15 Stash Tab Minimum & Item Balance


“hey blizz i am entitled to more stash tabs cos you made a new item.”

The sentences about hard disk iş also applicable to stash space. “Higher the capacity , faster the speed of fill it”

Again, it is all a matter of how you play. I generally play barb and crusader each season and I play both hard and softcore. I have to play both hard and softcore to get to 1000 seasonal achievement. Once I done what I need to do with the crusader or barb, I delete the gear I no longer need. That way I can play another class or two each season if I’m still interested and still have space left in the stash tabs. If you try to save all the gear for all the classes you play, you will definitely run out of space.

Patch 2.6.8, we need more stash tabs, we’re getting 3 new sets…sigh. That comes with buffed supporting legendaries too…13 maximum tabs is not enough!

Edit: LOL, the 9 cube powers option is coming for a season 20 theme. I actually posted about this theme idea before hand!

Major 2020 D3 Patch Wish List Before D4

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What 9 Cube Powers? You only get 3 Cube Powers. Not 9.

No…     You really didn’t.

Reread this: A new Season Theme has been added for Season 20, the Season of the Forbidden Archives:

  • For the duration of Season 20, all slots in Kanai’s Cube will be able to select Legendary powers from Weapon, Armor, or Jewelry
    • This means you could select three Armor powers, three Weapon powers, three Jewelry powers, or any other combination thereof across all categories. (9 powers total)

You reread it! It DOES NOT say “(9 powers total)”. You added that, misquoting the Blog.

The Season 20 Theme is removing the restriction of the Cube Powers. That means you can equip 3 Weapon Powers OR 3 Armor Powers OR 3 Jewelry Powers. NOT 3 of each at the same time.

You should also read:

Ah damn, your right. Sorry I misread, thanks for clarifying that.

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Just trying to keep things in perspective.  

Glad I could help.  

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Now I’m sad we can’t use 9 powers, that was my dream. :disappointed:

A better solution would be creating an “offline” archive stash that is only accessible from your character screen. That could easily hold 5000+ items without interfering with the performance of the game. From that so called archive stash you could send items to your ingame stash chest and vice versa. Usually I don’t need 99% of the items in my stash for my characters in season, so all these items could be moved to that “archive” stash. Easy solution for nearly unlimited stash space that has no negative effect on performance. Even I could program such things…but sadly Blizzard is unable to do so…


I agree that I need more space for inventory out of game. some of us like keeping Primals. Just considering how much it took to get some of them.

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Well considering how much the new sets suck, I guess you won’t need to beg for more stash tabs now lol.

Only a moron would have more than one toon from each class, considering builds can be swapped with one click.

Why should anyone leave half of the character slots unused?

Besides one character frees up one build worth of space from the stash by simply having the items equipped.

PLEASE give non seasonal 10 extra stash tabs


Or a player who has 1 of each Normal Class and 1 of each Hardcore Class.

That’s what? — Oh yeah… 2 of each Class.

(Although, Normal and Hardcore Stash are separate).

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offline” is also means; build-specific attribute roll’d primal-items!
It is not so difficult for hackers to do this!

For the most part, everyone suggested solutions suitable for their own play-style, without caring for others!.. Me, on the other hand, want the right and the fair one; “more Quality-of-Life.”

Just a dropdown menu so you have multiple stashes would be great.
At least for each class one.

That it does, but I suspect what he really meant is an inactive second stash, that you can browse while not in a game.

I don’t condone hoarding (“5000 items”) but I would love to be able to gather up supporting items for each class somehow. As far as drops are concerned, greater-rift style drops (e.g. when kill streak ends) could help.

My solution right now is to pick a set and stick to it, literally forever. E.g. my Demon Hunters wear Marauder and Unhallowed, I keep the other sets, but not the supporting items and thus I won’t ever equip them. Sometimes I feel like I don’t need stash at all, the way it is, except for trading (DH loots Wizard gear) and optimisation enabled by RORG (which doesn’t actually happen since you won’t swap Cindercoat et al. for 2% more sheet damage with Pox Faulds).