Why is the amazon so ungodly ugly?

the only way i would refund this game that i have been wanting more than any other from blizzard outside of a diablo 4 is if they do the final product the same way they did reforged. It seems however they aren’t trying to repeat any of those mistakes, cutscenes are being re-done, all the items and drop icons, they are literally using PBR which looks amazing in some of the darker areas with the materials and lighting. This is the one time in the last 5 years i have zero issue throwing my money at blizzard, given the product matches what they are promising at launch.


i said it before and I’ll say it again… the problem is she looks like she is in her late 50’s early 60’s… all of the chars LOOK they at they are 40- 50 minimum now.
i don’t understand this.
im sorry i know we the players have aged 20 years but that doesn’t mean the class characters have. by aging the characters they are NOT being true to the original story.


They alread stated that they will take a look at all of them since we raised serious concerns.


This with bigger boobs,perfect


I wouldn’t mind a choice between old school body style and Kul’Tiran style in the modern version. The thin version would be my Burritozon and the KT version would be my Javazon.

Just confirming that we are most def going to be looking into it and possibly doing some iterations on this.

Thanks for all the feedback, everyone!


Thanks for passing it on. The Amazon face is really jarring. It reminds me of Sci Fi shows where the character has a teleporter accident and ends up with mismatched body parts.


Awesome news!
Hope there will be some improvements in faces and body proportions so the characters will not look like 50-60 year old warriors;)

Would be nice if they got some more features and looks based on the old art


Thanks for considering our feedback on the heroes’ models, especially Amazon - having them look closer to the original would probably be more in line with people’s expectations. Cassia from Heroes of the Storm is such a good modern portrayal of the Amazon, for example, even if more cartoony, she still captures the essence of the D2 original.

Glad to hear we have a chance to be heard, after all it’s a game and characters we love so much and hope to play with for a long time still.


All the Characters are well made but some don’t look anything like their original self. The changes made to Assassin is extreme and they are not staying true to the old design. The original wasn’t Asian, so the remaster shouldn’t be neither. The notion that only Asain people can martial arts is an ugly stereotype. She is meant to be a white skin brunette and I expect them to redo her or the 1:1 is a fat lie. Please, don’t drag politics into this.


I dont mind the asian assassin but i never knew she was one.

She were never Asian and it’s not okay what they are doing. The original design is iconic and should be respected.


I know its cool to make tough girls now, but they dont all have to be.

I think it’s fair to say she had huge sexy boobs that weren’t just plain oval shapes in her armor.

Just google d2 amazon and click on images for yourself.


Beauty is not subjective or particular. It’s a known science with a lot of research behind it. Certain facial proportions trigger attraction or revulsion and humans use facial proportions to determine the genetic fitness of a person.

This entire thread can be summed up as: the fitness of the Amazon character does not match what we expect from an Amazon fighter.

They went to the ends of the Earth to retain as much as possible about D2 but then completely reinvented the characters.


Assassin was never Asian. It’s just Blizzard trying to be inclusive.


Mr Llama called her Gramazon, lmao!


btw it’s quite stereotypical that she has to be Asian to be martial arts master


nope. i remember always thinking amazon was a blonde haired hottie. not donald trump in a womans body


It gives me that it is a problem of the NWO.

Blizzard saves itself from problems and has not wanted to sexualize the Amazon so that they are not attacked on social networks.

They have been cured in health.

Ideally, they would have been based on the Cassia from Heroes of the Storm, much closer to the Amazon from Diablo 2


thanks for taking note. this is very important and honestly all the characters dont look very true to the original. its just the amazon and assassin look the worst.


Yes, blizzard fix it please :frowning: