Disable game screen from minimizing

I have been playing Diablo 2 lately, one thing that I have noticed to be a huge problem for me is the several key combinations that will minimize your screen, this is a hardcore ender. I have several programs running in the background to try to diable keys and combinations only to find out that another combination of keys minimized my game, killing another hardcore character. To me this is a must, as running + hitting esc to try to exit game in a bad situation, minimizes the screen, that is just one example.

Ummm I don’t think this minimizing is normal at all though, I don’t have issues with minimizing so not sure what the issues are. My only UI issue is I almost always hit escape to close a window and instead almost leave the game.

I googled that issue and it seems to pop up at times. Seems to be more of a conflict with another program.

Could try -w and put it into windowed mode, but that opens up outside clicking.

Do you have a prankster friend or sibling because if you do that is why this is acting this way. Otherwise you have a compatibility issue or setting wrong.

Or you live under a bridge down by the river and are a Troll. If not this then see above.

I pried out my ‘windows’ key on my keyboard - just be careful and do not damage the other keys.

yea this is a huge problem that i am having, i dont know why i am having this problem and no one else seems to be having this issue, i dont know what setting it would be under i have googled this problem to try to remedy it, i have programs now like keytweak and auto hotkey to disable all the combinations to minimize, i have tab completely killed for example, and just toggle map with middle mouse key.

Check this out:

With Sven’s Glide Wrapper, the window won’t minimize if you accidentally click outside of the window. You can also lock the mouse cursor to the window. (alt+tab or windows key to get out)

Sven’s is a requirement IMO to play the original game.

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Sounds like your Config problems

This would actually be a nice option. I do find myself alt (checking drops) and tabbing for minimap somewhat frequently.

More noticeable after a long time not playing but still like you mentioned this could be a hardcore killer. There is no real arguement why this shouldn’t be a feature.

Along with this you can put -nofixaspect and you can “fullscreen” Your game as well so you have a much less chance of clicking out the screen (If running dual screens)

Most gaming keyboards these days have a game mode, which disables windows key.

If they do, do this add it as an option that is off by default. I don’t want my game not to be able to minimize. Too many game crashes and lock ups from all games. I need the ability to kill the process if it is acting up.

Ctrl+Alt+Delete works in any case. I don’t think any software can disable this combo.

This is all I ever do.
Doing this does not disable the ability. You can use a pencil or pen or some other similar tool to activate the key.

Correct. Ctrl+Alt+Delete → Task Manager

thanks for your posts, i understand ctrl alt delete is legit, but any combination of 2 keys on the left side of my keyboard, tabs my game out, i mostly fixed this problem by disabling tab with keytweak and some combos with autohotkey, i missed ctrl + esc and when i tried to leave game in an emergency, the game tabbed out and i died on hc. i still dont really understand when people say its my settings, seems like some other people have some work arounds, for any future diablo play for originial or next, if its not fixed, i will probably disable all keys on the left side and rekey those keys to Q,A,Z ext. Cheers

Either you got some serious issues with your computer, keyboard, bindings, something, or you are just not paying attention to what keys you are pressing or what is happening.
Have fun DLing a random program some random person on a forum told you to grab though! Let me know how that works out! :wave:

i must not be paying attention to what keys im pressing or what is happening.lol? and it works fine. im looking forward to seeing more of your awesome posts.