D2 Looks Terrible on my system

Wasnt expecting it to look good, but its not playable in full screen. I tried switching it to window mode but the window itself is so small and doesnt allow for it to be expanded in any way. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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Give this a shot:


I tried switching it to window mode but the window itself is so small and doesnt allow for it to be expanded in any way.

Put -w" -nofixaspect" on the shortcut.

Test maximizing the screen.


As mentioned there are workarounds, and they do work. Although it still isn’t pretty. Really looking forward to nice smooth gameplay in d2r.


Right, this is exactly why the, “if you don’t want changes in D2R, the original will always be around” is a poor argument. The -nofixaspect doesn’t work on my system / gpu, so I rely on glidewrapper.

D2 original is gradually moving towards a point where it will become unplayable over time as compatibility issues continue to arise with new operating systems and hardware generations. Glidewrapper is a good work around, but having to rely on 3rd party software is a bad time.


Get WindowedBorderlessGaming, with it you can lock your mouse aswell.

100% this :point_up_2: I’ve been using it for about 5 years now. Works awesome.

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No D2 without Glidewrapper !


Glide wrapper all the way. I play at an increased resolution on a 1440p monitor (still window but big window) and it’s great.

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Honestly its disappointing they didnt just build the fix into the game if glide wrapper can fix it then blizzard should reverse engineer the fix it needs into the game. I already thought they did (since the game works for me now but I use to have to do the -w method) They should also increase the resolution theres mods that make it so rich blizzard could of. I mean I appreciate any updates on the 2 decade old game but these were 2 basics ignored.

I wouldn’t need D2R if they did that, but as a dev myself I’m assuming the time it takes them to maintain those old game files is absurd.

There’s nothing like jumping into a legacy codebase with no documentation and the old devs are unavailable to answer any questions, explain where anything is, or explain why any of the systems work the way they do.

Try nGlide
Play on fullscreen. If it stretches the game, go to your video driver settings, find where the scaling mode is and select “preserve aspect ratio”.

Try it on a 3440x1440

do not play on stretch display, set in your graphic card display : keep original ratio and use glider to simulate 3dfx, works like a dream

I tried nGlide to see how it works compared to Svens… Although it did work, there were annoying delays between screen changes which I didn’t care for.

Try Svens, set it to desktop resolution and keep aspect ratio. You’ll get black side bars, but it plays great.

I might. Where can I get it?


I’ve created a setup guide to follow that is linked in the first post below OP.