Season 21 - Trials of Tempests is NOW LIVE!

I’m surprized there’s no official response from them yet regarding the negative feedbacks about S21. Would like to know if they plan on leaving it this way till end of season or make changes soon.


Amen to that. 20 characters of Amen!


Lamest seasonal buff EVAH! Does next to nothing to boost your progress through a rift or GR, all it does is provide irritating visual clutter on screen and a very annoying sound every 90 seconds. Please get rid of it and give us double bounties, or the new Stone of Jordan legendary effect, or even Blackthorne’s, just something, anything to replace this!

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could not agree more. as a HC only player the D3 team has turned an already tough existence into a somehow-worse visual soup of a game.

I really hope the folks “working” on these seasons stay as far away from D4 as possible. Good god they are out of ideas.

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Make an option to turn seasonal effects off please. That super laggy theme and very annoying sound effects.


Chiming in to share that we have been reading into comments and feedback related to the Seasonal Theme. Working with the dev team now to prep for some updates to share w/ you. In the meantime, thanks a TON for all the patience. Ill y’all updated.


Thank you for communicating that you are aware and working on the issue. That’s really what we need more of around here. :+1:t2:


Could you perhaps work on the balance between the new sets ? One is the best in the game and the other is inarius -tier of mediocrity. Seriously remove the essence cost and triple the damage (7-8 tiers improvement).


I believe they mentioned they are looking to do updates to some/all/most sets for the next patch/season.


Good to hear. I’ve been enjoying it but I know a lot of folks have had a rough time.

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Please fix the visual effects. I have had the screen get so saturated with color that I couldn’t even see my character.

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Thanks for the update, looking forward to further news!

Thanks for stopping by to let us know something is being done. On the visual front not a lot needs to really be done, just not changing the color filter in the viewport (that causes the illusion of the field of view changing during the transition) and changing the snow effect to use the current Sescheron snow effect, not the original one that it is currently using.

It would also help HC players trenemdously if the Classic team would flag the effects’ damage aspects (especially the combo physical/lightning beam) as non-reflectable. Currently that lightning beam can one shot you when reflected off of mobs that are capable of doing so (e.g. Dervishes).


Surprising. I thought you ain’t gonna respond or at least it will take a week or so. Which it nearly did… I wonder if art department is ready to admit that full blur and little contrast in the pallette wasn’t a “bright” idea after all. I know I sound bitter but I wasn’t happy about the art direction of D3 from the start anyway.

I’m also curious what will be the solution to all that? An additional option for brightness and contrast or art direction changing in a time span? Just don’t fall silent after you gave people a sign of change. People ain’t supposed to figure it out themselves without developers stepping in.

Not season related but just a general tweak I would like to the Speed stat become uncapped and the stat in general getting a slight numbers bump to make playing more fun. Nothing meta breaking but just a new general standard update to gameplay.

It’s just shows the lack of testing on seasonal theme and that it has NOT been tested enough while been made. Players who played PTR are actually the ones who tested it and found out the none intended theme related AD damage bug.

And now the abuse of stacking seasonal theme stacks and turn it in to a timer game… , where the players has zero engagement with the theme, and just they wait for the godly environmental damage boost to clear the GR for them …

Hope a hotfix applies soon that saves season 21 before it’s too late …


Actually, fix the way it is exploited but buff up the damage.

In a push szenario it barely reaches 100 stacks and then deals like no damage. And in speeds it spawns somewhere 2 screens behind the character or just hit Urshi while i upgrade my gems.

It was so obvious that it either is useless or completely OP (by exploiting or full commitment on the season theme, playstyle wise).


Please disable Trails of the Tempests when doing Set Dungeons ty!


viewed on the news :

PTR Specific:

Note: The following issues were only live on the PTR, but we’re including the fixes here for visibility to indicate intended functionality on live. 
Seasonal effects no longer deal area damage. 
Seasonal buff resets if player exits and reenters a rift. 
Seasonal theme should no longer work in Set Dungeons. 
Fixed Maltorius' Petrified Spike dealing additive bonus damage instead of multiplicative. 
Fixed seasonal buff that sometimes may drop off whenever the player enters an invulnerable state. 
Changed seasonal buff to base its damage on the amount of kills. (not really a bug, more of a change)

i think all of this is on the live , perhaps a patch soon ?

Thanks for the acknowledgement. I’m hoping something will be fixed so I can play without seizures.