Let's push for an optional level cap

Paragon farmers will not be satisfied no matter the level and, apparently, they don’t care about the leaderboards. So let’s see if they can make it optional, pleasing most.
When creating a character, we should have the following options:

[ ] Hardcore
[ ] Seasonal
   [ ] SSF
      [ ] Isolated character
   [ ] Paragon ceiling (800)

This way we can have seasonal characters with and without a paragon cap but also SSF players with or without paragon cap.


I think this is the only solution. The community seems to be very split about cap vs non cap paragon. No matter what blizz chooses, a huge amount of players are going to be very upset. And you don’t want to upset that much of the community of such an old game.


I fully agree that the paragon cap should be a separate game mode with its own leaderboard.

Forcing a paragon cap on everyone is a terrible idea.


I agree - there should be entirely separate game modes. The more options, the better. It would likely increase longevity of the game because having multiple modes to play incentivizes players to explore the different options.

The Altar of Rites needs to stay as well. I was an advocate of auto-looting and other QoL features even before the Altar. Going backwards, even for one season, is a huge misstep.

The S29 theme isn’t compelling enough by itself.

If it’ll be the way it is setup now, I can see myself just completing the journey and ending my time with D3. S28 should have been the last season so that the game could end with a bang. Instead… it’ll end with a missed slam dunk.

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My thoughts too, afraid its too late to fix now tho

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Your option for not having the paragon cap already exists.

Just don’t click the Seasonal checkbox when creating character.



Cap needs to be increased for season, atleast double or tripple it. So the season last longer than the opening weekend.


If there was an option, you could just not select it and you would be able to play uncapped.

100% please make this an option, let us go wild!

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Booo. Wrong answer. I want to play season without being castrated.


What exactly is this “Isolated character” thing? I don’t see how we need to make it that more complex? I agree, allow us to opt out of the stupid paragon cap…which you’ve already solved…so I don’t know what this extra option solves.

BUT to make this even simpler - SSF = Paragon Cap. Non-SSF = No Paragon Cap. Why the checkbox? This is how it should be:

[ ] Hardcore
[ ] Seasonal
→ [ ] SSF

Oh wait, that’s how it is!

But let’s explain!

[ ] Hardcore - Ya’ll have fun with that!
[ ] Seasonal - Self explanatory
→ [ ] SSF - No grouping! Yay! Slaughter your leaderboards! You’re also capped at 800 paragons!

For those that DON’T check SSF - you get the season you always knew - no cap, and free reign, and borked leaderboards (but some of us don’t care about that crap).


Some feel that SSF should be per-character, this option solves that.

This doesn’t solve the issue. There are many people who don’t want a paragon cap.

Regardless of what people want or don’t want, a paragon cap is going to be necessary in the very near future, as it’s the only way to limit bots.

Computer Vision is just at a point it’s possible to make bots and other cheats that are 100% undetectable by any anti-cheat software. The reason you don’t see these cheats today is that there’s no reason to make such a cheat, as people tend to like to take the path of least resistance, thus, make the easiest to program cheat. (I.e. You don’t start with the nuclear option). But cheat vs anti-cheat is an arms race, so it’s not if, but when, these cheats come around. At which point, competitive gaming is over 100%. You’ll play for fun, but any leaderboards will be practically cheaterboards. If you think its bad now, it’s going to be so much worse.

The only realistic option will be to just ban on what you determine is “too good”. And who knows if this will false flag players. And what if a player actually does find a tactic that places them in the too good category?

So, the easy option is just to minimize the impact of bots. You either limit how much people can play, or you limit the impact of how much they can earn while they play. It’s not going to solve the problem. But perhaps it can dissuade some players from using cheats if they’re mainly using them for the grinding process only. (Because once you mix in AI, chances are a human will never be able to realistically compete for the leaderboards regardless.)


you mean a huge amount of BOTTERS are going to be upset…that’s all there is to it…capping paragon puts EVERYONE on an even playing field for leaderboards…they can go play normal non-season if they want to keep botting


There’s plenty of us that couldn’t care less about the boards though, not to mention that it’s still not an even field in the slightest. You will still have substantial advantages by playing a LOT.


No. I like the paragon cap.
But it is optional. Just don’t play the season.


as someone who doesn’t really care whether there’s a cap or not, I think ockham is probably writhing in his grave right about now

That would be the best alternative

I still think 800 is too low, but if there is an unlimited alternative, it isnt such a big deal

It also nerfs everyone

A lot of us care more about the possibility of constantly getting stronger than some leaderboards

I would actually bet most players dont care about leaderboards

But that is NOT how the current system works. You cant get a Season 29 character with uncapped Paragon, at all, SSF or not


After reading a lot of these threads the last few days, I’m coming around. I feel like the cap is nice, but it should be higher. Maybe 1200-1600? 800 is feeling a bit low now that I’ve had time to think about it.