PTR Starts 2/6 and additional Thoughts

** * Etched Sigil

  • The bonus granted by this item now occurs 1 second after channeling has begun.
  • Deathwish
  • The bonus granted by this item now occurs 1 second after channeling has begun.**

This part makes me a bit sad, I have a custom build I enjoy that is based around channel and this clips the wings on it a wee bit. I guess I won’t be getting rid of the versions I have anytime soon so I don’t get the nerf.

[reads MissCheetah’s comments and starts to come up with counter argument]

[remembers the last three years]

[nods head slowly and stops typing]


Well, we get a wizard set for Hydra, so I’m looking forward to that. I was planning on maining a Sader next season, but now I might reconsider…

  • hey let’s fix bazooka once and for all
    – say no more
    destroys all meteor based builds

and btw already looking forward to all the lag caused by frenzy

sader is worthless now

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Whooooooa whoa whoa, that’s now how any of this works. It’s still three total cube powers - you can just pick those 3 from any category, instead of having to have one from each. If I need to make this clearer for future versions of the patch notes, I absolutely will! Apologies for any unintended confusion.

Yes and no. We have a lot of work to do on both Demon Hunter and Necro, and we’ve known this for some time. But that work also takes time (as does the art assets related to their upcoming sets; sometimes art happens faster than design necessitates and vice-versa). Part of the reason the order of class sets have come out in the order they have is because the art, rigging, and implementation graphically was ready first.

There has been no change to Spirit Barrage or its interaction with Ring of Emptiness. However, utilizing Ring of Emptiness with the new set might be a bit challenging, in terms of juggling which skills you want to use to benefit from it.

We’re going to see how it plays out for now, but we’ll keep an eye on it throughout PTR testing to see if any changes need to be made. As always, we’ll prioritize the health of the game first. :slight_smile: Great question!

This is a very astute observation and accurate assessment. Balance does take time, as well as a lot of research. We’re also adding new content on top of that with the new sets. So it’s going to be a bit of back and forth, and it’s going to take time. We’ll do our best to always continue moving forward, as much as we can at a time.

If that’s what you really wish, I can accommodate. I understand your frustration; it’s hard when you don’t have stuff for your favorite or preferred class coming up, especially when you’re really passionate about it. Barbarians went through this for many patches before we got to them, and Necromancers haven’t had significant changes since they were added to the game.

We are addressing as much as we can, as fast as we can. If that incenses you beyond the point of wanting to participate constructively and help us start planning for that future (rather than being hostile and attacking people needlessly), I’m more than happy to fulfill your request. For now, though, I think you just need to take a break to collect yourself, and probably outside the confines of these forums.


I did not read pass this sentence. Please ban me ASAP.

I am idiot who always come back here… Ban will help with it.

In this case the fault is mine, I simply jumped into conclusions based on the first post of this thread before properly reading the patch notes. As the post says:

This one caused me the confusion.

Dude, you need to chill obviously your passionate about the game and while the PTR news may not be to your liking Season 19 was for most the best Season ever. Season 20 may or may not be but at least were getting something new, I still don’t understand why we forget that Blizzards level of support for an ancient game now is still way beyond what a lot of others have provided. Glass half full or half empty i suppose. Some of us just enjoy the game for what it is a way to have some fun.


So nev, can you answer quickly if the barb 2 piece actually doubles all the powers of shouts, both the one affecting allies (war cry), or the one indirectly buffing your teammates by debuffing enemies (threating shout)?

Just asking so it wasn’t overlooked or anything. Cause it may work as an unintended boost to the already strong zdps barb.

Jeez it is only 3 months before net ptr hits… not the end of the world. I dont like the wd set skills as a mostly wd player. The hydra and barb looks fun though so i will shift to one of those.


Great, DH is left out again… and what a crappy season bonus… is not even a bonus actually


At least you still have hope that your new set won’t be outclassed by existing sets from the get go. Like Wizard and the new Hydra set. /sigh

Tals and LoN/LoD Hydra are much better than that mechanical mess of a new set

Looking forward to play the theme! Also, great choice for Barb and Wiz sets’ skills. But why Spirit Barriage? It’s top tier already… Zombie Bears or other rarer skills would have been more interesting.

Maybe add Mirror Image or Blizzard to wiz set? :wink:


Check out the preliminary patch notes below and start theory crafting; Patch 2.6.8 is on its way!

Would you share the equipment slots used for each set?

please explain a little bit what “top tier” means in your world

It’s likely the standard Helm + Chest + Pants + Boots + Shoulders + Gloves. Outside of the vanilla sets (IK, Nat’s, Tal’s, Inna’s, Zuni’s), that’s what nearly every set uses.

There’s a couple exceptions for sets with 7 items (e.g. Akkhan’s amulet, Firebird’s source). The only other exception I can think of off-hand is Invoker (bracers instead of chest). I think everything else is the standard 6p.

EDIT: Forgot Sunwuko as an exception.

Well, it have been a top tier LoN/ LoD build as far I can remember so all that skill needed were some item buffs. Has that changed drastically?

It might be B-tier. after A-tier and God-tier

Right now I consider this very likely.

AD plus Bloodshed mixed with new Bastion’s Revered, it may make WW look light on the server stress.

I am very much looking forward to trying it though. It has potential.