


Can someone explain what the point of the Majordomo change was? Seems to me like it’s just going to result in having to watch a ton of buff animations before your fight starts with no actual change to the result…


You had to play an Elemental to get a buff before, while it even gives +1/1 now even with no elemental played in a turn.


Constructive Feedback

Agreed - wouldn’t take much of a buff

Most of this changes were spot on … sad to not see some sort of Demon Buff but i’m guessing with some of the nerfs, Demons will be stronger since they aren’t thaaat bad i think.

oh look, all the newly made troll accounts are back <3

Ragnaros : hard nerf but deserved. The double nerf is a bit overkill but he won’t bother us anymore.

Maiev, Cheenvala, Patchwerk, Sindragosa, Mukla : ok why not. Nothing too drastic, won’t change the meta but it will help a bit.

Bartendron gone : good. Whirlwind removed : ok. Pogo gone : FINALLY. Jandice will still be really strong but at least she won’t be able to get carry early on by a single pogo.

Majordomo, Salty, Bloodsail : ok.

But the rest…

First why put Deadly Spore on 5. No need to polute the tier even more. Get a triple and get a spore, yikes. I hope you were ahead because it won’t help you a lot…

Djinn on 5. Just why ? It’s useless to put Li’l Rag on 6 if you put Djinn on 5. It will be even easier to get Amalgadons or even Lil’Rag now… Djinn can be a 5 star if he stops generating cards from upper tier. I stopped counting how many Amalgadons and win he gave me… You want a tier 6 ? Be on 6 or get a triple period.

And finally selfless on 2… So less selfless… That’s your plan ? With djinn being on 5 and selfless being more rare Amalgadon is getting stronger… If you want less divine shield just remove Amalgadon and we won’t have to build around it.

I really don’t get those changes. They barely helped pirates while making Elementals stronger… The Djinn on 5 is just awful. Get Nomi find Djinn, congrats you will snowball hard.

Good patch on the hero side but weird choices for the minions.