Sven's Glide Wrapper Setup Guide


I’m posting this to share the settings I’ve found using Sven’s Glide Wrapper which works well with Diablo 2/LoD. These settings were found on the original forums. This applies to the classic Diablo 2(2000)/Lord of Destruction(2001) game, not Diablo 2:Resurrected.

What is Sven’s Glide Wrapper?

It is a piece of software that translates the Glide API commands to be recognized by OpenGL/DirectX, allowing modern graphics cards to run older games that use Glide for 3D acceleration.

Here is a Wikipedia article for more information about 3DFX Interactive.

Why do I need it?

Diablo 2 offers three graphics modes, DirectDraw, Direct3D and Glide. Diablo 2 was meant to run optimally with Glide.

DirectDraw is the default graphic mode that anyone without the wrapper will be using, and it has a few problems.
If you run full screen, it doesn’t maintain the 4x3 aspect ratio, so on modern wide screen monitors it gives the game a wide stretched look.
If you run windowed, the mouse isn’t locked to the game window, if you accidentally click outside of the game window, it minimizes. Gamma and brightness sliders don’t work, neither does perspective.
It is hit or miss on working properly depending on your graphics card, drivers and/or monitor resolution support.

Direct3D is also hit or miss on working properly, depending on your graphics card and/or drivers. Perspective works, the gamma and contrast sliders do not work. Also if ran in windowed mode, the mouse is not locked to the game window.

Glide/3DFX doesn’t work because modern graphics cards don’t support it.

With Sven’s Glide Wrapper, Glide becomes an option. You can run full screen while maintaining 4x3 aspect ratio (black side bars) and run windowed mode without fear of your mouse exiting the window. If running full screen, you also gain the ability to upscale the games 640x480 or 800x600 output to your monitors native resolution. You regain all in-game video options such as gamma and contrast slider settings with Sven’s Glide Wrapper.

Is it safe to use? Will I get banned from for using this?

You will not be restricted or banned for using a Glide wrapper. Blizzard has specifically added command line switches to Diablo II in order to use Glide wrappers. You have nothing to worry about.

Where to get Sven’s Glide Wrapper


In the zip file, you’ll need to copy the glide3x.dll file into your Diablo 2 main install directory. You can also just unzip everything in the Sven’s zip file into the Diablo 2 main directory. You can easily find your Diablo 2 install directory by right-clicking your Diablo 2 shortcut, select properties and then click the “Open File Location” button.
You’ll also need to copy glide-init.exe which configures the glide wrapper settings. (This can be run from anywhere)

Sven’s Glide Wrapper settings

(If you want to run full screen)
desktopresolution - Enabled

texture-memory - 64MB
buffer-texture-size - 2048x2048

GL_EXT_vertex_array - Enabled

(If you want to run windowed)
window-mode - Enabled
captured mouse - Enabled
static size - (Optional. Whatever fixed size you want the window to be.)
window extras - Enabled
remember position - Enabled

texture-memory - 64MB
buffer-texture-size - 2048x2048

GL_EXT_vertex_array - Enabled

Once the settings are changed, just close out of glide-init.exe.
Unless noted, the default options are used. To reset Sven’s to default values, click “Restore default values” under sdt/export.

Configuring your Diablo 2 Shortcut

After you get the Glide wrapper installed and configured, you’ll need to add the following command switches to your Diablo 2 shortcuts “Target” field. This is done by right-clicking the shortcut icon, then select properties.

Target: “C:\Games\DiabloII\Diablo II.exe” -3dfx

Note the space between the end double quote of the target path and the -3dfx. Also note that the target path above is just an example, don’t change the path in “double quotes” within the target field, or the shortcut won’t work!

You’re done, enjoy the game!


Just carrying this over so it doesn’t get lost when the old forums are eventually removed.


Thanks for this! Makes the game look better, even stretched out to 16:9.


These are exactly the kind of threads that should be copied over. If you can think of any other critical guides consider doing the same.


Yeah I figured with the guide getting ~15k views on the old forums, I better copy it over. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I hope this is supported in D2R, or there is some way that I can play in windowed mode and have it so my mouse won’t leave the D2R window. Sometimes I like to watch movies on one side of the screen while playing D2. Hard to teleport if my mouse is constantly flying off onto the desktop.

Svens Glide Wrapper will not be supported in D2:R.

Guess I’ll have to find some other way or set up a second monitor for movies.

Oh, I can’t do without 2 monitors. I’d go crazy. :stuck_out_tongue:

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How can you be so sure?

Because the whole purpose of the wrapper is to convert the original games defunct 3DFX Glide API commands, something that D2:R doesn’t use, to a language that DirectX/OpenGL of modern graphics cards can understand.

Thanks for clarification. But still, i guess there might be some way around this.

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There won’t, because they completely rewrote the rendering code and even in “classic mode” the game is still running on the DirectX12 renderer (which allows you to switch on the go). It’s literally impossible to make D2R support Glide because it no longer has a standalone “classic” client.

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