Season 23 | The Disciples of Sanctuary | Has Ended

Yeah. Always has been. Stash all gear, delete your Character, recreate your Character, Level to 70 and re-equip your gear. Rehire your Follower. They will have zero Skills selected. Select whichever one(s) you want and leave the others not selected. (Of course, your Follower will remind you of this occasionally).


since blizzard is revamping followers, i thought it would be logical to include this feature without that workaround…

Thanks the dev, now i can enjoy playing wizard again

Yeah. It would be nice if we could click to select a Follower Skill and click it again to toggle it off.

I’d also like to see them include Follower Skills & gear with our Character build Armory saves.


actually Wizard is too weak for the season 4 GR !!!
PTR B is the best , you should seriously think about fire bird


Did few GR with top builds, P1200, Gems lvl 90-100, no augments, mostly normal items.

  • GR90 is fine
  • GR100 is impossible
  • Defense really need to be buffed, like x2 - x4
  • Golem is not used since you have to numlock Blood Rush / Potency to survive.

This is a longshot, but is there any chance in launching this one a little bit earlier that day? A lot of people (including myself) have the day off from holiday and I would love to get an earlier start on this season!

Yeah, Rathma is a huge letdown since they removed the bone spirit bonus. At this point they should just add a minion damage multiplier. What a horrible set. Whoever created it should be shamed.


Anyone else having huge lags when playing fire bird speeds? My team tried it today and it was almost unplayable

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In response, Last Epoch went too far in buffing its Golem :joy:

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No season bonus is the bigest mistake that blizzard has make. you guys should put some static bonus, like trio viratun bonus. But no season bonos sonds like no reason for season it self. New firebird is kind weak, and end game with same chars from previosly season, but w/ less power… Has no reason to be. Sry blizz, but this is a BIG mistake


What happen to the game? after this Patch the game crushed every time i started /joining the game.

Based on the application, still running on my background but this game application cant finding on my window screen.

congrats blizzard !!! season is dead before start

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Any one know what time new season will start for those of us in Australia

I would think it depends on where you live in Australia. Doesn’t Australia have 5 time zones?

You can easily find out what time any Season starts with Time Zone Converter. Add the first city as Irvine, California (Blizzard time) and set the date and time for April 2, 2021 at 5 PM PDT (Apr 2, 2021 17:00). Add another city: Your location or closest to it. You won’t have to set the date and time because it will automatically be converted to the relative Blizzard date and time.

For example, if you live in Melbourne, Australia:

Irvine, USA Fri, Apr 2, 2021 at 5:00 pm PDT
Melbourne, Australia Sat, Apr 3, 2021 at 11:00 am AEDT
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Can we have CDR added to follower stats, plz?

And Pickup Radius to Character stats. Especially since Paragon Gold Find has been changed to Pickup Radius.

Thank you.

That’s already there…
Character Sheet -> Details -> Life -> Bonus to Gold/Globe Radius


Oh…   okay. I must have missed that.


Thus goes another season of no communication, last second dev changes that ruin everything and we are back to rat runs to 2k para, meta runa to 150, wait around for news on d2r and d4 to see how they will make them “better” when they treat d3 like garbage and want us to pay for a new game that clearly got trashed and thrown in the bin 1 year in

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