PTR Starts 2/6 and additional Thoughts

3 not 9 (thanks for clarification) total kanai cube powers and not limited to 1 per slot is interesting

No sets for DH’s… which is fine, just make MS better part 110 unless you’re p 6000+

Nice quality of life changes, we will see…

things that are missing:
-improving current fun builds
-crafted amulet is somewhat useless now as it’s overshadowed by others

First tough is they are retards…

They show tables where it is clear DH and Necro are behind. And few days later they announce PTR with 0 changes for this 2 classes.

Nov 19. 2019.

Nov 19. 2019.

Nothing for DH other than RapidFire since freaking patch 2.6.4. That was 1/15/2019.

I am really pissed now. Can someone please permanent ban me from forums?


haha. true. but they have been planning and working on this schedule long before they realized DH and Necro were behind I think.


9 cubed powers simultaneously active as a theme? What a load of idiocy. Facepalming isn’t enough, head must hit the desk.

Also as others mentioned, DH and necro which are the classes lagging behind the most are getting nothing.


For the duration of Season 20, all slots in Kanai’s Cube will be able to select Legendary powers from Weapon, Armor, or Jewelry

This means you could select three Armor powers, three Weapon powers, three Jewelery powers, or any other combination thereof across all categories



You have 3 slots, STILL, but you can use 3 weapons, or 3 armors, or 3 jewellery or 2 armor+1weapon, etc…

These changes give us more choices in how we want to individualize.

The theme is cool and can’t be mathematically broken in comparison of what S19 offered…thats all i want of a theme.

Fun interactions and changes in how we step into the action. Very cool idea!
I am sure, without testing, that this can bring SO much choices and from the perspective of a DH, this will be awesome!


It’s still very uncreative theme.

No it is not!

It changes the way we can handle different builds and variety.

Don’t be foolish…S19 was VERY CRAZY and they know it for sure, this is a theme, slightly compared to the RORG-Season i would say.
I could imagine, we will see results in that range.

The only thing, that is weird to me…the sets.


Did you fix the internal bug that came with the interaction with Spirit Barrage?
If i remind correctly and it also was a bluepost, that you declared it as a bug that should stay and you were not happy about it, but you wanted to leave it like that, because the community was ok with it?

Would be very appreciated if you could leave an opinion on that. :rofl:

Hey all,

There’s a lot of great discussion and a ton of build sharing going on around Legacy of Nightmares builds for the Witch Doctor that focus on the interaction between Spirit Barrage (Phantasms) and several pet-oriented Legendary powers. It’s wonderful to see such constructive conversation and information sharing as various community members explore the strengths and intricacies of this emergent gameplay.

There has also been some concern that this interaction will be nerfed. We wanted to share our thoughts on this today and reassure the Witch Doctor community that, at this time, we have no intentions to make changes to Spirit Barrage (Phantasms) or its currently existing interactions with items such as Mask of Jeram, Ring of Emptiness or The Barber.

While this is somewhat inconsistent philosophically from the changes that we’ve made in the past regarding this skill and rune combination, we looked at the situation objectively and asked ourselves a couple questions:

Is it fun?
Is it balanced?

Ultimately, we’ve decided that the answer to both of these questions is yes, and there is much higher risk in adjusting the balance of this skill or the other items than there is to let the community continue to enjoy this fun and unique build. We will continue monitoring its performance, of course, and we’re prepared to make any changes if something extreme arises. In the meantime, please continue to theorycraft and Spirit Barrage to your heart’s content!

-The Diablo Dev Team

Found it :grin:

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I suppose this means that we may have to wait for all classes to have received their new sets, before the older sets get any attention. It’s a bit saddening if that’s the case.

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Yup. It’s very stupid. When every Necro build runs lod something is wrong, but they don’t even try to buff their sets.

Dh needs power increases as well.


Deathwish and Etched Sigil now have 1 second delay. Obviously this is to kill off the ridiculous Bazooka Wizard but how much this is going to hurt Tal-Rasha Meteor Shower build?

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They collected data they will use for future PTR’s. That’s what they said. The didn’t say once, that DH and necro will get their deserved love in the next patch.
They simply made it clear, that they aren’t happy either with the current state of these classes.

This patch doesn’t seem to be about balancing. But they said, before 2.6.7 came out, that the balance-overhaul will take several patch cycles.

Just because the DH lacks in pushing, doesn’t mean it is prio 1.

Just wait it out!

And maybe…this is just a sneak peek of changes^^


The season theme and additional sets seem pretty cool, but I agree the lack of attention for Necromancers and Demon Hunters, especially with the class balancing blog clearly showing these two classes are underperforming, is not a great look. It’s going to end up being another four months before those two classes get any love from Blizzard.

I think it will survive but suffer a lot when it comes to speedfarming. I don’t think this is the answer to fixing bazooka.

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I’m a little bit concerned about the wording on the barb set: “2-Piece Bonus: Double the effectiveness of all Shouts.”

While the improved shouts help with damage and toughness solo, it may end up being a massive boost for groups, cementing barb even further into a support role.

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It’s not the answer one bit. They sacrifice a lot of other Wizard builds just to fix 1 broken mechanic/build. It’s completely absurd.

It’s going to hurt a lot because you inturrupt channeling to manually cast meteor shower. This means that half your damage won’t have the damage bonuses from ES and DW.

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The things that take the most work take the most time. The ones that were easier to handle got done first - and they did 3 instead of just two. Now they can focus on the tougher ones.

As Mortred said, that is incorrect. We still get 3 slots. They are just not locked to the specific slot.

I think it is going to be rather interesting. Lots of ability to mix up skill buffs and cooldown reductions.


The best things come to those who wait patiently.
This theme will be fun. I think this might be my fav. thus far.

GO read quotes of what they said about DH after last patch. Scroll up. And please stop this.

A lot of wizard builds are going to take a hit from this.

How much longer???

Nothing for DH other than RapidFire since freaking patch 2.6.4. That was 1/15/2019 . Please stop with this.