Please put on our feet

If me asking for the devs to implement a ploot toggle is “demanding” them for a ploot toggle, then your reply telling me to “go play D3” is also a demand.

2226 posts in 11 weeks… that a lot of you demanding things from people. You may want to take up a hobby before you have a stroke or get an ulser.

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Nope. Quit a long time ago, but will never forget some of the greatest gaming moments of my life.

Yeah, compared with D2R’s graphics. Those are the extreme fans, and I dont think theyre the majority of fans who just want to be able to play D2 again. D2 lost soooo many people due to its graphics and the state of its network. That is why D2 died, and new graphics and a rebuilt network are its resurrection.

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You must be one of those August 2021 join dates.

Enjoying JSP?

Playing despite the graphics. And don’t forget that this will/would become worse every day.


Here are some quotes.


See this is what I mean, it just goes in one ear and out of the other, we don’t demand things, we are happy with the game. You simultaneously call us “purists” and now say that we “demand changes”… Think before you type.

But really, you are not this stupid, you are just acting the fool because for some reason, known only to you, you think it’ll make some point, when it doesn’t, it just shows the intellectual dishonesty… There is only so many ways this can be said, it really is like talking to a brick wall, or a tree, or something.

Okay so it’s quite late here and I want to relax, so either get your head around the fact that D2R will not have ploot, or shout into the wind.

Read before you type?

These forums are such a mess.

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I just have to say, especially for a non-native speaker, you have an excellent command of English and keen insight, Salzwer. Im a fan of your posts =)


This is not a veterans vs. newcomers debate.

It’s a purists vs. changes debate.

I’m a veteran D2 player.

I welcome some changes.

Many of us veterans want changes. Please stop speaking for all veteran D2 players. We are not all purists who want an untouched remaster.

I played D2 through the 2000s, 2010s and now 2020s. Great game. Been there, done that. Add something new to it. As a veteran, I look forward to some changes.


Along with some other changes. Let’s not pretend Blizz only updated graphics and servers.

Playing nonetheless… suddenly it’s unplayable.

You’re one to talk about going in one ear and out the other. Any time someone suggests ploot you flat out tell them “If you don’t like it, go back to Diablo 3”… sounds pretty demanding to me.

This was Boutus early on. Accepting of wise changes to the game, willing to talk and listen, replies with an open mind. Only recently has he become the troll he is today.

Indeed. Lots of the people discussing changes are D2 veterans.

He has created a fantasy of wishful thinking. If he repeats his mantra enough, maybe it will be real!

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This is Boutus saying he’s down for new rune words… suddenly, he’s a purist that demands no more changes

Of course, the minor (appreciated) qol are always there. Theyre not necessary for the resurrection, however - it’s really just the graphics and network restoration that constitute the resurrection.

Do you consider ladder stuff now available in non-ladder QoL?

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Or changing the playing field to be 19:9 instead of 12:9 that’s a minor qol change in a point and click arpg right?

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The mere fact of you knowing that I’m not a native speaker shows that I have a lot of room for improvement. I find myself too many times guessing how to reword a sentence in order to avoid using a preposition, or re-reading posts I’ve written some days ago and not being able to fully understand what I was trying to say. :sweat_smile:

Really honored to read those kind words (and especially in such a rough environment like this one). Very grateful :blush:.

PS: incase that’s a joke, please don’t tell me, avoid me suffering that shame.
PS2: writing this after receiving compliments for my English has been an extra pressure.


This is kind of why even though I want changes, minus personal-loot (sorta, don’t really care anymore tbh) and some unreasonable ones, I have not joined the push.

Part of that has to do with the fact that both sides have toxic people, but I don’t appreciate being labeled, and the people wanting change putting the game down (can’t be successful without changes), and just all the back and forth in general. But most importantly I can respect what it the game is and I’m keeping my expectations in check. It’s hard because I understand both sides. Yes, it’s an opportunity for improvement, but it’s also just one game and a lot of people want the same experience. If this were D4 the conversation wouldn’t be going this way.

Again, want changes, I want an expansion, however, I’m not going to blame people on the forums if that doesn’t happen. And real quick just to further my point… I don’t even like the hostile function, but I know it’s important to a lot of people and it’s part of D2, so I wouldn’t want to see it changed. In another game? Sure…I doubt D4 will have the hostile function similar to D2.

What I hope to see happen is people get their D2 experience, then, after 6 months, a year, we (mostly) come together and push for more content while keeping existing systems intact. Just my two cents.

Let’s be honest here, the people suggesting all these stupid changes are the same people that said D2 remastered would never happen and prefer playing D3 instead. Once this got announced I knew these exact same people would come here and try to ruin the game. They’ll play the game for a week, get max gear and max level and say “sEe I tOlD yOu ThE gAmE wOuLdN’t LaSt, iT wAs JuSt A nOsTaLgIa TrIp”

You tell me to go play D2 if I don’t like D3? Let me play my D2 the way it is in remastered graphics and shared stash. If you want ploot go play D3 until Diablo Immortal and D4 comes out.

You probably played off and on for 5-10 hours each ladder reset and you consider yourself a veteran. No D2 player that has 10k+ hours put into the game would ever think ploot/remove hostility/nerf enigma/vote kick is a good idea and they would KNOW that would change the game drastically. Which would destroy the whole purpose of this remaster.


You missed the point in your first sentence that the majority of people who are asking for these additions to the remake are veterans of D2 like you too. :joy: