Season 23 | The Disciples of Sanctuary | Has Ended

Fixing bugs is never a bad thing, even if that results a loss of power.

The only bad thing about that fix is that it happened so late. Should’ve been fixed ages ago and no one would moan about it.


Hi all

Patch day today! We are working on updating the PC version as we speak. Players may be experiencing some login issues while we are in the process of updating to the new patch.

For consoles - You should be good to go.

I will be updating this thread once we are all squared away for PC.


Thank you for mentioning it!

Update started on the EU region.

Patch is now live on PC and Consoles :slight_smile:


WOOHOO! Thank you! I can finally clear out a little of my stash and hands and actually PLAY my NS toons. Wow.

Time to hit the new era leaderboards…

—===[ EDIT ]===—

Or, maybe not yet, as the era leaderboards are still down.

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Great job with the followers pass in on to the developers. Remember not everyone in the community is a hater.


How dare you try ruining our reputation.

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They said that they are freezing the leaderboards until the patch is completely rolled out.

Rathma 6 piece doesn’t give the Bone spirit bonus on live as it reads in the notes.

But is the frezze bug still around that we got last season? Only solution for me was to have sound on but all values at " 1 ". As i like to play with out any sound, but had to put i on otherwise i had the frezee alot.

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You’ll have to check it out for yourself. Personally, I haven’t been experiencing these freeze issues.

Rathma Feedback

After 1 hour on few GR70 :

  • Build is really squishy. Feels like Pestilence. Defense needs to be buffed. Currently, Blood Rush / Potency have to be numlocked in order to survive.
  • Kill Command still not usable in practice (10 years old Feature Request)
  • Decay Golem consumes corpses, and there is no corpses left for Horrific return. Maybe Rathma should alter Decay Golem Power or Revive (like : no need for corpses)
  • Permanent minions are lost when you die. Not so permanent. Feels like Inarius’ death when you lose your Bone Armor stacks and are naked. Frustrating.
  • Command Golem with Nayr needs serious CDR buff, like 50% CDR increase
  • Command Golem (numlocked) should not prevent other skills to activate
  • Army of the Dead (numlocked) should not prevent other skills to activate
  • Army of the Dead CDR is acceptable when replacing Corroded Fang by Messerschmidt’s Reaver, Fates’ Vow by Tasker & Theo, CoE by Obsidian. GR70 are finished faster this way.
  • Minions feel useless and empty. Not meaningful. Just as a decoration.
  • Gameplay feels like Poison Scythe, but Rathma is slower (Cooldown of Army of the Dead), squishier (Cannot equip Rathma + Captain Crimson + Stone Gauntlets + Ice Climbers)
  • Possible to avoid Poison-Scythe-like-gameplay fatigue if, rather than buffing Army of the Dead, Rathma and/or C’Lena were buffing all non-poison runes of Army of the Dead. But then it would require a slight damage buff to compensate the lost of Nayr damage.

Conclusion :

  • At identical gameplay, Poison Scythe feels better
  • For Season 28, Rathma as a distance / pet set would be great and fresh
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After few hours with the new leaderbords, the best clear for DH (GoD) is 136, the best 9 clears go from 132 to 136. In the other hand, the best necro clear is 147 and the best 9 range from 140-147. The “fix” for the massive nerf u gave to GoD set is not enough sir. Before the nerf, with 3,6k gons i did 139 easily, now with almost 4k and some upgrades, its really hard to go far from 131 (my best rn)…


Is there option to unselect skills for followers now? etc if a player does not want either of the 4 skills of a follower but just want 1 of them.

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should have made the season theme “all items emanate”…

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Yeah. Always has been. Stash all gear, delete your Character, recreate your Character, Level to 70 and re-equip your gear. Rehire your Follower. They will have zero Skills selected. Select whichever one(s) you want and leave the others not selected. (Of course, your Follower will remind you of this occasionally).


since blizzard is revamping followers, i thought it would be logical to include this feature without that workaround…

Thanks the dev, now i can enjoy playing wizard again