The D2R forum is a house divided

I don’t know, seems like an incredibly easy solution to me. “Classic (little to no change)” SC and HC ladders, alongside “Modern” SC and HC ladders. QOL of life changes will invigorate the game for new and old players; small changes like a scaling charm bag don’t sound broken to me. Introduced at a set level, expands in storage space as you reach max level. Last Epoch has a similar system.

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Did you know that you can mod D2R?
It support mods aswell.

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Yup. But trying to pin changes to D3 players is disingenuous.

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No need to change stuff in D2R when D2R supports mods.

You can change whatever you want by using mods.

Disingenuous statement as well. You can’t mod if you plan to play online. You know very well many of these changes are being asked for online group play.

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From what I’ve seen it will stay completely as is. That said with Sven’s glide wrapper setup for full screen mode using @TheDarkjedi settings (Sven's Glide Wrapper Setup Guide), it looks pretty good on my 27" 2k monitors, considering.


No way I’m paying for it if the controls stay the same. Absolute deal breaker.

The wrapper doesn’t make your game resolution 1080p however. There are some other solutions for that, but I haven’t tested them myself, just saw screenshots.

Tbh there are many deal breakers. They made a mix of remastering and remaking, and gave it a ridiculous price.

My advice to anyone having doubts about the purchase is to wait and see real gameplay after the release.

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Understood and agreed but at least you can set it so that your computer doesn’t try to change to 800x600 or have to play on an 800x600 window.

I really enjoy the fluid combat and game play of D3 but don’t like the way they did itemization (vanilla or RoS/current), paragon, etc.

I played a ton of D2 off and on from 2000 to 2010 and just restarted the game again last year and haven’t touched D3 since and have been having a blast. (except when I got hel rune from Hell difficulty Hell Forge night before last :rofl:, at least NM gave me Um!)

Personally for D2:R I would be okay with some minor QoL changes and nothing else, but I would also not mind things like reasonable balancing so that with equivalent gear/time/effort more classes and builds were viable. I’m NOT asking them to turn it into D3 with items raining from the sky or to get things for free or easily, but more builds being viable with the same amount of effort as current higher end builds. You can be a “true fan” of something while also realizing that it isn’t completely perfect and there are things that can be improved.

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they’re adding gamepad support, so you can play it original style or with a controller


It’s not for you to decide what “a true fan” does and does not want in D2:R, Nortroll, besides if D2 is so perfect to you, why do you even want a remake at all?


I don’t want a remake, but I had my wish they would make a remaster someday. Starcraft 1 got remastered, Warcraft 3 got remastered. Why not Diablo 2. Many of us hoped the wish came true in Blizzcon 2020. But sadly, Blizzcon got cancelled because of this Corona Virus. But the fans we didn’t lose the faith in 2021.

But many of us are really hyped for a D2:R now because of the improved graphics. I only want D2:R with improved graphics, called a remaster. Not a remake.

Diablo 2 remaster won’t replace original game. And It will also support mods for people who like to mod things

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And so far, all of the very minor, purely QoL changes Blizzard have made are optional (you can turn them off), and most of the changes being most talked about, such as stackable gems and runes (though not potions) would have zero impact on actual game play as well, and the other big topic off discussion, instanced versus shared loot, could also be controlled via a toggle decided by the player creating the game.

So, you can still have your ultra-pure D2:R if you want, right now, and likely could even if all the major suggestions being debated by the community were adopted, but it would also allow those of us who, as much as we love D2 also recognise its flaws, to fix what we consider to be those flaws, in only the games we ourselves make, that others would be free to join or not join as they please.

I just don’t see how you can be upset by such an outcome, if it happened.


But still, one change there and another change there.
I disagree with stackable gems and runes.

All you guys are asking for is changes, changes and more changes.
Just be happy they are making a Remaster to the fans with improved graphics.

It will be big changes in the end if you have to change all the little things in the game.

Funny topic going on there with the purist asking for free for all loot and no charm bag. I mean those two things conflict with one another and it’ll be funny to see folks who want free for all loot unable to pick up loot because their inventory is full of charms.

Also saying free for all loot to prevent free loaders who don’t participate in the fight but still get loot. Funny how they don’t consider, you can be doing a major portion of the fighting, yet lose out on loot due to a little lag or being punished for being a range character.

I can some what see the argument against charm bags but I really don’t get the idea that free for all loot adds to the enjoyment of a game.


I don’t think it’s reasonable (or even logical) to be against change without being against it for a specific reason, especially when it could be implemented in as an optional toggle which you don’t have to play.

So, Nortroll, assuming all changes made were optional and all changes were QoL/bugfix, how can you possibly be hurt, in any way from them?

Surely, you cannot?


Yes, Nortroll is in the illogical position of supporting all mods - just so long as they weren’t made by Blizzard…


I just quote what Vicarious Visions said. D2:R Support Mods.
And I really don’t care about modding a game that I already like.

What I meant was people who like modding can mod the game If they want.

And when those modders mod the game, you’re free to completely ignore the mods they make and play the pure D2:R base game, right?

Of course, you are. How is it different if Blizzard/VV make modifications to the game that similarly give the option to play or not play those mods as you freely choose?

The community is already split. It got split the moment modding became a thing for D2, and has been split ever since. Whether the “mods” are from Blizzard or PD2 team or whomever matters not one jit. So long as people can play or not play those mods as they prefer, all should be happy.


It was split day one with online and offline. Further split by online trading and no trading players, and no mods and mods offline players.

Diablo has always had a split playerbase.

But yeah, I’m not seeing the issue. Even if certain mods no longer are possible with D2R, they can still be played on D2. So I fail to see any issue.

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