Shadow Set/Holy Point Shot [Consolidated PTR Feedback]

In the last PTR, it was suggested that the shadow set impale build should be strengthened even further either by increasing either the buff to holy point shot or shadow set. As Era 13/patch 2.6.9 illustrated, a buff is still needed.

The original post from last PTR is below:
For DHs and game balance, I want to highlight the fact that impale damage buff to Holy Point Shot should be increased to 250%-300% from 75%-100%.

I hope this number change does not get lost in the PTR feedback that has been largely focused on the underwhelming performance of the 2 new sets.

The math and data
The top solo DH build in non-season is rapid fire (GR 142 @ paragon 11302) that is 6 GRs behind barb ww/rend. Shadow/impale is an additional 4-5 GRs behind behind rapid fire, suggesting that a buff of 9-10 GRs would be appropriate.


Additional Information

Below is the current summary of the top worldwide clears and regions. For US, EU, and Asia region, I have included the build used. For China region, I do not have access so I do not know what DH build was used.

Worldwide leaderboard

Rank Region BattleTag Class GR Time Paragon Build
1 EU Лёва#21320 demon hunter 142 14:58 11302 N6/CC3/RF
2 EU MacDeath#2865 demon hunter 141 14:58 8955 N6/CC3/RF
3 CHINA fw6263#5301 <黄金团> demon hunter 140 13:27 12370
4 ASIA FORTUNA#3221 <미야네요> demon hunter 139 14:49 12211 N6/CC3/RF
5 EU makila#2682 demon hunter 138 13:33 10012 N6/CC3/RF
6 EU РужьёПятачка#2137 <кпд> demon hunter 138 14:44 7961 N6/CC3/RF
7 EU Mephony#2828 demon hunter 137 14:20 11482 N6/CC3/RF
8 ASIA 수혁#31506 demon hunter 137 14:47 12075 N6/CC3/RF
9 CHINA 福利奶嘴#5654 <速度与激情> demon hunter 136 13:34 10003
10 EU PANNA96#2540 demon hunter 136 13:35 9678 N6/CC3/RF
11 EU IRONMAN#2436 demon hunter 136 13:44 10805 N6/CC3/RF
12 CHINA 蝴蝶没了#51119 demon hunter 136 14:26 5707
13 ASIA 초악몽#3139 <섹시가이> demon hunter 136 14:34 9923 N6/CC3/RF
14 CHINA Ikaros#52862 <速度与激情> demon hunter 135 10:29 9455
15 CHINA 小怪红莲#51613 <黄金团> demon hunter 135 12:57 11379
16 CHINA 哼哼兔子骑士#5451 <小流氓> demon hunter 135 13:24 10193
17 CHINA 重新来过#51571 <小小兵> demon hunter 135 14:31 9824
18 ASIA 방실#31212 <7080> demon hunter 135 14:32 10856
19 EU Cronos#2920 demon hunter 135 14:35 10210 N6/CC3/RF
20 EU Dibba#2969 demon hunter 135 14:37 7217 N6/CC3/RF
21 ASIA Eunoia#11632 demon hunter 135 14:39 8023 N6/CC3/RF
22 ASIA NSDrMIN#3228 <섹시가이> demon hunter 135 14:46 10031 N6/CC3/RF
23 EU serATO#2181 demon hunter 135 14:48 7328 LON/RF
24 EU Uroboros#22349 <АПиАД> demon hunter 135 14:49 10529 N6/CC3/RF
25 CHINA 姜恩鹤#5458 <非联邦> demon hunter 135 14:58 12009
26 US Styx#1544 demon hunter 134 12:31 11089 N6/CC3/RF
27 CHINA 仇天雪#5541 <速度与激情> demon hunter 134 14:06 10674
28 CHINA nuaairwi#5907 <乃敢与君绝> demon hunter 134 14:26 10308
29 US yama0683#1401 demon hunter 134 14:50 8647 N6/CC3/RF

In comparison, here are the top non-season clears for other classes:

Other classes

Rank BattleTag Class GR Time Paragon Notes Patch 2.6.9
1 피어로이#3283 barbarian 148 12:53 11220 No Change
1 ArThurCJ#5448 <非联邦> crusader 150 10:21 12738 Nerfed GR 147-148 ?
1 ArThurCJ#5448 <非联邦> monk 145 14:33 12472 No Change
1 fw6263#5301 <黄金团> witch doctor 150 11:28 12471 Nerfed GR 147-148 ?
1 Schm0n#2725 wizard 143 14:55 8987 No Change
1 Лёва#21320 demon hunter 142 14:58 11302 PTR GR 143 GoD
1 Lenio#2877 necromancer 139 14:28 10345 PTR GR 143

Indeed, 100% is not enough. While we’re at it, Shadow Power - Gloom could have the damage reduction increased to 50% to help with toughness.


More toughness would be good.

Since the developers already added the damage bonus to holy point shot, it seems to me that they should make sure that the damage number makes sense.


I would be okay with the current buff if I knew for sure the Shadow set was getting appropriate buffs in the balancing patch.


The Shadow 6 piece bonus is

(6) Set:
Impale deals an additional 75,000% weapon damage to the first enemy hit.

Since this only buffs impale, putting the correct bonus on HPS now would be better. It would be one less build to balance.


That makes sense, though I was hoping they would throw Chakram and Fan of Knives on the set in the future as well. But yea, the Impale buff on Holy Point would make the set overall easier to balance even if they did add extra skills to the set.


Fully agree, and besides the welcome solo boost, this would also make at last DH Impale a viable RGK.


200% for HPS would be reasonable. Current Impale is viable up to 140+ in groups, which means 200% would enable it to compete with AoV & N90.


You need to learn to negotiate man (ask 300, get 200 :slight_smile:)


What do you mean by current? On live non-season, the top worldwide solo clear is GR 142 and last era GR 141. These were RF builds. The PTR buff to HPS is 4.5 GRs. This is not near the top clears of monk or barbs. It needs to be much higher to be fair to DH.


I think they should completely can the HPS buff and update Shadow’s Mantle to with 2-3 more skills and then give a ranged based quiver, here’s my suggestions: Holy Point Shot and Impale

Updating Gloom to 50% would also be good, and if they added RCR instead of the reduced Discipline cost to Shadow Power, we could probably squeeze in Captain’s instead of Aug’s for ranged play or both.

HPS is a pain to find a good version of, really disappointing that they give it a tiny buff when they could have buffed Impale in a much better fashion.


I agree Holy point shot should be buffed to at least 200 - 250 with that it should in theory be right inline with the sader post 10 stack nerf


Yes, the current PTR HPS buff is underwhelming. 200 to 250% seems about right to bring DH inline with other classes.

And while we are talking about HPS, It would be nice if it would drop with guaranteed CHC. A top end HPS is very hard to roll, adding a variable secondary damage state makes it even more difficult. A guaranteed CHC stat will make it easier to acquire a decent quiver.


I meant the group play. For solo, I agree that the amount should be around 300% to compete with Rend!


If they buff the legendary damage to 250-300 they should simply remove all +%dam to skills as possible affixes.
if they do it would make getting a good quiver lots easier and it would also make sense i think bcs that way you cant double dip impale damage.


Holy Point Shot:

  • Impale throws 4 additional knives (Instead of 2)
  • Impale damage increased by 150%-200% (Instead of 75%-100%)
  • Always rolls with 10%-15% impale damage (Other skill buffs are removed from item pool)

Would not life be perfect? :slight_smile: thanks for reading!


250-300% would be an awesome increase from the proposed 75-100% :smiley:


And I thought getting a good one of these couldn’t get any worse. It’s already in the top 5 hardest items, to get with good stats, but now mostly likely has been moved up to the top.

Holy Point Shot should also have guarantee Crit Chance.


Amen to that. A Holy Point Shot rolled good, is very tough to acquire. I consider it sheer luck most of the time.


yes please that would be great :slight_smile: :grin: