The new WD set coming next week

Why will RoE be mandatory? We aren’t using Haunt / LS to do our damage with the new build so I’m confused why it will be necessary?

After re-reading it, it appears ALL damage is increased by 275%~ and not just the haunt/LS damage. This makes way more sense why it is needed.

Locust adds 25 m/s, haunt adds 10 m/s per application on mob.

So it’s 300% + 35-100+ m/s easily achieved. So 1500%-5000% additional damage.

Additional the 2 main damage runes on SB are turrets. Leaving time to apply haunt/locust.

Honestly, I’m a little underwhelmed, but I’m willing to be patient and see how the new set plays. I was really holding out hope for a Sacrifice build - I just feel that it fits with the WD fantasy so well! - especially because we already have a viable LoD Spirit Barrage build. I would have preferred that The Barber and Gazing Demise received a small buff, just to bring the LoD Spirit Barrage build in line with Zuni Darts, and the new set focused on another underutilised skill, but thems the breaks. I’m looking forward to trying it out regardless :blush:

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dunno if you read it correctly its only mana regen. for 6 pc which all i came up with is 352 max = 17.5 k damage Ill trade out coe for roe just cuz the clunkiness or usin that ring. lose 100% damage but get rid of having to use haunt and ls. and opens more slots up for defensive skills.

I totally forgot, that there was a bug with the ROE…
If i remind correctly and that would fit Nevalistis’ post, the Phantasma was treated as a pet.
So, no ROE for this build. This frees up the unnecessary Locust skill for Piranhado.
Don’t forget:
If you reach 500-700 or more mana, 25/s is a joke anyway and wouldn’t increase the damage by a lot. (25 is 5% of 500 and only 2,5% of 750)
At that point, cc or some utlitiy would be worth more i guess.


Base mana region is 50, Voodoo brings 250 which is 300 allready.
The passive “Rush of Essence” and the Haunt-rune itself will increase that number dramatically.
The bigger the pull and the faster you spread Haunt, the bigger the effect.
Combine it with the “Haunt belt” to spread two per cast…

The damage output will be insane!
But…as they said, numbers will probably be tuned down to their GR-target.

Just remember, Vision Quest only procs when using primary skills (Corpse Spiders, Firebomb, Plague of Toads, or Poison Dart).

So, Vision Quest will give you a very nice damage boost for sure with the new set, but it might be a downer to devote a skill slot to one of those primary skills.

I agree 100%. This new set is not a game changer in terms of adding something really new and different to the WD arsenal.

It will be interesting to see how much the new set outshines LoD Spirit Barrage builds that use the new Barber and Gazing Demise items.

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Maybe this sounds like a stupid question, but why there is a need for an own SB-Set if an LoD version already exists?

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Not a stupid question, more a legitimate question.

I thought the same. Playstyle will be pretty much the same. You will have endless mana, that is basically the only thing that changes. xD

I would love to see a skill-addition to the set, but that wouldn’t make sense either.

I love to see some power growth for the WD, even if it is just one skill, but the reason behind it, i don’t see either.
It will be a lag fest, for sure. :thinking:

It will be interesting to see how much the new set outshines LoD Spirit Barrage builds that use the new Barber and Gazing Demise items.

By a freaking lot!

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That would be the best argument to open slots. However, for max damage the mana runes do apply.

All you need to do to prove it is have your stat sheet open and look at the mana/sec line. And those runes directly increase it along with any other passive % buff.

500m/s is baseline in this set with a high dynamic range of 700-900 achievable.

Think your very right on this. So Manitou is a pet but Phantasms aren’t though?

That’s means this set has 2 potential directions MOJ pet setup or Pure damage off Phantasms with Manitou as just flat bonus with an ROE and play turret style.

So you can potentially focus either. Obviously one will be king output wise and GR pushing.

Ok, bad news… good job Blizzard i would say!

The mana effect of the haunt rune is capped at a very tiny bit, maybe it is even capped to one target?

On the first screenshot you can see, how many targets i had put haunt on… (creeping death active of course^^)
On the second screenshot you can see my actual mana regen…
(upped, with my ghost skills to survive)

The passive “Rush of Essence” works fine, but the haunt rune is limited, which makes big pulls only good for area dmg and not for the mana regeneration itself!

Unless they fix that, our mana regeneration will be capped not as high as we think, which will limit this sets potential a bit.

Haunt rune doesn’t work on multiple targets means = no unlimited power.
I guess, the Voodoo itself will not be up permanently, so on that downtime, we need to collect and position ourselfs.

IF the haunt rune gets fixed, we probably won’t need that manaregeneration of the Voodoo, which gives us at least choice on its rune, which i guess is better.

Overall, i think this set has an interesting internal mechanic, but it lacks cause of inconsistence.
If they don’t change the rune-mechanic of Haunt… RIP, because Voodoo will only be perma up with Starmetal+belt/Opportunists, which means, RIP pssive+kanai slot -.-


Think your very right on this. So Manitou is a pet but Phantasms aren’t though?

Because this is a Spirit Barrage Set, you are basically forced to use the mojo+barber, which means, phantasms are set in stone, which means, pet dmg…

I don’t think that this is correct. Without the new Witch Doctor set, I was able to acquire a Mana Per Second of 522.48. This is running the LoD build, and has the maximum values in each slot you could possibly get Mana / Second on. For those that don’t want to click to check the link:

  1. Maximum Mana - 1911
    1.1 Head -Mask of Jeram - 150
    1.2 Right Finger (Stone of Jordan) - 150
    1.3 Main Hand - Barber - 150
    1.4 Off-Hand - Gazing Demise - 150
    1.5 Paragon Points - 50 Points - 200
    1.6 Passive - Soul Harvest - 188
    1.7 Passive - Spiritual Attunement - 174

  2. Mana Regen - 638.92 - 31,946% damage bonus minus Gruesome Feast AND Rush of Essence
    2.1 Equipment - Head - Mask of Jeram - 14.00
    2.2 Equipment - Main-hand Barber - 14.00
    2.3 Equipment - Off-Hand - Gazing Demise - 14.00
    2.4 Passive - Big Bad Voodoo (Rain Dance Rune) - 250.00
    2.5 Passive - Inspire (Templar Skill) - 7.00
    2.6 Passive - Spiritual Attunement (Passive) - 38.23
    2.7 Passive - Vision Quest (Passive) - 154.89
    2.8 Cube - Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan - 96.81

  3. Missing from Formula
    3.1 Rush of Essence - 10 Mana Regen over 10 Seconds when using Spirit Barrage, Harvest or Walk = 500% more damage
    3.2 Gruesome Feast - Health Globe Pick up = 10% maximum mana AND 10% maximum Intelligence for 15 seconds * 5 stacks = 10% maximum mana AND 50% maximum Intelligence = 10% maximum mana increase = 2% mana regen per second increase because of Spiritual Attunement = 100% more damage for the passive. Confidence Ritual and it’s 25% additional damage may be more useful here. Not to mention the damage increase from the additional 50% intelligence. Seems a no brainer to include Gruesome Feast and stack Health Globe radius.

This has us still sitting at 52% CHC and 430% CHD, and being able to stack Area Damage to 70% as well on the normal slots as the Mana Regen doesn’t take any Area Damage slots, conveniently enough.

Mana Regen goes on Head, Hands, and skills. Area Damage goes elsewhere. So at the Maximum 638.92 (It appears?) with a maximum mana of 1,911, we would have 31,946% damage opposed to the 17,500% damage that was mentioned previously.

Again, these are using the LoD items currently and not the new Mundunugu Set (that’s a fun word to say in your head), so this may change but presuming the set doesn’t utilize the hand items (as they buffed both hand items, and that wouldn’t make much sense), we will be fine. Even if the Set uses the head slot, it will still have a Mana Regen Per Second stat able to be rolled on it, or it might even be a mandatory roll because of the set bonus(?).

If we use the Languish Rune from Soul Harvest instead of the Swallow Your Soul rune, we lose 206 Maximum mana giving us 632.12 Mana Regen Per Second. This would in turn translate to 31,606% damage. A difference of 340% damage from the rune change, 1% damage increase.

This would also cause us to further suffer an armor loss penalty of 4,339 or 4.93% armor negation. It seems to me that the loss of 4% armor may be too steep for the additional 1% damage increase.

Does my math look correct here?

D3Planner - 777617998
Imgur - hr47m2v.png

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from the looks of damage and multipliers this set will put out a lot more damage than lod build. just hope its not squishy

Great input Jobao!

If you are 100% sure that these values are correct, this is a nice source to take into consideration for upcoming discussions!


I think, i would skip Hexing Pants maybe, not sure how the cast animation will work with a decent amount of attackspeed.
With such a big mana pool, i think Aquila Cuirass can be a solid option, don’t know how much value Captain’s set would have here.

Anyway, thanks again, this will help a lot!

I am really exited about the attackspeed increase for the “Manitou” for SB.

I think, the season theme can be good for the WD and will offer a great amount of possible extras in the build.

if we imagine helltooth as the new set, i think this is what the build would look like

Gems are hard for this build in particular. I think because of the nature of the weapon this might be a case where bane of the powerful is better than bane of the stricken.

max mana regen seems to be 703.5, which is a 35,017.5% damage multiplier.

This is true but from what it looks like, the new set doesn’t buff mana regen or maximum mana. So it should not affect the mana numbers above, and only affect how long you have the 250 mana regen per second.

If that is the case, than it sounds like the additional damage from CoE might be a tie for the additional damage from Zodiac, though that is open to debate?

I’m curious if the ‘accumulated damage’ from Barber counts as the RG getting hit by 500% as well? If so, I may end up putting the Barber in the Cube for the guaranteed 500% multiplier and wielding the Voo’s Juicer as that one has no range for the affix and will just be easier to get a good version of.

I am curious about the increase in attack speed with Manitou as well. I don’t see us going over the attack speed cap as we aren’t going to be stacking it over 5/s afaIk. If we are, then we may need to go for maximum regen / sec.

I am unsure which slots the new WD set takes up, but there is speculation that it will be the same slots as the Monk PoJ set. In which case you can use the Aughild’s Authority (Shoulders and Chest) set while wearing a Witching Hour. This will increase your elite damage and elite defense by 30%, while also giving added CHC. Probably end up being the best option since we don’t need to stack RCR because of the massive amounts of regen we’ll have due to needing it for our damage bonus.

I am curious how Phantasm + Manitou will function together. Are we going to get 3 Manitou’s over our heads, or just one that attacks faster? The Phantasms lasting for 10 seconds each will be nice, and I hope that they increase the damage from Enforcer and Mask of Jeram as well.

With us regenerating ~1/3 of our total mana per second, I don’t see any issues with using the Aquila Cuirass for damage mitigation, as the Aquila Cuirass would give us 75% damage mitigation from the 4p bonus of Munudungu after we use Spirit Walk for 30 seconds. With having 3 phantasms out at once, I don’t see us dropping below 90% for more than 0.3 seconds, at most, so we should be fully 90%+ all the time.

The question is: Is that worth the additional loss of almost 5k% damage (4840.5% based off of the numbers from the D3Planner link? If survivability is the end-game, almost certainly, but for pushing it would stand to reason that you throw down your Phantasm and just run around while they do the damage.

It also seems that we can use Squirts in our necklace, Aquila Cuirass AND Hex Pants in the cube with the S20 buff. This would be absolutely ridiculous as the Cuirass would counter out the 50% damage from Squirts, while the Cuirass would give us all the bonus damage and bonus mana regen (re: bonus damage further) that we would ever want.

I, personally, am not a big fan of the LS:H playstyle with RoE because I tend to not be vigilant enough to utilize LS and Haunt on every mob to get them to take 300% more damage. Though, that will certainly be a very valid playstyle, and prefer to have the Cold Damage bonus from SoJ permanently instead of standing still in one place as I build up the chunk burst damage (unable to dodge attacks) while waiting for the Cold Multiplier to come around. Being able to release the channel of SB at any point, get the bonus 20% damage, and avoid potential death is more appealing to me.

I checked out your build and it is a nice one. If you use Enforcer (Spirit Barrage is affected by Enforcer), instead of BotP, you’ll gain increased damage for the Phantasms. You’ll have 3 Phantasms out gaining 60% bonus damage at level 150, 45% at level 100, 30% at level 50.

I think that this would outweigh the BotP as it beats out BotP when running a HT Pet build. In a Garg build, the Garg jumps from 15B to 24B with your link and changing the appropriate items to boost garg the same amount that you are boosting SB by.

While BotP boosts EVERYTHING, it appears that 99.9999%+ of our damage will be from SB, and the minimal non-SB damage will be derived from increasing our damage done through Mana Regen or empowering SB (Piranhado, for instance).

Personally, I like your build but would instead swap out Zodiac for RoRG use the Grave Injustice passive. This would enable you to use Hexing Pants and Frostburn, but would remove the cheat death passive for S20. This would also allow you to use the BBV as often as if you used the Zodiac.