Paragon point cap should be SSF mode only

Currently, paragon point cap across the board feels like a forced restriction.

For SSF mode, yes, it’s absolutely fine to make it a level playing field.

For non SSF mode, paragon point cap should not exist. Not everyone wants to play SSF or with it’s restrictions.


i agree !

it feels like we got robbed a whole mechanic and the Devs want us to stop grinding and play d4 instead.


It shouldn’t even be 800 in SSF. I almost did that on night 1 (750ish), so when Live comes with a challenge rift cache, minus double exp and free augments and gems would still be less than 3 days.

And since we know the theme now is just moar loot and easier bounty mats for solo, that’s going to get old fast.

Altar had us engaged for a few weeks, paragon leveling beyond 800 a few more. Now that I experienced it I could see players dropping from this season pretty quickly, the allure of SSF will dry up fast with that cap.


i agree the paragon shouldnt be capped.


It should be capped, but at 1,500 at least.


Paragon cap is going to ruin the season.


There’s a solo GR150 with Necro already.

And 4-man is clearing 150 in under 8 minutes.

People got spoiled with the Altar giving 4-man the ability to clear 150 in under 2 minutes which is just silly.

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Ah so many group players whining.

Blizzard, please stick to your guns and set season paragon to maximum p800 for ALL LBs. it’s time these mega group players got taught a lesson on even ground.

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I’m a filthy casual who’s gonna play SSF.
I don’t want a cap either, at least not as low as 800.

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I’m pretty much pure solo, and I find the 800 cap moronic.


i think farming paragon is fun. They are just too strong. Just capping them is a very hard fix to the problem. If the damage numbers werent so insane and people wouldnt already clear 150 in sub 5 mins as speedruns on PTR already id agree. I mean the best would be to get big nerfs across the board to have a balanced progression. The fun thing about the harsh cap is that instead of the game being only about paragon farming it now is about everything else that has already been in the game. why not try it for one season? we had 10 years rounded up of the other model. To midmax your gear will for the majory of players take a long time. then there is set leaderboards for people who play more. its not like its easy to be done with the season too quickly. if played perfectly, yea, youre gonna be done pretty much in the first couple days in a group, in SSF its way harder. Id still vote for a slightly higher paragon too, but see the main problem in the damage numbers.

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You have 2 modes. Makes sense the SSF is capped, and the regular season is non-capped. Its win-win for everyone.


big ++++++ for uncap mode

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I agree. If we must cap it, can we at least cap it at something that makes solo runs on something other than trags or tals a possibility?

Good for you. Let’s see how good people are at p800.

I don’t care about people or their skill, do you?

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we’ll find out at p800, won’t we.

Well, not really, how would that work exactly?

if player A clears 3 GRs higher at p800 than player B, then it’s pretty clear that player A is a better play, no? It levels the playing field and removes those who ONLY rank high on the LBs cos of mega paragon from group play. Instead, players have to rely on skill and experience and NOT paragon points.